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Located in Indianapolis, Indiana Established 1984

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1 Bill Pipp – CEO/Partner ETS, LLC – Helios, LLC Tanning Bed Mfg & Software Developer
Located in Indianapolis, Indiana Established 1984 365,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility FDA inspected facility Approved.“Supervised Applicant Testing” Facility for Intertek Testing Services Inc Intertek is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (ANSI, UL, CSA) & OSHA recognized

2 Consumer Safety Related Enhancements
Tanning Equipment Salon Management Software

3 Tanning Equipment Enhancements
Redundant timer that backs up the Primary session timer in the unlikely event of a failure Mechanical Safety switches that shut down the tanning bed if filter glass is breached Internal electronic diagnostics that shut down the tanning bed in the event of electrical or cooling malfunctions Electronic ballasts that regulate voltage driving the tanning lamps insuring intended UV output Advanced cooling systems that allow consumer temperature control

4 Tanning Equipment Enhancements
Advanced Electronic Control Panels : Instruct tanners on proper use Provide voice verification of control commands Provide reduced power settings for face tanners Provide salon operators /service technicians with error code feedback on any malfunctions following an automated equipment shutdown Provides emergency “equipment stop button”

5 Tanning Equipment Enhancements
Interconnectivity with Salon Management Software

6 Salon Management Software Consumer Safety Related Features
Tanning Release Form & Skin Type Survey is auto-generated for every new client & can be renewed on a recurring schedule mandated by regulation and/or salon ownership Skin Type information is stored with the Client Profile & is displayed during the bed selection process for the salon attendant Minimum Age Requirements can be established in the Client Profiles

7 Salon Management Software Consumer Safety Related Features
Parental Consent policy enforcement is integrated & Parental Consent language can be included on the automated tanning release form Client tanning history by equipment type is tracked & readily available for review by salon attendant and/or regulatory authorities Hours Since Last Usage policy can be established by equipment type based on regulatory mandates and is irrevocable other than by management Client last visit date & time is monitored on the client profile & automatically prevents usage in excess of Hours Since Last Usage Policy

8 Salon Management Software Consumer Safety Related Features
Client last visit date, equipment type and session time are prominently displayed on the client profile for the Salon Attendant during each client’s visit & bed /session time selection process Lamp hours are tracked by equipment type as a % of lamp life and displayed on the equipment selection screen so Salon Attendant may choose appropriate equipment based on the clients skin type, base tan & lamp strength

9 Salon Management Software Consumer Safety Related Features
Lamp testing module allows all equipment to be turned on sequentially for a predetermined time to allow Salon Attendant to inspect equipment for proper functionality prior to salon opening Emergency Stop commands can be performed on any piece of equipment from the front desk Fingerprint verification technology validates client identity & client profile

10 Salon Management Software Consumer Safety Related Features
Identifies equipment that needs to be cleaned & equipment that has been cleaned & is available for client use Networking capability allows chain salon attendants to view client cumulative tanning activity for all stores Remote access to in-store computers & live Management monitoring of Salon Attendant/client activity Front desk live video surveillance allows management to verify proper procedures, client /attendant interaction & training opportunities

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