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Hans Schreff Program Manager Chief of Giving Money Away.

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1 Hans Schreff Program Manager Chief of Giving Money Away

2 The provincial government has promised that electrical rates will rise by 46 % over the next five years

3 Section 7, Electricity Prices : Over the next five years,... residential electricity prices are expected to rise by about 7.9 per cent annually (or 46 per cent over five years). This increase will help pay for critical improvements to the electricity capacity in nuclear and gas, transmission and distribution (accounting for about 44 per cent of the price increase) and investment in new, clean renewable energy generation (56 per cent of the increase) (Ontarios Long-Term Energy Plan, 59).

4 7 th largest utility in Ontario Largest promoter of MURB retrofits On electricity, anyway Chill Out refrigerator upgrade program 13,000 fridges and $ 1,600,000 + CFL Exchange program 500,000 + CFLs and $ 1,000,000 Great opportunities; and were getting better at giving you money Even if youre not good at taking it...

5 Ontario Power Authority and your local Electrical Distributor have new incentive programs that work There is a limitless amount of dollars that you can apply for and actually receive Only cap is how much youre willing, or able, to invest on your end It can be fast, easy, and rewarding

6 Audit FundingRetrofit Funding Not sure if your building is efficient Sure your building is NOT efficient Pretty sure your building is efficient Haven't a darn clue Who's got the time to figure it out? I have to update my suites My common areas need updating My appliances are old My lighting looks like it did 25 years ago My HVAC system works just as good as it did when I last replaced it

7 Why do I need an audit? You need to know what you dont know Determine a real building assessment for now and the future Determine what incentives make sense to go after Prioritize capital expenditures Prioritize maintenance activities Its a report card Dont be afraid to find out whats bad and maybe youll find out whats good

8 Ontario Power Authority portal for information and applications Your local LDC will be able to help you navigate the waters LDCs need you to do retrofits, so it is in their interest to help Up to 50% funding available On sale now: buy two and save twice as much In the long run, its a bargain


10 There is $$$$$ for any electrical saving upgrade that reduces demand on the electrical system Lighting Every fixture can be upgraded in your building Appliances Fridges, dishwasher, washing machines, temp controls HVAC Unitary Rooftop, chillers, Motors Pumps

11 Garage lighting Typical old T12 - 4 or 8 Strips Replace with new high performance T5 or T8 vapor proof fixtures Add sensors for day lighting and occupancy* Reduce energy by 30% + and increase quality Common areas, hallways, stairwells PL is typical old fluorescent technology Replace with GU24 - 2 pin fixtures Not much energy saving, but better quality and longer life of lamps (reduces lamp stock, more later)

12 Bulk metered buildings Too good to be true…but it isnt You dont control asset usage You control the asset So put in the best product you can to help control the consumption of energy

13 Low cost upgrade that can lead to a reduction of ~75% of your lighting costs Guaranteed Pin fixtures prevent the tenant from taking out the CFL you installed and putting in a 60 watt incandescent or 100 watt 2 pin configuration available in stores CFL with a different base One lamp for everything All fixtures including the hallways, stairwells etc

14 Typical 2 bedroom apartment 2 hallway fixtures ( 1 or 2 lamps) 1 kitchen fixture ( 2 or three lamps, 100 watts) Range hood, aka nightlight (1 lamp) Dining room fixture (3 to 5 lamps) 2 bedroom fixtures ( 4 lamps) 1 or 2 bath fixtures (4 to 6 lamps) Storage, closet, other (1 lamp) Lets say 15+ 60 watt lamps (probably more)

15 In Suite - Operating for 3, 4, or 5 hours per day Per Unit Energy Cost Reduction per Annum Quantity Proposed Fixture Total InstalledOther Cost Current Wattage Reduced WattageEnergy Delta3 Hr4 Hr5 Hr 412" Round 2L $ 171.60 $ -1202694 $ 11.84 $ 15.78 $ 19.73 012" Sconce $ - 601347 $ - 116" Round 3L $ 50.85 $ -18039141 $ 4.44 $ 5.92 $ 7.40 016" Sconce $ - 601347 $ - 1Bath Strip 3L $ 79.35 $ -18039141 $ 4.44 $ 5.92 $ 7.40 1Socket Conv $ 12.20 $ -601347 $ 1.48 $ 1.97 $ 2.47 020" Round 4L $ - 18052128 $ - 0Other 1 $ - 0 0Other 2 $ - 0 0Other 3 $ - 0 7 $ 314.00 $ - $ 314.00Total $ 157.00 incentive


17 8760 opportunities Exit signs $30/year reduction Garage lights 20% to 40% reduction; better lighting, better control Stairwells 5% to 15% reduction; brighter and lasts longer Garbage chute rooms $60 to $120 per year, occupancy sensor Utility rooms Wall packs

18 Tenant Quality of Experience Maintenance Efficiency PM $

19 Youre not quite as good as you think Youre too busy You dont quite understand the complexity of the paperwork You buy on price rather than quality You find the cheapest labour, not the best project manager Youre going to pay, one way or another Youre a property manager, not an electricianbureaucratenergyspecialist

20 Use a contractor that has done this before By thousands; not by the dozen The guy you're using now probably is not the one you want to use Dont buy on price only Great product is actually only a few cents more Reduce call backs Guarantee a better tenant experience Get a proper building audit or a thorough count and schedule of replacement fixtures If you fail to follow above principles Typically 30% loss of opportunity Incentives Ongoing energy cost reductions

21 1 Happy Camper. 49 Buildings 75,000 fixtures Every single one Existing buildings New construction $ 1,500,000 plus in incentives Simplified maintenance 1 lamp 2 linear fluorescents 3 types of glass 3 days for one building

22 Hans Schreff Program Manager London Hydro

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