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PMHS Engineering & Housekeeping Summit May 20, 2011 G REEN I NITIATIVES.

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1 PMHS Engineering & Housekeeping Summit May 20, 2011 G REEN I NITIATIVES

2 CFL S No more incandescent light bulbs… Make sure youre replacing incandescent lamps with Compact Fluorescent Lamps. CFLs reduce energy consumption and associated emissions They also reduce air conditioning loads as they do not produce as much heat as traditional incandescent lamps

3 R EFRIGERATORS Set all in-room fridges to the warmest (lowest energy usage) setting This will need to be checked during every room turn as most guests using the fridge will turn it cooler Do not turn the fridge off, as the power needed to cool down again is greater than that needed to maintain the fridge at a warmer temp

4 T ELEVISIONS Adjust ALL TV settings to the efficiency mode or energy saving or low energy settings This has been shown to save considerable amounts of power, without compromising guest experience

5 P HANTOM E NERGY L OADS Unplug all guest room coffee makers and toasters- UNLESS the plug-in is inconvenient to guests Example: to plug in the coffee maker, a guest would have to move a piece of furniture In this case, please leave it plugged in Eliminates the vampire or phantom electricity draw when the item is not in use

6 P EAK E NERGY D EMAND Make sure you know your energy providers peak demand time periods Utilize this information by reducing energy loads during these peak time periods Lock out the trash compactor

7 HVAC S ETTINGS Corridors & Public Areas should be set to 75° for cooling and 68° for heating Unoccupied areas should be set to 82° for cooling and 68° for heating Occupied meeting rooms should be set between 70° and 72° and adjusted to the above temps after the event is over Manage these settings intelligently based upon fluctuating outdoor temperatures!

8 HVAC S ETTINGS As a general rule, it is company policy not to pre-heat guest rooms in our hotels. This practice leads to significant energy waste if not managed both properly and consistently. Thermostats & PTACS should be off in unoccupied rooms. Executive Housekeepers should provide daily temperature setting guidance for occupied rooms to the room attendants during Stand Up If the temperature is in the 50's and above during heating season or 60s and below in the cooling season, turn off the PTAC in occupied rooms

9 I RRIGATION /S PRINKLERS Our water consumption skyrockets during the summer months An estimated 50% of irrigation water is wasted because of evaporation, wind, over-watering, overlapped coverage, and improper system design, installation or maintenance. We need to be smarter about our sprinkler usage… Do not run the sprinklers automatically according to the timer – only run when necessary! Use the override button frequently as conditions dictate Water early in the morning (predawn) to minimize evaporation loss.

10 I RRIGATION /S PRINKLERS Please do not run the sprinklers when it has just rained, is expected to rain, and most of all… while it is raining!! Try to only run the sprinklers when it is absolutely necessary, such as after a hot/dry spell or a few days without rain You shouldnt be using your sprinklers now, and your usage should be much lower in the fall – make sure to adjust the timing Shut down the automated sprinkler system as early as possible in September, and by no means beyond the end of September.

11 I RRIGATION /S PRINKLERS Irrigation Sub Meters Sub metering the irrigation system can save the hotel considerable $$ in sewer costs We are currently working on getting these permitted and installed at H15 and H16 Will install at other properties in the future

12 W ATER L EAKS Leaks cost the property serious money – fix them! Incorporate faucet leak checks into all inspection rounds (all sinks in all areas) Incorporate toilet tune up measures into the guest room PM program Running or malfunctioning toilets waste large quantities of water on a daily basis

13 F AUCET A ERATORS Faucet Aerators should be installed in all guest room sinks Spec is on the intranet Shower Flow Controllers should be installed in guest rooms Spec is on the intranet

14 F INAL T HOUGHTS With ever increasing utility costs, we need to be vigilant in finding and applying ways to reduce our consumption BUT Always remember that guest satisfaction comes first and should NEVER be compromised!


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