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LED Lighting Trends.

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1 LED Lighting Trends

2 Company Overview 60-years as an innovator in the design and manufacture of lighting products. North American volume manufacturing. Extensive distribution network. Well recognized brand name and quality. Nearly 100 patents in lighting technology. Universal is Panasonic’s Commercial Lighting Leadership Organization for the Americas. Universal is investing heavily in LED product development. Comprehensive ballast and LED product line. Products for nearly every application.

3 Global Operations Universal enjoys the resources available from a global Panasonic network of operation. Panasonic’s Lighting Group is composed of Universal (for North/South Americas), Vossloh-Schwabe (in Europe), and Panasonic (in Asia). Sister Panasonic companies: Douglas Lighting Controls in Vancouver manufactures a full line of lighting control products from basic components to complete systems. Vossloh- Schwabe has production in Germany, France, Italy, Thailand and Tunisia. 15 Stocking Sales Agent Warehouses nationwide. Ontario warehouse in Canada. Regional Distribution Centers: Whittier, CA; Elmwood Park, NJ; Lavergne, TN and Toronto. Manufacturing is in Matamoros, Mexico. Engineering/R&D Facilities: Huntsville, AL and Austin, TX.

4 LED Business Universal has provided long standing power electronic and control expertise for power supply technology. Now Universal is incorporating this know-how into our LED drivers. With expertise in module, driver, and system design, Universal develops custom products for a variety of unique and demanding lighting applications. Universal is supplying components and complete light engines for some of the most successful OEM LED fixture programs in the market today. Universal LED sales have grown over 300% in the last year and are forecasted to be a third of Universal sales in 2014.

5 LED Technology LED Lighting technology is progressing rapidly and LED applications continue to expand. LEDs are Disposal Friendly No mercury to enter landfills RoHS compliant – No Lead Low-Temperature Lumen Production Unlike fluorescent, LEDs maintain lumen output in the cold Instant-On No warm up period required Point Source with Directionality – Light Distribution Control LEDs illuminate from a single point and in only one direction

6 LED Life = Long Life LEDs provide long life illumination
50,000 + Hours of usable illumination is now common Long life is very attractive for applications where lamp replacement is difficult or expensive Lumen Maintenance Example: 50K Hours 85% of initial lumens at 50,000 Hours

7 LED Replacement Lamps LED Lamps Provide Exceptional Performance
25K to 40K Hour life ratings Dimmable with standard dimmers CRI >80, (>90 is available too) LED Lamp Examples 90W PAR38 Halogen → 18W PAR38 LED 65W BR30 Incandescent → 10W BR30 LED 35W MR16 GU5.3 Halogen → 6W MR16 GU5.3 LED

8 Outdoor Lighting Trends
Outdoor area and roadway lighting have been the quickest to adopt LED technology Replaces MH and HPS HID technologies Approx 60% of new fixture now are LED Key Benefits Energy Consumption vs. HID 50% + Savings Life: 50K Hours vs 20K Hours Significant maintenance savings Performance Lumen Maintenance, LED: 70% or more at 50K+ hours MH: 65% of initial lumens at 40% life Improved Light Distribution (no pools of light) Higher CRI, 70+ instead of 30 w/ HPS Controllable features now required by some energy codes Cost Premium 1.5-3x multiplier for LED Luminaires for outdoor and area lighting vs. HID Outdoor Performance Lumens/Watt 70-80 Lumens 6,000-40,000 CCT / CRI 4000K-5000K / 70

9 Track & Downlight Lighting Trends
Track and Downlight lighting follows outdoor in LED adoption. Replaces, CFL, Halogen, CMH, & Incandescent Screw-in lamp technology is an option for lower lumen systems Approx 50% of new fixtures are LED Key Benefits Lower Energy Consumption 30% to 50% savings depending on technology replaced Life: 50K Hours vs 2K to 20K Hours Significant maintenance savings Performance Versus HID: Instant on & Dimmable No mercury like CFL Most fixtures are dimmable CoB technology performs similar to point source Cost Premium Costs are below low wattage eHID Track & D/L Performance Lumens/Watt 90+ Lumens 1,000-5,000 CCT / CRI 2700K-5000K / 80 & 90

10 Indoor Troffer Lighting Trends
Latest to begin conversion to LED. Fluorescent systems have been very efficient 2013: LED & FL had similar LPW’s 2014: Incremental efficiency step for LED Key Benefits Lower Energy Consumption 10% to 40% Savings depending on FL Generation Life: 50K + Hours vs 20K-30K Hours Beneficial in difficult fixture access locations Reduction in lamp disposal costs & mercury issues Performance Most LED luminaires incorporate dimming drivers Daylight harvesting – Energy management control Wide operating temperature range LEDs work even better in cold ambients Cost Premium 1.5-2x multiplier for LED over standard fluorescent On par w/ fluorescent with dimming Indoor Troffer Performance Lumens/Watt 110+ Lumens 1,000-10,000 CCT / CRI K / 82 LED fixtures hide the LEDs so the light source is not obvious.

11 Fluorescent to LED Retrofit Options
New Fixture Provides the highest performance Extremely high lumen maintenance and long life LED Retrofit Kits Inside of fixture is replaced with a new surface containing Linear LED modules and an LED driver LED Linear Lamps with External Driver Driver replaces the ballast in the fixture Uses existing lampholders but some re-wiring required LED Linear Lamps with Integral Driver Input voltage is wired directly to the lamp socket Most lamps are 120V only Lamp Ratings 25K – 40K Hours All options require some level of re-wiring.

12 Retrofit Kit Savings Analysis
LED Luminaire retrofits will be the next wave of lighting upgrades Long maintenance free life Energy savings Excellent lighting performance Payback claims vary widely and are heavily dependent on rebates

13 LED Product & Capabilities Overview

14 Introducing EVERLINE™
Modules Drivers Everline is the brand name for Universal’s LED product family, including modules, drivers and lamps. Universal markets a series of LED components under the brand:

15 Track/Downlight Products
EVERLINE Family Linear Products Track/Downlight Products Outdoor Products Sign Products 350+ LED Product Models

16 Linear Linear LED Modules LED Drivers Up to 150+ Lumens per watt
11”, 22” and 23” overall lengths 2’x2’ & 2’&4’ General lighting fixtures Standard and High Lumens options 6”/12”/18” Modules Sconce Lighting Specialty fixtures Excellent lumen maintenance Up to L85 at 50K hours 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K versions CRI > 82 Frosted lenses available Zhaga Mounting Hole Pattern Products Dual LED rows with 2 Channels Spreads Light for softer dispersion Constant current control allows for smooth dimming to 1%. LED Drivers Tunable outputs w/ 0-10V dimming for design flexibility 700mA, 1050mA, & 1500mA 25W, 30W, 42W, and 50W outputs Dual Control technology 0-10V dimming & Step-dimming

17 Track & Downlight Developed to work individually or as part of our system, EVERLINE makes it easy to configure a full featured, high efficiency LED lighting system. LED Modules Seven lumen output ratings from five modules: 1000/1500, 2000, 3000/4000, 5500, 10,000 Up to 100+ lumens per watt EverTru™ Chip on Board Technology Excellent thermal transfer High lumen maintenance due to ceramic stability Uniform light distribution, crisp shadow, optimum for reflector designs Compact light emitting surface areas .53” diameter to 1.69” diameter 2700, 3000, 3500, and 4000K versions CRI > 82 UL Class 2 recognized 1000 to 5500 lumen modules LED Drivers Constant current drivers 350mA, 700mA, 1050mA output options 15W – 100W+ outputs Multiple housing configurations for a variety of fixture options Side exit with mounting feet Bottom exit with mounting studs Analog dimming and phase control options Industry standard 0-10V dimming Incorporate with photo sensors and/or wall controls |

18 High Lumen Driver High Wattage Driver Benefits
150W constant current high power options 530mA/700mA/1050mA/1400mA Universal ( V) and high range ( V) inputs High efficiency operation for maximum energy savings Analog dimming function provides energy management controls options Tunable output control allows for application specific current settings Enhanced class B transient surge suppression provides reliable operation in tough environments Overload and short circuit protection. Thermal foldback control technology to protect system components during extreme temperature events Tuning Options Increase Application Flexibility

19 Sign Illumination LED Chains Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies
80 and 100 lumens per foot options High efficiency for maximum footage loading on power supply Tightest binning available for consistent color and brightness 3500K & 6500K CCT’s Superior fastening system using 3M VHB tape L80 at 60K Hours Simple connections 12-Volt constant voltage system Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies 12V & 24V, Class 2 output High efficiency operation Over voltage, current & short circuit protection IP67 Q-Can options Direct wiring to conduit or J-Box Dry, damp, and wet locations options

20 Product Development Partnerships
Universal provides custom LED solutions for a variety of outdoor, indoor, and specialty applications. |

21 Product Development Examples
Linear Solutions ULT module / driver combinations offer easy ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for DLC compliance in recessed commercial fixtures, linear architectural pendants, strips, vapor tight, etc. Currently in use by many fixture OEM’s. Offers a likely LED retrofit opportunity for existing linear fixtures. Lensed module options are available to minimize pixilation in open luminaire applications. |

22 Product Development Examples
Round Chip on Board (CoB) Designed for track and downlighting applications requiring intense but compact light emitting surface (LES). At up to 10,000 lumens these modules are being incorporated (individually or in multiples) with or without optics into wall- wash, flood lights and other area lighting applications as well. Slim Linear Modules Available in 6, 12 and 18” lengths with standard and high lumen versions for maximum flexibility in smaller linear fixtures, sconces, pendants, step lights, etc. Very popular among OEMs offering decorative LED products. |

23 Product Development Examples
Square Modules Originally developed as a custom solution for integration in parking garage / canopy fixtures. Rated output up to lumens (depending on ULT driver selection) 6” square module offers a great potential option, either individually or in multiples, for outdoor wall-packs, surface mount, recessed or decorative indoor as well. |

24 Product Development Examples
Custom Outdoor Modules Developed as modular solution with integrated optics for site and roadway applications with one of the world largest lighting manufacturers. ULT currently provides as assembled-to-order in multiple sizes, colors and lens types / distribution patterns. |

25 Additional Information
Visit Universal’s Website For More Resources: Universal Cross Reference Spec Finder Ballast Selector Guide Literature Finder New Product Press Releases For additional information please contact your Universal RSM Agent. Website: Universal Technical Engineering Services: BALLAST ( ) Canada: ( ) |

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