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110 Rice Mills Districtwise.

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1 Jharkhand and Rice Milling Jharkhand Rice Millers Association CA Anish Kumar General Secretary

2 110 Rice Mills Districtwise.
Name of Dist. No. of Rice Mills East Singhbhum 40 Dumka 6 Jamtara 3 Hazaribagh 8 Ranchi 20 Deoghar 16 Palamu 1 Giridih 2 Kodarma Dhanbad Sahebganj Ramgarh Saraikela-Kharsawan Pakur Lohardaga

3 Rice Mill Clusters

4 Paddy Prod. In Jharkhand
Market Year Area under Cultivation (000 HAC) Paddy Prod. in Lakh MT 29.67 33.26 34.00 (Due to Rainfall) 14.70 (Due to Rainfall) 11.16 46.15 71.80

5 Paddy Production Area In Jharkhand

6 Contribution- Jharkhand Rice Millers
Upto , Jharkhand was dependent on Chhatisgarh, Punjab, West Bengal etc for Rice More than 40 Modern Rice mills. Jharkhand has established it name in Rice industry for Non-Basmati Rice Export. Paddy Prod. Increased from 15 Lakh Ton to 71 Lakh Ton in 4 Years. Farmers are encouraged to Produce quality Paddy and getting more than MSP in Market.

7 Problems and Suggestions Related to CMR

8 State Agency through LAMPS. Paddy purchase through FCI.
Mode of MSP State Agency through LAMPS. Paddy purchase through FCI. Levy System- purchase through rice mill.

9 Levy and CMR in Jharkhand
Market Year Levy in MT CMR in MT NIL 5,000 19,000 1,17,000 26,000 14,000 9,000 2,79,209 1,93,000 (upto 14th May 2013)

10 Rice Procured by FCI Year wise from Jharkhand
Market Season Rice in MT (Data from FCI) 5,000 19,000 1,43,000 23,000 NIL 2,79,209 1,93,000 (upto 14th May 2013)

11 OTR and Refraction Ratio
OTR means Out Turn Ratio i.e rice procured from 100 kg Paddy. Refraction Ratio is Damages and Discolour in Rice Sample. Above Ratio calculated based on well developed state such as Punjab, Haryana etc where Farmers are have scientific equipments.

12 Problems related to Paddy
Paddy supplied is not cleaned at LAMPS storage point and as per our calculation dust is 3-5% of total paddy. It affects the OTR and refraction percentage. Due to poor quality of paddy refraction Percentage should be For Slightly Discolour - Increased from 3% to 6% For Damaged - Increased from 5% to 8%. 4. Due to poor quality of paddy in Jharkhand OTR is to be reduced to 66% .

13 Problems related to CMR Rice Delivery to CWC
As per agreement between LAMPS and Millers - LAMPS are responsible for Transportation of CMR Rice. But district administration request millers to transport the CMR Rice Millers transported the same last year but transportation charges are not reimbursed to millers Millers request to state government to short out the matter reimburse transportation Charges

14 Payment of Transportation
Advance payment for current year Rate of transportation is to be fixed on the basis of current market rate. In case of unloading is not made at CWC, other than quality reasons then to and fro transportation is to be paid by LAMPS.

15 Problems at CWC. Generally problems are faced by millers at CWC related to quality. Proper quality analysis is required at CWC. Third party analysis for Quality is to be appointed for dispute solution

16 Payment of Milling Charges.
Milling Charges is Rs.20/- per qntl. Milling charges is not revised for last years. MSP was Rs.270/- and for Rs.1250/- Increased 4.62 Times in 20 Years .( data from DFPD) Cost of electricity, labour, spares, diesel, etc increase manifolds. Provide Rs.80/- per qntl as bonus in addition to above rate.

17 Other Charges 1. Custody , Storage and Maintenance Charges of Rs.4.16 per qntl. 2. These charges is received by state Government on certificate that they actually incurred the same. (as per No-192(22)/2012- FC.A/Cs) 3. Millers are the actual claimant of these charges as they provide their Godowns, provide security for paddy supplied by LAMPS.

18 Reconciliation of Paddy Purchased by LAMPS and Received by Miller
1. Paddy purchased by LAMPS and supplied to millers is to be systemized. 2. LAMPS is to be equipped with data maintenance system. 3. LAMPS are dependent on millers to provide data of total paddy received at Mill. 4. Problems of excess enforcement.

19 Monthly Enforcement Delay in Enforcement.
Creates pressure over Miller for CMR Supply. Suggestion : Monthly enforcement to be done. Monthly meeting to be arranged between Govt and Millers at Distric level. Tagging of mill - district wise should be done on the basis of Capacity of Mill.

20 Loss due to Weight of Gunny Bags
There are difference between actual and standard weight of Gunny bags. Standard Weight = 665 Gms Actual Weight = 620 Gms Loss per Lot to Millers ( )i.e 45 Gmsx540 Bags = Kg Equivalent Weight of Paddy = /68% = Kg Loss per Lot = xMSP Rs = Rs /-

21 Restriction on Paddy - Interstate
Large quantity of paddy supplied from Jharkhand to other state. Interstate Paddy export should be restricted from November to April as done by other state govt.. It can help in achieving target set for CMR.

22 Thanks JRMA Ranchi, Jharkhand

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