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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

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1 ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

2 What will my child learn this year in Spanish I?
Tema 1  Para empezar (Introduction) Tema 2 Geografía (Geography) Tema 3 La escuela (School) Tema 4 La familia (Family) Tema 5 Los deportes (Sports) Tema 6 La casa (House) Tema 7 A comer (Food) Tema 8 De compras (Shopping)

3 Is this a high school course?
Students will receive high school credit Graduation requirements College/university requirements

4 Georgia Performance Standards
Can be accessed from my blog or

5 Los libros - books Textbook - ¡Ven conmigo!
Workbook - ¡Ven conmigo! Cuaderno de gramática

6 Syllabus Sent home for signature the first week of school
In front of student notebook Also posted on blog

7 How can I help my child study Spanish when I don’t know it???
Study in brief, but frequent intervals. Memorization is a big part of learning a foreign language and memorization only takes place after a lot of repetition. Encourage your child to spend minutes studying EVERY day (including the days he/she don’t have class!). Express how important it is to not fall behind. Make sure that your child does his/her homework every time it is assigned. This allows for practice and reinforcement of new material.

8 Other things your child can do to study:
Ask for help Make flashcards Review nightly Study with parents, friends, siblings Use a Spanish dictionary Listen to Spanish radio Watch TV with Spanish captions Read textbook

9 How do I know what my child did in class today
How do I know what my child did in class today? What if my child is absent? Check my blog. Go to the McClure Middle School website. Click on teacher blogs. Click on my class. Look for the date that your child was absent. If you do not have computer access, your student can see me for information.

10 TAREA - Homework Homework is given most nights, but it should never take more than 15 minutes to complete. Homework is only accepted late by following one of these procedures: 5 Maverick Money – no penalty (school wide) Yellow late form – parent signature required Assignment is due the next class period

11 How can I reach Mrs. Goelz if I have a question/concern, etc.?
ext. 437

12 ¿Preguntas?

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