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Basic Introduction to the VCG Authorized Distributors for Manufactured by An Economical Energy-Efficiency Solution.

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1 Basic Introduction to the VCG Authorized Distributors for Manufactured by An Economical Energy-Efficiency Solution

2 Mistaken Identity – just the facts… It is common to confuse the VCG with other energy saving devices. Fact is no other technology like the VCG is on the market today. True, the VCG is a unique, patented technology that uses fundamental electromagnetic principals to reduce energy consumption economically. VCG = an Economical Energy-Efficiency solution Commonly confused and grouped with the VCG are hot side devices, which are capacitor devices. Capacitor based hot side devices store large electrical surges and deliver them during load-use to save energy. Their primary application has been in manufacturing with large inductive loads. This technology has been available for many years though most applications still require tuning maintenance. VCG is not a hot side capacitor device and requires no maintenance The Problem – how long has this been going on…. Technological advances over the past thirty years have changed the consumer load profile from inductive to predominately rectified capacitive loads today; more equipment and appliances are electronic and more consumers use them. Energy efficiency has garnered new attention due to the rising costs and expanding carbon footprint (CO2 emissions). The world is competing for resources and lighting up. The new load profile exacerbates non-efficient use of electricity. Electrical current out of phase and polarity, referred to as noise or harmonic distortion is an undesirable by-product of the electrical grid and new load profile. Todays electronic and electrical equipment by design seek power in proper phase and polarity and draw on the electrical system continuously to meet this function. The VCG addresses this issue like no other products do.

3 VCG is an Energy Management Device in single phase electric installations we are seeing savings ranging from 10 to 20+ percent reduction in daily KWH in 3 phase electric installations we see savings in a range from 5 to 15% in daily KWH VCG1 has a UL916 approval rating from MET Labs Voltage Control Guard (VCG)

4 Electric System Topology Typical Single Phase Power DistributionTypical Three Phase Power Distribution All current returns to the source through the neutral The neutral completes the loads electrical circuit The neutral is grounded to panel (equipment) ground The current stays on the neutral because of the grounds resistance

5 Loads and the VCG Impact All electrical systems are a combination of: Capacitive – including AC to DC rectifiers Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts Laptop & Desktop computer power supplies (switching) VFD drives Video Game Consoles Screw in fluorescent lamps Resistive Incandescent lamps, toasters, space heaters, etc Inductive Motors, compressors, fans, pumps

6 VCG is an Inductor Inductors change current into an electromagnetic field Field strength increases as current increases This field attracts certain frequency waveforms VCG attracts the harmonic distorted waveforms These waveforms include 3 rd, 5 th, 7 th, 9 th, 11 th harmonics These waveforms are capacitive in nature It does not attract energy at the fundamental (60Hz) Waveforms outside the fundamental are commonly referred to as electrical noise VCG Function

7 Electrical noise in the CURRENT waveform appears on the neutral line The neutral is the addition of the panels phase currents There is a common-mode noise waveform as well Both waveforms are measured by the digital power company meter with Rogowski coil KWH charges will appear on the monthly bill

8 What others are saying – EPRI & GE © EPRI -2004 Electricity savings and Computer Power supplies GE - Capacitance in electrical systems Each element of an electric system is related to every other element by capacitance, just as each element contains resistance and inductance. These unavoidable distributed capacitances are usually small but important. It is difficult to make accurate calculations of distributed capacitance, but there are some useful approximations available. Capacitance, GE Industrial Power Systems Data Book, 12-3-62 VCG goes here

9 VCG Function – Example of Noise Reduction Without VCG With VCG

10 VCG Function The VCG is installed and works on current on the neutral: VCG Does not work with: Three phase delta-wired system Perfectly balanced three phase wye systems 240 VAC loads with no neutral current VCG works on anything that puts noise on the neutral Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts Laptop & Desktop computer power supplies (switching) VFD drives Video Game Consoles Screw in fluorescent lamps

11 Safety and Compliance Testing Current Status VCG has been tested to UL916 and CSA C22.2 No. 205 Testing done by MET Labs to UL and CSA standards UL916 closest applicable standard Safely packaged in a NEMA 5 enclosure

12 Safety and Compliance Testing

13 Credentialing the VCG Independent Lab Tests Field data Professional Engineers College and Universities

14 6 Third Party Test Data Testing performed by WAJA Associates associates WAJA is a UL-Authorized electrical distribution panel builder Testing is one of many activities performed by WAJA Associates REPEATABILITY Tests show 7% savings in the data center environment tested – day on/day off for 8 days!

15 Third Party Test Data - Results

16 Sample Field Data


18 CustomerNumber of InstallsAvg % SavingsCity, St Churches514-20+GA, CA Concrete plant212+GA Restaurants- Wendys, Rallys, Guthries, Churchs, Popeyes, Dunkin Donuts, Papa Johns, Dominos, Taco Bell, Five Guys, Moes, Subway hundreds7-14+US Bakery28Midwest Meat Packing112Midwest Conference Center28+NC Hotels510+US, Nassau Auto Dealers510+US Convenience Store4 chainsTestingTX, IA Auto Care Center111+Texas Kettle Cuisine19MA Office Bldgsdozens5-14US Mecklenberg County5310+NC Retail storesdozens6-19N. AM. Casinos4TestingNV, Oh, MS City Admin27GA City/County Admin23.5-15SE US Pump Stations212GA Schools38GA Public Libraries39Ga Gyms, Workout Ctrs511GA Hospitals25GA Great Clips414GA Universities37-15%KY, AL, AR Residential1,000+10-20+N. AM Where Does the VCG WORK? Installation Examples - Customers


20 000







27 Colleges and Universities UGA, Athens, Pumps Univ N. KY – Lighting and admin Attached is the updated spreadsheet with the October consumption comparison. Even though we only had 2 years of history, we are still seeing +15% savings per month on an average. For me, this is solid validation of the product and we can move forward with a plan for campus integration. The only hurdle now is funding. I recall our conversation on Save Energy providing the up front funding, but we will not be able to do this with our purchasing regulations. I have not had an audience with Residence Life with my proposal to them. Aside from the residence halls, we need an evaluation for an academic building with a generous utility history for comparison. Since we are still fuzzy on where the GiG2 devices should be installed, I would like to request an evaluation from a knowledgeable person to develop a project scope. We will then allocate funds (partial or in whole) to address the academic building for evaluation. If the academic building produces favorable results, well include campus wide implementation with our other energy conservation measures. David Handwork, P.E. Facilities Management Arkansas State University 870.680.4691 Univ. S. FL – Energy Star washing machine


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