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Green life,Start here Shenzhen Century Lighting Co., Ltd Tel: 0086-755-29529034 Fax: 0086-755-81482340 Add: 4th Floor, 2nd Building, Peng Teng Da Industrial.

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1 Green life,Start here Shenzhen Century Lighting Co., Ltd Tel: 0086-755-29529034 Fax: 0086-755-81482340 Add: 4th Floor, 2nd Building, Peng Teng Da Industrial Park, DaLang Sub-district, Longhua New District, ShenZhen, China Website:

2 Company Introduction Established in 2006, were specialized in R&D, producing and marketing of LED products. Our factory covers an area of 2000 square meters, with about 50-100 staff members. Our factory is located in one of the main LED production areas of Shenzhen - Longhua New District, which is about 60 minutes away from Hong Kong by train and about 30 minutes' drive away from Shenzhen Airport. Our products covering a wide range include Indoor LED Lights (bulbs, spots, tubes, panels and down lights etc), Outdoor LED Lights (flood lights, underground&garden lights) and LED Auto Lights (head lights, interior lights and tail lights), OEM and ODM services is also provided. With advanced equipments, professional craftsmanship, strict quality control to ensure our product best quality. We ensure quality by sourcing LED from US(Cree/Semi), Korea(Samsung), Taiwan(Everlight/Epistar), ensure long lifespan by sourcing capacitor for driver from China top supplier BERYL. Most products close to US Energy Star standard: Lumen maintance 91.8% after 6000hs aging testing and 70% LED lamp CRI>78. All of our products comply with CE standard and RoHS Directive.

3 CENTURY HISTORY 4 employees Factory area: 200 $1 Million Factory area: 1000 CE Certifying Factory area: 2000 SGS Certifying $6 Million 8% increasing of invenstment $9 Million $2.5Million

4 North American: 5% Century Markets South American: 15% Africa Australia:5% Shenzhen Japan:10% Europe:45% Southeast Asia:10% Sales to 75 countries(areas) HQ in Shenzhen China Other Coutries:10%

5 Century Markets Europe South America Japan Southeast Asia Australia Others % Sales to 75 countries(areas) HQ in Shenzhen China North America

6 Century Product Range Replacement LED Lighting Commercial Lighting Home Lighting Outdoor Lighting Auto/Marine Lighting

7 Replacement LED Lighting 3w-12w LED Bulb replace 25w-100w Incandescent bulb 3w-6w LED spot replace 25-50w halogen 1. Green lighting sources 2. Up to 80% energy saving 3. >40,000Hrs long lifespan 4.Minimum maintenance costs 5.Produce little Heat Light sourceLight efficiency (Lm/W)CRI (Ra)Average lifespan (H) Incandescent bulb8-151001000 Halogen lamp20-301002000 Conventional fluorescent T850-707010,000 Energy saving lamp/CFL50-7080-8512,000 LED lamp100-16075-9040,000

8 Commercial Lighting 1: High light efficiency 80-100LM/W and 80% energy saving 2: Long lifespan more than 40000hs and largely reduce maintaining cost 3: Environment-friendly and can be recyclable 4: Wide CCT ranges 2400-14000K 5: Use in places where need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting

9 Home Lighting 1. Use high light efficency LED: Samsung LED, SemiLEDs, CREE LED, etc 2. Ensure long lifespan by sourcing capacitor for driver from China top supplier BERYL 3. CRI:>76Ra (CREE WW and Samsung >80Ra) 4. 40,000 hs lifespan & 2 years warranty

10 Outdoor Light LED underground lamp LED landscape lamp LED Flood Light 1.High brightness, low power consumption 2.IP65 good waterproof function 3.40,000Hs long lifespan and lowest maintain cost 4.Easy to install 5. Used in outdoor square, park, lawns and buildings etc

11 Auto/Marine Lighting Advantage: 1. Safer and avoid fire disaster 2. Much power saving 3. >40,000Hs lifespan Head lightTail lightIndicator light S25 tail light LED daytime running light Festoon number plate light Dashboard indicator light Head lightStrip lightInterior light

12 Photometric SphereLaser Label PrinterWave Soldering Machine Reflow Soldering MachineElectrical Measurement InstrumentLabel Printer SMT Machines Full-automatic Aging MachineGlistening Aging Rack Production Facilities

13 Customers requirement Customers satisfaction Manufacturing (IPQC) Shipping (OQC) Purchasing (IQC) R&D (QA) Production Process

14 Market Investigation Propose Requirements Evaluation Of Feasibility Input R&D ID Design Electronic Design Software Design Optical Design Calorific Design Structural Design Make Hand Model Establishment Schedule Evaluation Make Samples Evaluation Trial Produce Summaries Of Trial Produce MP (Mass Production) Establish Initial File We have strong R&D team with 8 people, and all these people are with 3-5 years experience in LED field.

15 Doing aging test according to US Energy Star standard Aging test before shipment (10-12hours) Most products close to Energy Star standard: Lumen maintance 91.8% after 6000hrs aging testing ColorStart timeEnd timeAging test hrstest resultsRemarks WW 23th,Apr Initial brightness: WW: 1317.1Lm CW:1404Lm 3rd,July70daysX24hrs 1680hs 0.98% light decayingreduce 12.9Lm to 1304.2Lm CW0.56% light decayingreduce 7.8Lm to 1396.2Lm WW8th,Oct165daysX24hrs 3960hs 2.16% light decayingreduce 28.5Lm to 1288.6Lm WW1.2% light decayingreduce 17.2Lm to 1386.8Lm Eg:4ft T8 18W LED Tube

16 Product Certification CE(EMC&LVD)&RoHS

17 Japan Lighting Fair Guangzhou Lighting Fair

18 Market Information&Suggestion 2: Big market for LED bulb with prohibition of traditional incandescent 1: Advantages of LED bulb VS Incandescent and Energy-saving lamp

19 Market Information&Suggestion Pls consider below points when you choose LED Lights: 1: Good driver, quality LED and effective heatsink are the 3 most important components for good LED lamp. Check if the driver use god quality Electrolytic Capacitors that ensure long lifespan, eg BERYL is the top brand of Chinas capacitor which ensure 8000Hs constant working at 105°C. Check if the heatsink good at heat dissipation or excellent in air and heat convection, good heatsink can lower lamp temperature to ensure long lifespan. Check if use reliable LED, eg famous brand Cree/Semi/Everlight/Lumenmax/Samsung LED with high brightness, good CRI and lower decaying. 2: Actually, there are different price for a similar appearance LED lamp, poor quality products will bring potential quality complains even safety worriness, supplying interruption etc. Suggestion to start and push LED business 1: Study your target LED lighting market and find your marketing direction. Indoor LED bulb light and spot are big market with forbidden production and selling of traditional lamps in many countries. 2: Make a website or B2B channel to promote your products. Keep good contact with local property developer or government official or hotel owner, they can help you win big project for they are richer and value energy saving. 3: Work with a reliable supplier (good quality, good services in technic and after-sale) and aim at long-term mutual cooperation.

20 Market Report: Why LED Light Factories Close For Low-Priced War? I take Zhongshan for example Zhongshan grew from small household appliances factory base into bigger LED industry Zhongshan is a city with decades of experience in the production of small household appliances, it becomes from earliest production of rice cookers, kitchen supplies to development of LED industry in recent years. In 2012, Zhongshan LED lights enterprises over 1200, the output value of nearly 100 above-scale enterprises reached 35.65 billion RMB. Zhongshan LED applications enterprises ranked second in Guangdong province, accounting for 17.2% of the province, accounting for 11.5% of China (Shenzhen account for 53% of the province). In first half of 2013, Zhongshan export value reach $ 570 million, South America and Middle East is the fastest growing markets, respectively 22.4% and 19.5%. Very easy to open a factory and become a boss here Now you can buy all LED products-related accessories as you want here, this makes the threshold to enter LED industry is very low, anyone can easily open factory and become boss here and make fast money here (fast cash into and cash out).By rent a plant (cheap to ten dollars/m2), buy a few irons, purchases the needed accessories from the town, can finish simple assembly at home, everywhere you can see such workshops enterprises, some have signboards, some not have any identification, more than 60% of registered licenses are family-based small business owners. Many factories close for low-priced war---Price "is no minimum, only lower." A LED light factory giant(Chinese name )story can teach us a impress lesson(its annual sales reach 1 billion RMB) In July 5, 2013 closed, the news of the boss escape factory boarded the major Headlines, major 3 reasons for their close: First, they offer very low prices to quickly occupy the market share. Take E27 3W LED bulb for example, the normal price of 3USD or more, they offer price is only 1.8USD, which lower than its cost, and the bulbs broken only after 20 hours. In long term, in this way of offer lowest price, its sales volume rise rapidly but the image of the product quality continuously damaged, eventually trouble into sell at lower price and dont want to make good quality to survive. Second, sometimes they cheat client by reducing production process and use inferior material, eg customer require 1W LED, they make 0.5W to cheat customer to earn high profits. Blind pursuit of short-term benefits and regardless of quality and provide low-end products beat themself finally. Third, the boss of their own mistakes and selfish policy. All the important positions in product design, manufacturing, finance etc are all owners relatives, and they only get money but do nothing.

21 Comments 1: Zhongshan LED lighting industry lack some leading enterprises and in the downhill, many local large domestic lighting enterprises start put money into the real estate. oversea companies start move out, a large number of lighting talents drain. Now it only leave the lighting industry supply chain, in the future will gradually beat by competitors from Shenzhen, Dongguan etc. 2: LED light factory should refuse low-price competition and improve product quality, strengthen tech innovation and set up good brand to face the fierce competition. 3: As a buyer or importer, when you choose LED Lights, pls consider that good driver, quality LED and effective heatsink are the 3 most important components for good LED lamp. End here !!!

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