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Battery Control Center (Con’t)

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1 Battery Control Center (Con’t)

2 Battery Control Center (Con’t)
F20 Blank Changed to circuit breakers by Rev K F1 25A MAXI Driver Pwr Seat F15 3A LP Det (Coach) Pass Pwr Seat F14 15A Luggage Bay Lights F2 25A MAXI F16 10A Radio Switch F3 20A Step Motor F17 3A AUX Start Dash Switch F4 3A Step Switch F18 3A Solar Panel F13 15A Fog Lights F5 3A LP Det (Chassis) F19 5A* Coach & Chassis Bat Disconnect Switch Coil Power F6 3A Ignition Signal F21 15A Service Bay Lights F23 10A* AUX Hot * Changed to 10A by Rev H F7 15A Spare IGN * Changed to 5A by Rev J F8 15A Spare F9 20A Power Mirror F10 15A Horn F11 10A Leveling Jacks F12 15A Dash Fan F22 3A AUX Start Relay Pwr

3 Battery Disconnect Switches

4 Battery Control Center (Con’t)
Battery Disconnect Switches Each switch controls a magnetically latched relay with power applied to coil only momentarily to latch the switch Unlatch by applying current in the other direction If chassis or coach battery is disconnected , it is automatically connected if ignition is switched on A lockout feature prevents disconnecting the chassis battery when the ignition switch is on

5 Battery Control Center (Con’t)
What does NOT work with Coach battery disconnected: 12v Lighting / 12v Power Outlets Water Pump / Dash Radio / Bedroom Radio Furnace / Refrigerator / Water Heater Air Conditioners Generator

6 Battery Control Center (Con’t)
What does NOT work when Chassis battery disconnected with ignition switch OFF: Steps Clearance lights Fog lights Slides Leveling Jacks Turning On the ignition switch automatically causes both battery disconnect relays to change to the connected position The chassis battery cannot be disconnected using the disconnect switch with ignition ON The coach battery can be disconnected using the disconnect switch.

7 Battery Control Center (Con’t)
What does NOT work when both Chassis battery and Coach battery are disconnected: Propane detector Propane automatic shutoff valve closes to prevent any propane use while the detector has no power

8 Battery Control Center (Con’t)
Charging and Auxiliary Starting Relay Located on back wall in electrical bay Charging Automatically connects chassis and coach batteries in parallel to allow charging of both when: Either battery voltage reaches 13.2 Relay automatically isolates batteries from each other when voltage drops to: 12.6 with ignition off 12.2 with ignition switch on. Auxiliary Starting Dash switch used to connect chassis and coach batteries in parallel while switch is held ON Start engine with dead chassis battery Start generator with dead coach battery

9 Freightliner 12 Volt Fuses and Relays
Freightliner Panel #1 Under Dash Freightliner Panel #2 Under Dash Neutral Sense Relay Heater Relay ACC 1 Relay Service Brake Relay Horn Relay IGN Relay Cab Bat Sply Amp Cab Bat Sply Amp Cab Bat Sply Amp Heater Relay Sply 30 Amp Horn Sply Am Brake Pwr Sply 20 Amp Maxi Fuses WPR 25 Amp ACC 1 10 Amp ACC 2 10 Amp IGN 1 10 Amp IGN 2 10 Amp Brake Lamp Relay VDC Bay Panel Lamp 10 Amp Marker SW Pwr 15 Amp Dome Lamp 10 Amp Head Lamp 15 Amp Exhaust Brake Relay Air Drain Valve Amp Marker Lamp 30 Amp Tail Lamp 10 Amp Air Dryer 15 Amp Instrument Cluster Amp IGN Amp ABS Pwr 2 10 Amp ABS Pwr 1 10 Amp Exhaust Brake Pwr Amp DRL IGN Pwr Amp DRL MOD Pwr Amp Turn Signal 10 Amp Fuel Pump Relay Cummins Engines Only Ignition 2 Relay FL# Marker Lamps Relay FL# Cruise Disengage Relay ABS ECU Relay FL# DRL IGN Relay Air Dryer/Drain Valve Relay Ignition Sense Relay ABS Light Relay Left Headlamp Relay Exhaust Brake Relay Right Headlamp Relay Park Brake Relay

10 Other 12 Volt Fuses and Relays
Bedroom Panel Electric Service Bay Under Dash Cigarette Lighter Amp Pass Seat Heater Amp Thermostat 5 Amp1 Water Pump 15 Amp2 Left Turn Amp Wipers Amp Bath fan, lights aft florescent 15 Amp LR driver side lights 20 Amp Clearance Lights Amp Backup Camera Amp Driver Seat Heater Amp Kitchen fan, florescent Amp Electric4 Awning Amp Condenser Fan Amp Neutral Safety Common Amp Appliances 20 Amp Right Turn 20 Amp 15 Amp? BR radio, lights Amp Poarch, entry, fwd florescent 20 Amp Heater Blower 30 Amp Dash Radio Amp Stop Hazard 20 Amp ICC Power 15 Amp Power Visors 7.5 Amp Energy Mgt System Amp Sat Ant, TV Booster Amp LR passenger side lights Amp LR 12V Outlet 15 Amp Notes: 1. Also 2 Amp fuse in thermostat 2. Changed to 15 Amp for new water pump. Was 10 Amp 3. Also 3 Amp fuse on 50A Smart EMS circuit board 4. Also 10 Amp fuse in awning control box above passenger door

11 Power Gear Fuses and Relays
Leveling Jacks Controller – Located Under Dash Near Jack Controls Left Rear Leg 3 Amp Right Rear Leg 3 Amp Dump Valve 3 Amp Front Legs 3 Amp Slide Out Controller – Located in Electric Service Bay Relay Tyco VF4-15F13 15 Amp Auto Reset CB 20 Amp Slow Blow Fuse 20 Amp Auto Reset CB 25 Amp Slow Blow Fuse Connector Connector Connector Bedroom Slide Out Pass Side Slide Out Driver Side Slide Out

12 Conclusion Inverters and Batteries are a good things
Maintain and test your batteries Keep a supply of spare fuses and bulbs Get a copy of your wiring diagram Have the basic tools to troubleshoot problems Use the corporate knowledge of DOAI members for help

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