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Virtual Emona on using 3D technologies Authors: Kaja Antlej, IB-PROCADD d.o.o. Mojca Šavnik, National and University Library of Slovenia Bernarda.

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1 Virtual Emona on using 3D technologies Authors: Kaja Antlej, IB-PROCADD d.o.o. Mojca Šavnik, National and University Library of Slovenia Bernarda Županek, Museum and galleries of Ljubljana Kristjan Celec, IB-PROCADD d.o.o. Kaja Antlej, Young Researcher IB-PROCADD d.o.o. The fifth SEEDI International Conference: Digitization of cultural and scientific heritage May 19-20 2010, Sarajevo, BiH

2 Roman colony Emona (Colonia Iulia Emona) -1. to 6. Century - present city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Emona had comprehensive belonging territory, for which it was the administrative, political, economic and cultural centre. (Figure: /)

3 The beginning phase of the project: - 3D digitization of the model of archaeological site NUK II (named by future bigger building of NUK) made by Peter Ogorelec and co-workers - 3D digitization of 13 artefacts found on the site for internet publishing on Model of site NUK II

4 Archaeological site NUK II: - 4 remained Emonian insulas - crossing of two roads between them Late Roman period: thermal city baths, recreational-amusement complex. Central point: a thermal bath with extension of 50 m² surface areas and depth of nearly 1.60 m. Large number of artefacts: clay (oil lamps) and glass vessels, coins, dices, chips for playing games... (Photographs by: Damjan Snoj, Ales Ogorelec Archive MGML)

5 3D scanned models will be on published in two ways: - as independent digital objects with metafile description - as the whole, united in virtual exhibition >to walk around the model of archaeological location, metafile description: title, year of creation and specifications, also short description of Emona

6 digital library, virtual exhibition heritage transference from physical ---> virtual environment Benefits: - visitors from distant access - important for local public - widespread recognition of Slovenian heritage in the world - easier access to heritage to people with special needs oil lamp (photograph) 3D model (VRML)

7 First phases of the project from digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP) of data for internet publishing: - 3D digitization - scan editing - texturing and - exporting to appropriate file format All 3D models need to be in appropriate file format for web publishing, as well as textured for better presentation. photographs

8 3D digitization digitized model (STL) NUK II site model - scale 1:50 - measures 2017 x 1698 mm (without frame) 3D digitization - net with glue sticked reflective targets - Handheld laser 3D scanner ZScanner 800 - ZScan software: generates polygonized surface - Geomagic Studio: editing to watertight model TV Slovenija

9 3D digitized 13 archaeological objects: - part of amphora - 4 clay oil lamps - 1 bronze oil lamp (+ lid) - weight - appliqué - incense burner - dice - black counter - white counter Uncontact scanning of the surface assures safe object handling, which is significant for heritage contents. 3D models (VRML)

10 Example of bronze oil lamp - processes of texturing, - exporting to 3D PDF -3D printing of copy Oil lamp -important object of Roman everyday life - NUK II: large number of clay lamps, bronze oil lamp was found. - with lamps on olive oil lighted in houses over the whole Empire TV Slovenija oil lamp (photograph) 3D digitization

11 oil lamp: 90 x 62 x 56 mm lid: 41 x 45 x 31 mm - objects 3D scanned separately - edited to watertight surface - textured > 20 different photographs - saved into VRML file format We can save both parts into one file, but in simple 3D viewers we cannot view them and turn around objects independently. original scan watertight STL texturing process

12 3D viewer for VRML files - basic interactive functions - not need huge computer virtual memory Adobe Reader (7 and later) - PDF file format (VRML can be exported to PDF) - also supports the interactive 3D datar viewing the 3D models (from version 7 ahead) - PDF for 2D documents, and PDF. Files can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 3D digitized oil lamp (3D PDF)

13 Every watertight object can be printed with 3D printer, other additive machine or CNC system. For promotion and presentation purposes of Emonian heritage: - copy of bronze oil lamp and its lid - 3D printer ZPrinter 450 3D printed model is also an excellent tool in museum pedagogy. full color 3D printed model

14 The beginning phase of project Virtual Emona - a ground for an exhibition 3D documented material: - archiving - presenting 3D models in the multimedia collection (connection to Europeana) Momentarily the project is bordered only to the archaeological site NUK II, but in the future it can be broaden to a wider Emonian or/and Slovenian heritage. 3D model (VRML) part of amphora (photograph)

15 Virtual Emona project on Slovenian National Television 25. 3. 2010, TV Slovenija 2 Cultural TV show 8. dan Fokus: 3D tehnologija v kulturni dediščini Prepared by: Maja Bahar TV Slovenija

16 This presentation and the paper were made during Researching program of Young Researcher Kaja Antlej, IB-PROCADD d.o.o. Operation part financed by the European Union, European Social Fund. Kaja Antlej, Young Researcher e-mail: mobile: +386 (0) 41 657 928 IB-PROCADD, d. o. o. Ljubljana, Slovenia phone: +386 (0)1 565 72 54 website:,

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