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Pur(ifying)Ill(umination) Purill Results of Purill lighting No Special Light.

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1 Pur(ifying)Ill(umination) Purill Results of Purill lighting No Special Light

2 Method and Device for Purification and Illumination with Purill LED light (infra red + warm/cold white)

3 Application areas Purill: LED light (IR + cold &warm white) Water distillation –Cleaning from bacteria, micro-organism, viruses –Legionella Shelf life management –Extending quality of fruits, vegetables –Extending quality of flowers –Listeria treatment Food cold pasteurization

4 Water purification areas: Last stage of waste water treatment Swimming pool water treatment Legionella treatment Water recycling Clean taps and shower heads Clean water supply for green houses

5 Extending Shelf life Increases shelf life of fruits, vegetables and fruits Kills listeria (on surface and inside food) Allows to use less refrigeration of food by killing bacteria Brightens colors of fruits, vegetables etc Is usable as energy saving light as well Helps preventing color change of meat

6 Food cold pasteurization Food packages passing Purill Modulated light will clean this from bacterial and micro-organism contamination Beer and other fluid cold pasteurization can be done with the methodology On next sheets background of the research of this invention

7 The conditions to which produce is exposed after harvest govern its rate of deterioration Increase in post-harvest decay often occurs where produce is washed before packing. Most moulds and bacteria causing decay require free water to establish infection. It may be a problem when produce is sprayed or exposed to high humid air or mist.

8 Purill Technology works in two different ways: I. The lights stimulate and maintain important physiological processes and biochemical reactions within the tissues and organs (water exchange, respiration, photosynthesis, etc.) that keep these organs of fresh produces alive for much longer time; II. The lights kill or suppress spoilage or pathogenic micro- organisms in fresh produces and, as the results, increase the shelf life.

9 Trials on cut Roses Red rose: Control vs. Purill, Day 14

10 Yellow rose: Control vs. PureRay, Day 14

11 Pink rose: Control vs. PureRay, Day 14

12 White rose: Control vs. PureRay, Day 7

13 Gerbera: PureRay trials







20 Purill can be installed on different facilities (fruits & vegetable shelves, etc.) of grocery and flower stores.

21 Purill and the Energy Savings Issue The halogen incandescent, fluorescent, and metal halide lamps that are common in the stores consume lots of energy Purill lighting systems are capable to reduce this energy cost because of the following: 1.LEDs lamps and panels consume from 30 to 200% less energy than lamps are used in the stores; 2.Purill lamps save energy by providing more output per each Watt through the reinforcement of the natural colours of fresh produce.

22 Life of Purill lights vs. others Life of Purill LEDs lamps is 100,000 Hours vs. 3,000- of Incandescence bulbs or 10,000 Hours for Fluorescence light!

23 Food irradiation with Purill lights kills the most of microbes in a produce! A short term exposure (1-5 min) of a produce with Purill light kills up to 99,9% of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi)

24 V.Vasilenko & Malmok Vision Patent Applications Method and Apparatus for Storing Produce, WO 2004/100684, A1, May 14, 2004 New application METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ONE AND BOTH OF PURIFICATION AND ILLUMINATION 1036868 21 April 2009 V. Vasilenko & Malmok Vision are share holders of Purill

25 Information: Ir. Herre Rost van Tonningen +31 6 53234443 Purill

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