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Notes taken from Gillettes Designing with Light. An onstage working light source. Table lamp, wall sconce, oil lamp.

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1 Notes taken from Gillettes Designing with Light

2 An onstage working light source. Table lamp, wall sconce, oil lamp

3 A specialty device designed to give the appearance of being a light source Fire effect, candle, torch, lighting

4 Flicker bulb 3-4 Watt F-shaped lamp Metallic screen electrodes act as igniters for neon glass in bulb which give off flickering yellow- orange light Picture from

5 Can be distracting for audience as flames dance May not be safe or allowed by Fire Marshall Either 120V (controllable by dimmer) or battery powered with a hidden switch Purchased or shop made C (Christmas light) painted with amber acetate ink or covered with yellow gel lightly sanded


7 Sterno (with salt) or pyro gel Away from scenery and costumes Stationary Only if permitted by Fire Marshall

8 Stationary Torches 120 Volt Bunch 3 flicker bulbs together If too many flickers substitute 3-4 Watt C (Christmas tree) lamp for one of the flicker bulbs Paint with yellow or amber translucent paint Hot glue flame colored/shaped gel outside/over lamps Or flame colored chiffon or lightweight silk with fan

9 Hand-carried Battery-powered 3 Variable-rate lamp flashers set at variable rates and intensities with one constant

10 Traditionally Orange and yellow lamps hidden behind logs Variation Motor-driven, slowly rotating cylinder of crumpled aluminum to reflect the light Add a random flicker with starters from fluorescent light fixtures with A household lamps

11 Reinforcements 6 in. Fresnel, small fan, strips of variegated gel Variegated gel – multicolored gel made in the shop from strips of color media of different hues Fan blows gel which causes a flickering light Usually hidden in fireplace so actors do not walk through effect

12 Moon Box Wooden box with silhouette of desired phase of moon cut out Inner face covered with muslin or diffusion Cut out lined with 25-40 Watt lamps wired in parrallel Inside of box painted to reflect light Rigged behind cyc Can be rigged to move

13 Moon Box


15 Gobos or projections Rosco Steel Moon Gobo 77220 Rosco Glass Gobo 82700

16 Black curtain or black backdrop perforated with many little star holes hung in front of cyc or light reflective material

17 Grain-of-wheat lamp or white LED lamp sewn or hot-glued on black cyc or sky tab White Christmas tree lamps can also be used to make larger stars Low-voltage lamp with transformer or wired in series

18 Thin strands of fiber-optic material Act like a light tunnel Shine light in one end of strand and it comes out the other side which faces the audience Attached to the back of a black backdrop Strand mounted in front of high-intensity light source (MR-16 lamp with cold mirror and cooling fan)

19 Traditional Dangerous Striking and breaking the contacts of an arc Works best behind windows Not to be used

20 Single-flash heavy duty strobe light Also called a strobe cannon Oftentimes requires a reset time, before it can be fired again May require several units to create a realistic effect

21 Fast rise time lamps Time that it takes the filament to heat to full incandescence Theatrical instruments = slow rise time 200W household lamp = Fast rise time and high light output Several lamps mounted inside a reflector scoop Momentary-on switch push button switch w/o a locking fixture Circuit stays on only as long as the button is pushed

22 Moving lights Strobe effect done with a quick moving mechanical douser

23 Rippling effect Shine ERS into a shallow container of water with reflective bottom Make water move with fan or other jiggling device

24 Moving light or Effects Head Dual Gobo rotator One moves clockwise, the other counter-clockwise Dual Gobo Rotator from Rosco

25 An offstage unseen load connected to the dimmer Usually a 500-1000W fresnel two-fered with small onstage load to provide sufficient wattage for the dimmer to operate properly Eliminates lights glowing or flickering of low wattage light source

26 Never use liquid fuel on stage Violates fire code Dont let wires and cables be a trip hazard Run under cables, platforms, or in corners Tape into place or cover with rugs If using candles on stage, keep away from anything flammable, such as scenery drapes and costumes

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