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Pretoria LED Interior Lighting System Overview LED Interior Lighting Systems with Functionality and Aesthetic Options for all Buses and Budgets.

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1 Pretoria LED Interior Lighting System Overview LED Interior Lighting Systems with Functionality and Aesthetic Options for all Buses and Budgets

2 Pretoria began Supplying Interior LED Lighting Systems in 2007 for Service in North American Transit Buses. Our Newly Developed LED System Offers Seamless Light with a Variety of Options to Assist in the Reduction of Windshield Glare Our Unique LED Systems are Designed to Enhance the Interior of the Bus, to Create an Inviting Interior and are Engineered to Last the Life of the Bus, While also Eliminating: - High Output Voltage Ballast - Fluorescent Lamp Tubes - EPA Disposal Issues - Frequent Maintenance Associated with Some Fluorescent Systems - Blank or Dead Spaces Between Fixtures, Offers Full Length Lighting - Color Inconsistencies – Bright Spots and Uneven Light Output

3 Bus Driver Windshield Glare May pose a safety concern during night time rural routes. Many factors such as the interior color scheme of the bus, the bus drivers driving position, external/internal light conditions and the shape of the windshield have effects windshield glare. The Pretoria LED System offers three Functionality or Operating options to aid in the reduction of windshield glare and improve safety.

4 Standard Configuration Duplicates the dimming and extinguishing functionality of fluorescent systems plus the below no-charge options - LED Driver allows for Dim Mode of 10%, 20%, 40%, 60% or 80% light output with 24V input - LED Driver allows for Extinguish Mode via opening/closing of power circuit - Two LED color options: Nominal 6500K (Cool White) Nominal 4500K (Warm White) - Internal embossed prism PC lens that evenly fills the lens and distributes the light. - Lens options available are White, White/Blue - Custom Colors are available - Fixture to fixtures seamless light, the fixtures translucent end caps seal the fixture ends. - SBPG compliant light levels. Note: The use of glare reduction features such as the extinguishing or dimming of light fixtures, the use of tinted lens or colored LEDs may result in reduced light output. - 12 – Year System Warranty

5 Manual Dimming Option (variable light level range, upgrade system) As individual bus drivers have varying glare issues due to body height and driving positions, the Manual Dimming Configuration is unequaled in windshield reflection reduction. The bus driver / property can easily adjust the R/S, C/S or specified fixtures light levels output to best suite their individual needs. - Driver console or concealed cabinet mounted R/S and C/S potentiometers for variable light intensity with an output ranging from approx 10% through 100%. - Potentiometers can control specified fixtures or the entire R/S and C/S of the bus. - Can easily be configured to emit 100% light output when the door opens for safe passenger entry and egress.

6 Programmable Light Output Option (customized light % output, upgrade system) Features on board programmable interior lighting control (ILC) unit that allows for automatic adjustment of each light fixtures % of light output for Day, Overcast and Night Modes with door open or closed. - Allows each fixture to adjust light output to a specific level per fixture based on predetermined inputs utilizing our End User ILC programmable control module. - The ILC holds 2 user defined pre-set programs, an in bus simulation program and a 100% light output default program. - The ILC allows for adjustment of light on/off/dim dwell times from 0 – 5 seconds. - Retains the ability for each fixture to Extinguish or Dim at preset light percentage with the closing of the door. - The ILC contains diagnostics to indicate fixture communication errors. - Includes a photo sensor which automatically adjust the interior lighting per ambient light conditions. - Offers an optional back up battery system to light specified fixtures for emergency use. The ILC communicates with: - Vehicle via J1939CAN BUS: - Detects: Light Switch and Door Position - Light Fixtures via J1708/RS485 Network:

7 Programmable Configuration Onboard Control Module Screen Sample Snap Shot

8 Sample Light Output Entries for a Typical 40 Bus Sample Profile Chart– Typical 40 LF with Five Fixtures Road Side of the Bus – (RS01 Denotes Front R/S Fixture) Sample Profile Chart– Typical 40 LF with Five Fixtures Curb Side of the Bus – (CS01 Denotes Front C/S Fixture)

9 The Pretoria LED Arrays Consist of Two Rows of 0.1 Watt LEDs Spaced at ¼ O.C. (A Typical 40 LF Bus System Has Over 5,000 LEDs ) This System Emits a Continuous and Eye Pleasing Lens Filling Light Pretoria Test each LED Array with a Photo Spectrometer and Creates Sub-Bins that Greatly Reduces the Chance of per Bus Color Variations Each LED Arrays is Clearly Marked with our Bin Code Surface Mount LEDs Zener Diodes

10 Two - LED Color Hue Options - 4500K Warm White / Replicates a Std T12 Fluorescent Lamp Tube - 6500K Cool White / Replicates a Sunny Day

11 We Design Innovative Bus Interiors LED Transit Lighting White Prism Lens

12 We Design Innovative Bus Interiors Suburban Rack LED System White Prism Lens

13 Transit LF LED System with White Prism Lens Light Output Test Results Typical 40 LF Transit Bus

14 - Multiple LED Color Options and Multiple Functionality Options that Aid in the Reduction of Windshield Glare - Double Row of LEDs Mounted to an Aluminum LED Array with Similar Lengths to a Fluorescent Lamp Tube - Consistent Color and Seamless Lens Filling Light from Fixture to Fixture - Internal Embossed Prism Lens – White and Blue/White - Sealed Fixture Ends - Prevents Light Leakage and entry of insects at Fixture/Lens Junctions - Strong and Lightweight - Heat Dissipating Aluminum Housing - Simple Replacement of the LED Array and Driver - Passes SBPG Light Output Guidelines @ 100% output - Systems Meet Docket 90 and FMVSS Flammability Criteria - 12 Year Warranty - Custom Length LED Arrays are Available Pretoria LED Design Benefits:

15 Pretoria Lighting and Ducting System Benefits - Fully Docket 90 & FMVSS 302 Compliant Materials - Panel Materials are Easily Cleaned of Graffiti - Standard 11 Ad Card Placement, Add Card Straps Available - Open Hinge Design for Full Access Behind the Ducting - Access Doors or Panels for Areas of High Maintenance - Custom Color Cove and Speaker Panels are Available - Custom Color Lens are Available - Pretoria has Over 15 Years of Experience in the Design and Manufacture of Transit Lighting, Ducting and Overhead Parcel Racks Pretoria Transit Interiors 1975 Joe B. Jackson Pkwy Murfreesboro, TN 37127 Tel:615 867-8515 Fax:615 867-8790

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