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Introducing ChemWellTM

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1 Introducing ChemWellTM
Geoffrey Anderson Unitech Scientific LLC Lakewood, CA Visit us:

2 ChemWellTM Wine Autoanalyzer
Unitech Scientific - Exclusive Distributor Manufactured by Awareness Technology

3 Unitech Scientific since 1996 Visit Table #17
Enzymatic Reagent Kits Enzymes, Nucleotides, Standards ACCUVIN “visual” Quick Tests Microbiology Media ELISA reagent kits Meters (pH, Refractometry, Turbidity, Dissolved O2) ChemWell and StatFax Analyzer line

4 Lock & Key ChemWell Applications
G/F L-Malic Ammonia PAN L-Arg/Amm Acetic Acid Total Phenols by Folin & Ciocalteu’s Color, & Hue 420/520nm ratios Histamine ELISA

5 ChemWell is UNIQUE Easy to Use (Intuitive) Versatile Affordable
Quality by Design

6 ChemWell - 2 Instruments in One
Microwells for Enzymatic & ELISA

7 A ChemWell Tour Optical system 2 syringe pumps Wash head
Windows 95, 98 or XP Wash and rinse bottles reactions Reagents Samples DI water

8 Vertical Photometry Optical Design Photometer 4 optical channels LAMPS
PLATE FILTER WHEEL Vertical Photometry 4 optical channels

9 Absorbances are All equal
ChemWell Most Analyzers/Specs Total Volume Fixed Pathlength Determines Pathlength Absorbances are Not equal Vertical Absorbances are All equal HORIZONTAL

10 Vertical Photometry ChemWell’s the system When pathlength
self-corrects for evaporation and reagent pipeting variations. When pathlength is related to total volume,

11 Flexibility & Power Store Calibration Predilution & Reflex Tests
Edit Curves Predilution & Reflex Tests Controls: Chart Levy Jennings 8 Wavelengths (340, 365, 420, 450, 520, 650, 700, 760nm)

12 5-Point Calibration Curve r2 = 0.95972 (editing)

13 Select Calibrator Points

14 4-Point Calibration Curve r2 = 0.99997

15 Accurate Results Enzymatic & ELISA
Precise pipetting No Carryover 200 tests/hour Temperature controlled Liquid sensing probe

16 Operator Time Savings 7:30 am Turn on ChemWell “Start of Day”
8:00 am Reagents and Samples prepared 8:05 am ChemWell run is set-up Press “All are Loaded” Run begins Add Samples/Reagents, Calibrate new assays (as required) Review results on-screen (Accept or Rerun) Print Reports “End of Day”

17 Interactive Learning . Set-up the morning run
Volunteers Questions

18 Summary

19 Quality Engineering Modular design Self Diagnosis Self-monitoring
mechanics, optics, fluids Automatic Service Reports

20 Convenient Removable Racks Continuous sample Loading
Automatic Well Washing

21 Economical Saves Reagents (micro-volumes) No custom consumables
Dramatically Reduces LABOR Laboratory Administrative No custom consumables Re-uses cuvettes

22 Warranty 1-year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty available
6-Month Preventative Maintenance Free replacement of warrantee parts Other repairs if required Loaner instrument within 72 hours

23 Easy to Own Easy to Love! Priced from $27,500 Cost Effective by Design
Reagent cooling option + $2000 Cost Effective by Design Easy to Love!

24 ChemWell Distributed by Unitech Scientific

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