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Sovella LED Lighting Overhead and Under-shelf Workspace Lighting.

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1 Sovella LED Lighting Overhead and Under-shelf Workspace Lighting

2 Why integrated LED Lights? Savings of integrated LED lights: 45% saving compared to fluorescent lights. 15% A/C savings due to no radiation heat. 85% saving compare to incandescent lights. No fee for re-wiring the existing light fixture. No costs for new light fixture. No maintenance fee for replacement lamps and ballast compared to fluorescent lights. Over 50,000 working hours and double life span than fluorescent lights.

3 Example of Simple Calculations: Save $ 2,600.00 electric bill per year by replacing 100 - 4 ft. fluorescent bulbs to integrated LED lights at 24 hours a day in one year operation with $0.15 per/KW electrical rate. Why integrated LED Lights?

4 Better Environment, Health, & Safety Reduce the CO2 emission and slow down global warming. Each 100 LED lights replacement will reduce over 7 tons of CO2 per year. No mercury pollution waste. Both Earth friendly, as well to our lakes, oceans, rivers and streams. No Lead – RoHS compliant No UV light, no health risk for skin cancer & good for biological and other science experiments that are sensitive to UV light. Why integrated LED Lights?

5 Features of Integrated LED Lamps: Single T8 or Dual T5 compatible design. 24, 36 and 48 lengths available 6000k~6500k Kelvin - No UVs ETL, CE and RoHS compliance. Daisy Chain up to 8 lamps in mixed models with single AC input. Directly with connector or with daisy chain cord. Power switch & both top and side power input. 13 Removable Power Cord Why integrated LED Lights?

6 Direct Mounting to Sovella Light Balancer Rail Optional Mounting Kits available for Magnetic attachment for use under steel shelves, cabinets, or tool boxes Universal Mounting Kit for use with Uni-Strut, wood, and other direct attach requirements Adapters for mounting to Creform, and other 28mm tube applications Why integrated LED Lights? Optional Mounting Methods

7 Why integrated LED Lights? Standard LED Lighting Options Prices shown are 2013 List Prices (prices subject to change)

8 Sovella LED Lighting may be purchased from your local authorized Sovella distributor. Please contact your local Sovella Representative for product demonstrations, and choice of distributors. Why integrated LED Lights? Where to purchase Prices shown are 2013 List Prices (prices subject to change)

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