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RoboPro Software for fischertechnik ®. RoboPro Screen Element Window Set to Level 1 Beginners Program Window Toolbar.

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1 RoboPro Software for fischertechnik ®

2 RoboPro Screen Element Window Set to Level 1 Beginners Program Window Toolbar

3 Setting up the Robo Interface Select the type of interface and port to connect to.

4 Setting up the TX Interface

5 Checking the Robo Interface Inputs Outputs Analog Inputs Interface Status

6 Checking the Interface

7 ROBO TX Interface Test

8 The Element Window Function blocks are icons that, when selected, access instruction sets in the RoboPro software to perform the operations identified by the icons. They are located on the left-hand side of the screen.

9 The Flowchart When function blocks are placed on the screen and connected, a flowchart is created.

10 530 CALL M1 On BASIC Programming Graphic Programming 500 INIT 510 If E1 = 1 THEN GOTO GOTO END Sample Instruction SetsIcons Programming

11 Motor Outputs provide power to devices. The image of the function block can be changed from a motor to an electromagnet, lamp, solenoid, or buzzer to match the physical component that it controls. Motor Output Select Interface Connection Select Speed, Brightness, or Intensity Choose Image Choose Action

12 Motor Outputs Output Images

13 Lamp Outputs Lamp output program elements switch one of the interfaces single-pole outputs O1-O8. You connect the other lamp contact with the ground socket of the interface (). O1-O8 outputs only work in one direction. Multiple wires can be piggybacked in the ground socket.

14 Start & End The Start and End function blocks begin and end a program.

15 The program to control two output devices might look like this. Start Program M1 Output On M2 Output On End Program Flowchart

16 The Time Delay is used to introduce a delay in a program. Time Delay A time step can be set for seconds, minutes, or hours.

17 Digital Inputs Inputs The Input function block queries the state of a digital input I1-I8 on the interface. A digital input can only have one of two states, 0 or 1. Examples Pushbutton Switch Pushed or not pushed Phototransistor Light or dark Reed Switch Magnetic field or no magnetic field

18 Digital Inputs Phototransistor (light sensor) Switch (pressure sensor) Reed Switch (magnetic sensor) Input Images

19 Digital Inputs can represent a variety of switch mechanisms, including a pushbutton switch, phototransistor, or reed switch. Digital Inputs Digital Inputs connect to I1-I8 on the interface.

20 Digital Inputs The Phototransistor (light sensor) has polarity. Notice the red side of the sensor. It plugs into the positive side of the Interface box.

21 Text The Text tool is used to display information on the program page.

22 Wait for Input Wait for Input responds to a digital signal change. Notice there are three holes on a switch. One wire always connects to the hole in the middle. The other wire goes in #3 for a normally open circuit, or #2 for a normally closed circuit.

23 Wait for Input Wait for Input is simpler and easier than using the Digital Input icon for some applications.

24 Counter Loop With the Counter Loop, you can execute a specific part of the program several times.

25 Counter Loop This Counter Loop allows a light to flash on for 2 seconds, then off for 2 seconds. The sequence will occur 10 times before the program ends.

26 Analog Branch With the Analog Branch, you can compare the value of an analog input with a fixed number. You can branch to the Yes (Y) or No (N) exit based upon the comparison. Set the condition and enter a comparison value.

27 This Analog Branch uses a photocell sensor to determine whether the reading (value of AX) is greater than 800. When it is, the light is turned off and the program ends. The Light function blocks display the analog value on your screen while the program is running. Analog Branch

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