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UMR 5213 Energy efficient indoor ligtihng technologies Prof. Georges Zissis

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1 UMR 5213 Energy efficient indoor ligtihng technologies Prof. Georges Zissis

2 UMR 5213 Light sources are everywhere ! Interior Lighting Industrial Applications Transport Lighting & Signs Signalisation & Displays Monument Lighting Urban Lighting

3 UMR 5213 Actual situation 33 billion lamps operate every day TWh electricity consumed per annum 19% of worldwide electricity production 3% of primary energy used every year for lighting 12% France 9% Germany 21% USA 34% Tunisia 86% Tanzania (Mils, RL-5, 2003) Urban 8% Industrial 16% Residential 28% Tertiary 48% Full production of FR + IT Soustainable Developpement 200 billion Euros per annum (Europe) 16 billion new lamps per annum 25 billion of Euros/annum (turnover lamp industry) Turnover increases constantly since 20 years million tonnes of CO 2 per year 80 tonnes Hg-contaminated wastes collected in France every week Light pollution of skies

4 UMR 5213 Tomorrow ? (2030)… 6.5 billion people live on earth (2006) 1.5 billion without connection to electrical grid (2003) 6.3 k$ average annual GDP / person (2006) 4% annual average GDP growth rate (2006) 5 billion people use TWh par year Average energy used for lighting: 430 kWh/capita/annum 8.0 billions (2030) 1.0 billion (2030) 1.2% growth/annum Average 680 kWh/capita/annum for 7 billion people in 2030 GDP/capita (k$/an) Energy (MWh/capita/annum) *

5 UMR 5213 Should we ban incendescnt lampes? Incand. 35% Incand. 70% Is production capicity sufficient ? Is the consummer ready for the market transfromation ? What is the social impact ?

6 UMR 5213 It is better to promote energy efficient technologies… Incandescent Lamps (GLS) lm/W Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL) lm/W Electroluminescent Diodes (LED) lm/W

7 UMR 5213 Building sector: Solutions exist T5 Diamètre 16 mm Luminus efficacy = 95 to 105 lm/W Eln Ballast Triphosphors Product in expansion T12 Diameter 38 mm Luminus efficacy = 40 to 65 lm/W EM Ballast Hallophosphates Declining Product T8 Diameter 26 mm Luminus efficacy = 80 to 95 lm/W Eln or EM Ballas Hallophosphates ou triphosphors Mature Product

8 UMR 5213 Residential sector has a major importance 16 TWh 200 TWh Average Luminous efficacy of the sector 23.7 lm/W (from 11.5 to 64 lm/W) Energy (MWh/capita/annum) GDP/capita (2000k$/an)

9 UMR 5213 Residential sector is complex… Some barriers to overcome Consumer dislikes classic CFL shapes, and, CFLs misfit often to design luminaries Consumer dislikes colour temperature & rendering of CFLs Good quality CFLs are (still) expensive, and, inexpensive CFLs arent (very often) reliable Return time is short, but diluted and not directly observable Plug & Play (integral) CFLs arent dimmable Consumer need all light instantaneously, but CFLs need time to warm-up CFL dislikes rapid (or random) ON-OFF cycle and is incompatible with presence detectors CFL power supply dislikes mains voltage fluctuations (this is important for developing countries) CFL arent really green products (mercury)… Quality and labelling are major issues A

10 UMR 5213 Many of these arguments are obsolete… Colours Shapes Dimming Luminaires Efficacy may be affected Lifespan can be shorter Control can be complex

11 UMR 5213 CFLs are really green Hg (mg) Hg-dosing (mg) year Less & less Hg inside FLs & CFLs Environmental impact of CFLs China EU-RoHS and lamp Recycling avoids that…

12 UMR 5213 Proposed equivalence: 1 : 4 10 W CFL 40 W Incand. 15 W CFL 60 W Incand. 25 W CFL 100 W Incand. = GLS - CFL equivalence has to be revised… Luminous flux is only an indicator. Human eye is sensitive to the brightness Integral CFL Look alike CFL A transparent GLS is times brighter than an equivalent CFL

13 UMR ,5 % 0,7 % 22,4 % Impact on energy consumption from 2006 to ,7 % 0,5 % 13,5 % Power Light 0,7 % 2,0 % 9,0 % - 30% +16% Basic +31% +55% Consumerist - 54% +16% Green

14 UMR 5213 Some advices… Urban Commercial Tertiairy & Industrial Residential Domain Energie Savings CO 2 savings per annum CMHL

15 UMR 5213 Light emitting diodes: the light sources of future? But this is another story…

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