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Established in 1992. Started by visionary Engineers & Entrepreneurs with Proven Power Electronics background. Committed to energy conservation. Made a.

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2 Established in 1992. Started by visionary Engineers & Entrepreneurs with Proven Power Electronics background. Committed to energy conservation. Made a humble beginning with florescent light chokes that conserve energy. Committed to environmental protection. Conscious of social responsibility. Company

3 To be a pioneer in the development & manufacture of products & technologies aimed at energy conservation and help the society towards sustainable development Objective

4 To develop technology intensive, high MTBF low MTTR, custom-built & user-friendly products Focus

5 APFC panels Power Savers Servo Stabilizers UPS Products

6 Accreditations/Approval s

7 Power Savers

8 Effect of Voltage variation on lamps* Lamp10% Lower Voltage10% Higher Voltage Fluorescent Tube lights Light outputDecreases by 9%Increases by 8% Power InputDecreases by 15%Increases by 18% HPMV Lamps Light outputDecreases by 20%Increases by 20% Power InputDecreases by 16%Increases by 16% HPSV Lamps Light outputDecreases by 30%Increases by 30% Power InputDecreases by 24%Increases by 26% *Source: Bureau of Energy Efficiency Hence Voltage reduction is not the real solution, we need optimum voltage

9 Operation Principle MS-27 Power Savers introduce low-loss impedance path between the source and the load, which causes maximum power transfer in the circuit that results in substantial saving in power consumption. * Applied for Patent

10 Operation Principle Maximum power transfer through impedance matching & Optimum Voltage Rv: Variable Impedance Ri Internal Impedance +_+_ VoVo Load Current Voltage Motor IV Curve

11 Operation Principle For Pure resistive loads current is in phase with voltage. For Capacitive loads current leads the voltage. Voltage Vs Current Waveforms for different loads

12 Operation Principle KW (Active Power) KVAR (Reactive Power) KVA (Total Power) PF = KW ___ KVA = Cos KW, KVAR & KVA Vector



15 Types Energy Savers Coil Based For limited supply fluctuations Single Phase: 1to 45 KVA and multiples Three Phase: 5 to 150 KVA and multiples Servo Motor Based For high supply fluctuations Single Phase: 1to 45 KVA and multiples Three Phase: 5 to 150 KVA and multiples

16 Micro Controller based technology Efficiency > 99% On load manual by pass switch Custom-built MTBF > 1,00,000 Hr. Low MTTR Features

17 Rugged construction meeting industrial standards Good thermal management Ultra-low maintenance. Life of over 15 years Available in indoor and outdoor models Input & Output protection by SFU/ MCB/MCCB Features

18 Tap changing switches in coil based systems Automatic low voltage bypass Automatic high voltage cut-off Automatic over load by pass & auto walk-in Data logging with RS 232 remote monitoring Power Analyzer software Features Optional

19 Data Logging

20 Power Analyser






26 Reduction in power consumption (KWH) Improvement in power factor Reduction in maximum demand Increase in the life of the equipments (Loads) Reduced Power generation Benefits Immediate Cash savings Incentives from the Electricity board More Power Available – Lower capital costs Lower maintenance & replacement costs Low Green House gas emission – Clean environment 100% value depreciable in the first year itself under Income Tax Rules in vogue in India. Tax savings

27 Savings Slash your electricity bills with Entek MS-27 Savings : Lighting Loads 20 to 30% Motor Loads 10 to 15% Mixed Loads 15 to 20%

28 Credentials






34 CUSTOMER : HOTEL QUALITY INN, HYDERABAD. Load descriptionUnits consumed without Power Saver for 1 Hr. Units consumed with Power Saver for 1 Hr. Savings 45 Lighting12.9310.8116 % 30 Lighting19.1514.8222 % 50Tr. New AC44.8236.72618 % Case Study 50Tr. Old AC45.0437.3617 % 100Tr. AC89.5480.2011 % Pump13.4210.3323 %

35 Pay-back period calculations 1)Total connected load: 340KVA 2)Running load: 220KVA 3)Working hr per day: 16 Hrs 4)No. of working days/m : 30 Days Power consumption = KVA x No. of working hr/day x No. of days/month = 220 x 16 x 30 = 105600 Units/month Per Unit rate = 4.50 per unit Power bill per month = Units consumed x Rate/Unit = 105600 x 4.50 = Rs.4,75,200 Average power saving by installing Power Saver= 18% Units saved/month= 105600 x 18% = 19,000 Units = 19,000 x 4.50 = Rs.85,550/- Payback period = Investment/ Monthly Savings = 1190000/85,550 = 14 months (apx)

36 Pay-back period calculations Other Benefits: Reduction in demand charges= 20% Maximum demand= 340KVA Billed demand= 272KVA = 81,600 Reduction in demand charges= 16,320 2)Power factor incentive 5% on the billed units 1,05,600 x 5% = Rs.5,280/- 3) 100% Income Tax depreciation

37 Welding Machine – Power Saver R Y B RYB Power Saver Welding Transformer 1.When welding process is idle for >30 sec the supply to Tx is cut-off 2.When the welding rod is tipped to the earth rod the supply to Tx is restored. Welding Electrodes

38 Growth partners Kalanikethan Meena Bazaar Vishal Retail Mega Market R.S.Brothers R.S.Silks COMESUM Jyothi Theatre Viswanath 70mm Theatre Jyothi Studio Sidhi Jewelers Priyadarshini Hotels (P) Ltd Bharat Cafe Sneha Farms (P) Ltd Royal Hatcheries (P) Ltd Metro Recreation (P) Ltd Mid India Enterprises (P) Ltd Mediland Transtech (P) Ltd Shreyas Multi Special Hospital Madhu Beverages Karachi Bakery Shinewell Engineering P Ltd Tirumala Residency Hotel Raj Breeders (P) Ltd G V R Childrens Hospital Manhar Uvma Holiday Inn Bhimas Residency Hotels Aruna Agencies Hotel Aditya Park Inn Real Bakers Pvt Ltd Ambica Food Plaza Bommana Rajkumar St. Josephs Hospital Global Energy Food Industries Glenn View Rubber Co. ANR Shopping Mall Sanghvi Sales Corporation

39 FAQs Q.Where do you locate the Energy Saver? A.For achieving maximum Savings the Energy saver must be as close as possible to the load point, so that line drops will be lower. Q.Can we have single system for 200 KVA & above A.Energy savers for individual loads are more ideal because impedance matching is more accurate in such cases and line losses can be reduced by locating close to the load.

40 FAQs Q.If we already have APFC Panel installed do we still need an Energy Saver? A.Yes! APFC Panel is a mandatory requirement of SEBs, installed near the Trivector meter primarily to reduce the Demand. How ever Energy Saver is installed close to load point and helps reduce the consumption. Q.Why do you need a Data Logger? A.Data Logger helps in monitoring and logging the variation in the load and helps in load analysis and remedial actions.

41 FAQs Q.Can we show savings in all cases? A. a) In Low voltage areas Energy saving depends on the load nature and is not assured b) When motors are operating at full load the savers may not be very effective. c) Electro Mechanical (Traditional Moving Coil) Meters: Though savings are high actual readings/utility bills do not substantiate the savings fully. d) Intermittent operations also may not have effective savings

42 FAQs Q.What is the difference between Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Savers and Entek Energy Savers? A. VFD is for Motor Applications only, it varies the frequency so as to reduce the consumption. VFDs introduce harmonics and reduce power factor Q.How does Electronic ballast compare with Entek Power Saver ? A. Electronic ballast generates harmonics and induced in the supply which affects the life of sensitive equipment and it also reduces the power factor. Entek Power Saver does not produce any harmonics and improve power factor.

43 Save today Survive tomorrow

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