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Plural Possessive Nouns Created by Andrea White 2 nd Grade.

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1 Plural Possessive Nouns Created by Andrea White 2 nd Grade

2 Plural nouns are nouns that show more than one. chairs berries birds papers books

3 You can show that more than one person or thing owns something. chairs cushions berries stems birds nest papers lines books pages

4 These kinds of nouns are called plural possessive nouns. The bikes helmets are in the closet. The toys shelves are full. The games boxes are over there.

5 If a plural noun (shows more than one) ends in –s or –es, just add an apostrophe () at the end of the word. The rabbits food is in the bowl. rabbits is a plural noun rabbits owns its food rabbits end with a s, just add rabbits food

6 The cats paws are clean. cats is a plural noun. cats own their paws. cats end with a s just add a () cats paws.

7 Many books covers are torn. books is a plural noun books own the covers. books ends with a s just add () books covers

8 Lets explore plural possessive nouns some more. Plural nounsPlural Possessive doctorsdoctors ______ girlsgirls _______ studentsstudents _______ ballsballs _______ tigerstigers _______

9 Some plural nouns do not end with a s. Remember the nouns that changed spelling. people mice teeth geese children

10 If a plural noun does not end in a s, add an apostrophe () and an s (s) Plural NounPlural Possessive Noun peoplepeoples cars micemices feet teethteeths gums geesegeeses feathers childrenchildrens balls

11 dogs dogs Which noun is plural possessive?

12 teachers

13 lamps lamps

14 trucks trucks

15 clocks clocks

16 trees trees

17 Now lets change the nouns shown in the ( ) to plural possessive nouns. The (mothers) meeting was long. The mothers meeting was long.

18 The (people) clothes were wet. The peoples clothes were wet.

19 The (pans) lids were off. The pans lids were off.

20 The (students) desks were moved. The students desk were moved.

21 The (children) cupcakes were yummy. The childrens cupcakes were yummy.

22 The (trees) leaves were changing colors. The trees leaves were changing colors.

23 Lets review….. A possessive noun shows who or what owns something. Add an apostrophe () to make plural nouns that end in –s possessive. Add an apostrophe () and an –s to make plural nouns that do not end in –s possessive.

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