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Business Overview 1.

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0 Lighting Science Group
Charts Lighting Science Group

1 Business Overview 1

2 Snapshot of Lighting Science Group
Lighting Science is an LED technology leader currently focused on the enormous general illumination opportunity Luminaires Early leader in LED general illumination with a sustainable position Technology leader More than one million retrofit lamps shipped in 2H ‘10 alone Tenured lighting industry professionals, as well as LED technology veterans Differentiated focus and approach Predecessor company founded in 2002 Headquartered in Satellite Beach, Florida 243 employees (152 in US) as of December 31, 2010 LED value chain Systems Modules Components Retrofit lamps Annual and quarterly historical revenue (1) CAGR: 60.0% YoY Growth: 329.6% Chips Materials 2 (1) Adjusted for non-cash sales incentive related to THD warrant; GAAP revenue is $21.3 million.

3 LSG is established in a critical position in the LED ecosystem
Technology leadership and recognition Dominant channel partners Validation through large, discerning client list Leading supply chain expertise 3

4 LSG is a leading provider of LED products for general illumination
Wealth of industry experience LSG is a pioneer in the industry, having sold LED-based lighting products for nearly a decade Senior management team consists of long- tenured lighting industry professionals as well as LED technology veterans R&D team includes ~50 research scientists and engineers with Ph.D.s or Masters degrees in a range of disciplines Deep knowledge of the disciplines core to the development of leading LED products – underpinned by portfolio of 124 patents Product offering Broad but focused product portfolio At the forefront of cost and performance Offered first LED retrofit lamp to be ENERGY STAR qualified – currently offer 89 qualified lamps 46 new products and 478 SKUs launched in 2010 59 new product launches 2011 YTD Recently launched revolutionary infrastructure product lineup Sold over 1 million LED retrofit lamps during 2H10 alone and expected to sell over 2 million lamps in 1H11 Lighting Science has the technology, people and experience to sustain its position in the LED market 4

5 Investment highlights
Significant improvements in profitability through transformational manufacturing and supply chain initiatives Leader in a multi-billion market opportunity in early stages of transition – exceptional secular growth Multiple, compelling growth drivers Unique position in LED general illumination: a downstream, pure-play LED provider Deep market reach through multifaceted channel strategy and strong relationships Differentiated system-based approach and deep technology acumen Broad but focused range of lighting products developed with application-specific expertise 5

6 Leader in an enormous multi-billion market opportunity in early stages of transition
2009 U.S. grid electricity consumption 2009 global lighting market size Lighting 22% LED <5% Traditional 97% Other 78% Traditional >95% Total: ~$300bn Total: ~$100bn Lighting presents a vast opportunity to reduce energy consumption Global lighting market is significantly underpenetrated by LEDs The total addressable market for LED lighting products includes fixtures and lamps, as well as the enormous value of potential energy savings 6 Source: Freedonia, Wall Street Equity Research

7 Differentiated system-based approach and deep technology acumen
Focused on the interrelationships between components and subsystems In-house capabilities for critical components and subsystems Modular approach to product development Deep technology expertise Over 120 issued and pending patents Over 50 research scientists and engineers with advanced degrees Distinguished CTO with decades of relevant R&D experience Charts Industry-leading product performance Ability to manage product manufacturing complexity and cost Culture of innovation Nimble, quick to market Flexible component sourcing Application-specific expertise Extensive lighting industry expertise Deep understanding of functionality under actual operating conditions Knowledge of what attributes end users value for each application Collaborative approach Flat organizational structure Research, design and manufacturing team collocated on the ‘Space Coast’ 7

8 LSG’s broad offering enables targeted applications within a range of market segments
Highly tailored products Targeted markets Government infrastructure Infrastructure Schools and universities Lamps Retail and hospitality OEMs Commercial & architectural LSG targets applications across several markets for which the return on investment, total cost of ownership and other benefits currently present clear and compelling reasons for LED adoption 8

Broad range of LED retrofit lamps that interface with existing fixtures and sockets Exhibit consistent color, excellent light distribution and brightness Marketed under LSG’s ‘DEFINITY’ brand and also sold on a co-branded and private label basis INFRASTRUCTURE LUMINAIRES Combine energy efficiency, long life, high lumen output and excellent light distribution Targeted applications: parking facilities, outdoor areas, warehouses and manufacturing areas COMMERCIAL, ARCHITECTURAL AND RESIDENTIAL LUMINAIRES Designed for retail display applications and offer high customization Excellent color and temperature control for high value and perishable products Also offer LED-based spot, accent, recessed, pendant and track lighting, which offer uniform illumination and energy efficiency CUSTOM LIGHTING SOLUTIONS Custom LED lighting solutions for architects, lighting designers and research projects 9

10 Public Infrastructure
Broad market reached through multifaceted channel strategy and strong relationships Product families Charts Multi channel strategy leveraging on established lighting distribution channels Co-branded Private label Direct sales Distributors Independent Sales Agents International partners Currently US-focused with growing international footprint Unique sales organization that supports the Company’s channel strategy Infrastructure and luminaries Lamps Commercial, architectural and residential luminaries Account focused Project focused Strategic Accounts Public Infrastructure Rebate strategy supports all sales activities VP Professional Sales VP Strategic Accounts National Accounts Commercial & Industrial 10

11 LSG has key customers within its end markets
Commercial Related Properties Retail and Hospitality Government Infrastructure LABSL and DPW NYC Design Competition Orlando Public Works Schools and Universities Private Label & OEMs Other Major Lighting Brands 11

12 Designing a leading LED system requires a deep understanding of numerous technologies
Power supply Drives LED and luminaire efficacy and regulates light output through management of power to packaged LED Intelligent controls Leverages digital functionality of LEDs and enables enhanced features Requires understanding of complementary technologies Charts Thermal Effective heat dissipation required for efficient performance of LED package and electronics – reduces color shift and improves overall device lifetime Optics Determines intensity, direction and spread of light – tuned to packaged LED and intended application Packaged LED Overall lamp efficacy, light output, quality and lifetime driven by interoperability of packaged LED with other components In addition to improving system efficacy, LSG’s approach has a meaningful impact on manufacturing cost and product lifetime 12

13 Core epi represents only 8.7% of the expected improvement
Enhancement in systems will drive improvements in LED lighting in the future Package and luminaire loss channels and efficiencies Illustrative bill of material for an LED system LSG has the technology expertise and system integration capabilities to realize the anticipated improvements in efficacy The majority of expected improvement is to come from outside of the LED(1) Core epi represents only 8.7% of the expected improvement Packaged LEDs represent ~30% of overall system cost, indicating that greater cost-down potential lies beyond the package (2) (3) (4) Source: U.S. Department of Energy (Solid State Light, Research and Development: Multi-year Program Plan, May 2011). (1) LSG’s technology roadmap includes development of remote phosphors. (2) Includes internal non-radiative, extraction efficiency, and current droop (peak vs. 35A / cm2). (3) Includes Phosphor conversion, scattering / absorption / color mixing, and electrical efficiency. (4) Includes LED thermal stability, phosphor thermal stability, LED driver and fixture and optical efficiency. 13

14 Technology case study: A19 60W replacement lamp comparison
LSG 60W Equivalent Philips 60W Equivalent 80 parts 151 parts 14

15 Examples of areas of focus underpinning LSG’s technology roadmap
LED Thermal management Remote phosphor Improved efficiency – better ability to tune phosphor Limits color shifting over time Plasma / MEMs cooling Enables supply chain and manufacturing efficiencies Reduces material cost Improves aesthetics Reduces mass Power supplies Optics Onboard power supply Dramatically fewer components Reduces material cost Higher reliability Smaller form factor Longer lifetime Better performance MEMs optics Improves LED lighting product performance Enables more and dynamic control of beam 15

16 LSG is a driver of technological innovation for lighting, as reflected by its strong partnerships
~50 R&D professionals with advanced degrees 124 issued and pending patents “Space Coast” location The partnership between Lighting Science and Google has produced a ~$35 LED bulb expected to be in stores by the end of the year The bulb builds in low-cost wireless networking for Android and can be wirelessly controlled by any Android device Collaboration with technology partners has broadened technical expertise and enhanced ability to anticipate and address novel applications for LED lighting 16

17 Drivers of growth strategy
Lead the innovation of lighting applications through intelligent controls Broaden product portfolio to address larger universe of applications Example: ~$35 LED bulb that can be controlled wirelessly by Google Android devices Rapidly introducing new SKUs with 59 introduced in 2011 YTD Product portfolios across all segments are being expanded Exploit the ubiquity of lighting and market shift toward energy-efficient lighting Enhanced investment in sales and distribution channels The worldwide general lighting market is vast, at ~$100 billion today LED market share of general lighting market expected to grow rapidly Added experienced lighting professionals to direct sales force and the sales team that manage retail and OEM partners Current pipeline of sales opportunities: over $100 million and growing Expand internationally through partnership strategy Continue to drive adoption of LED general lighting products by continually improving performance and reducing cost Partnership with Dixon Technologies to expand into India’s $1.8 billion lighting market Partnership with Shanghai Automotive to bring high performance, low cost LED infrastructure lights to Eastern China Technology expertise and system integration capabilities in place to improve efficacy Shifting production to lower labor cost geographies Relationships with strategic vendors to reduce material costs 17

18 Strong management team
Jim Haworth 18 years of lighting industry experience in marketing, operations, manufacturing and general management Vice President of marketing and strategy at Philips Lighting President and CEO of JJI Lighting Group Fred Maxik Leading mind in the science and technology of lighting Founder of Lighting Science Group 38 patents in the field of solid state lighting Selected as a “Champion of Change” by the White House in May 2011 Charts CEO CTO & Founder Greg Kaiser 15 years of senior-level experience in accounting positions at public companies Vice President and CFO of internal division at HD Supply Assistant Corporate Controller at Hughes Supply John Stanley 10 years of production and logistics experience managing manufacturing operations in automotive, electronics, furniture and metals industries Senior operating positions at Acuity, Delphi, Shapes and Rowe Fine Furniture CFO COO David Henderson 11 years of experience in product development and engineering Director of Product Management and Engineering for Acuity Brands Lighting, Holophane Division Engineering Manager at Thomas & Betts Edward Russ Experience in a variety of technology organizations in multiple industries, including automotive and remote asset management COO of StreetSmart Technology VP and GM for Acuity Brands’ ROAM business CDO CBDO 18

19 Attractive financial model
Strong revenue growth LED penetration driving massive TAM growth LSG continuing to expand channel relationships and introduce new products, capturing market share Increasingly strong indications from customers focused on ramping volume and expanding LED product range Demonstrable path to margin improvement LSG developed supply chain to anticipate surging demand Manufacturing efficiencies and shift to lower-cost geographies Design improvements along with reduced materials costs Opportunity to leverage existing operating cost structure for expected ramp-up in sales Investing for continued & long-term growth Investments and new-hires in sales & marketing Enhanced balance sheet improves commercial relationships and partnerships Continued investments in technology and product innovation 19

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