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LampMaximizer® Technology

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1 LampMaximizer® Technology

2 LampMaximizer® Technology What is LampMaximizer® Technology?
Patent pending sensor intelligence that enables users to aggressively target energy savings while still protecting lamp life Three feature sets: LampMaximizer, LampMaximizer+ , and Lamp Statistics LampMaximizer (basic feature set, includes two timers, both user adjustable via push-button) Minimum On Timer (15 min default) – preserves lamp life by eliminating all lamp cycles shorter than lamp manufacturers recommendations. Standard occupancy time delay (10 min default) – lower time delay increases energy savings LampMaximizer+ (disabled by default) Advanced operational mode that optimizes lamp life & energy savings Lamp Statistics Sensor maintains statistics on lamp on time and number of cycles

3 LampMaximizer® Technology Example 1: Comparison On Times – Sensor Switch vs. Competition
Occupied Time: 10 Minutes Occupancy Sensor Time Delay: Typical Sensor Brands: 20 min (default) Sensor Switch: 10 min (default) Total On Time of Lamps: Typical Sensor Brands: 30 min Sensor Switch: 20 min Minimum On Timer: 15 min (however doesn’t effect total on time in this case) Extra 33% Savings!

4 LampMaximizer® Technology Example 2: Comparison On Times – Sensor Switch vs. Competition
Occupied Time: 2 Minutes Occupancy Sensor Time Delay: Typical Sensor Brands: 20 min Sensor Switch: 10 min Minimum On Timer: 15 min (in this case it holds lights on for additional 3 min) Extra 32% Savings!

5 LampMaximizer® Technology Competitive Conclusions
While all brand sensors meet lamp manufactures recommended on times, only Sensor Switch units do so without wasting potential energy savings Only Sensor Switch trusts its detection technologies to utilize a 10 min occupancy time delay without the risk of increasing false offs LampMaximizer eliminates potential short-cycling caused by confusing “adaptive” or “walk-through” modes, and false off/ons

6 LampMaximizer® Technology Chart of Extra Savings with Minimum on Timer
Occupied Time Other Brands Sensor Switch % Extra Energy Savings Default Time Delay Total Time On Default Occ. Time Delay Added Delay to Meet Minimum On Timer 1 20 21 10 4 15 28.6% 2 22 3 31.8% 23 34.8% 24 37.5% 5 25 40.0% 6 26 16 38.5% 7 27 17 37.0% 8 28 18 35.7% 9 29 19 34.5% 30 33.3% 11 31 32.3% 12 32 31.3% 13 33 30.3% 14 34 29.4% 35 36 27.8% 37 27.0% 38 26.3% 39 25.6% 40 25.0% 41 24.4% 42 23.8% 43 23.3% 44 22.7% 45 22.2% Overall savings as high as 40% vs. competition!

7 LampMaximizer® Technology What is LampMaximizer+ Mode?
Mode where the sensor will automatically adjust the occupancy time delay up or down relative to the observed usage of the space in which it is installed The adjustments are based on an algorithm that optimizes both lamp life and energy savings A shorter, more energy saving time delay will be utilized only if new time delay will not adversely affect lamp life Disabled by default

8 Energy/Lamp Life Factor
LampMaximizer® Technology (behind the scenes) How’s does the LampMaximizer+ Algorithm work? Sensor maintains several running “scores” of lamp life based upon how several time delays would control the lights if selected Scoring algorithm calculates effect on lamp life of cycling a lamp on/off vs. letting it run longer Every two weeks the time delay with the “winning” lamp life score is selected as the active time delay Default algorithm weighting based on published lamp life curves for Program Start Ballasts An advanced “pro-level” setting called the “Energy/Lamp Life Factor” can be adjusted to change scoring of lamp cycles vs. run time. Initial/max/min time delays also user configurable via settings “pro-level” Energy/Lamp Life Factor

9 LampMaximizer® Technology Additional LampMaximizer+ Features
Works equally well in high-activity areas as well as those of limited use To prevent big changes in occupancy behavior from effecting time delay too quickly, a weighted average of new observed data vs. previous data is utilized LampMaximizer+ “Scores” can be reset by user

10 Lamp Statistics Total Switches & Total Time On
Sensor maintains statistics on sensor/lamp usage Total number of On Cycles (two digit number blinked out in 1000s) Total Lamp Run Time (two digit number blinked out = number of khrs) Lamp Statistics can be reset at any time by user via push-button

11 LampMaximizer Feature Sets
Product Matrix of Features LampMaximizer Feature Sets Test Mode LampMaximizer (Minimum On Timer) LampMaximizer+ Mode* Lamp Statistics* All WSDs (disabled as default) CM(R) (enabled as default) RM(R) CM(R)B WV HW SFR SB(R) * LampMaximizer+ and Lamp Statistic Feature Sets not available on 2-Pole and –ADC versions © 2013 Sensor Switch

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