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Lighting System Design

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1 EE 445 Course Lighting System Design Done By: Meshabbab Ali Done for: Dr. Alaa Hussein

2 Lighting System Design
Is it Random Process?

3 Some Unique Terms in Lighting
LUMEN : The lumen is the time rate flow of light 10 lumens lumens lumens

4 2. LUMINOUS INTENSITY (candlepower ):
Light emitted in a particular direction.

5 3. ILLUMINANCE (level of illumination ):
Calculated as the number of lumens (lm) per unit area. The units : A. footcandles (fc) = lm/ft2 B. lux (lx) = lm/m2

A. Analyzing The Space B. Source Selection C. lumanaire selection D. lighting calculation method

7 A. Analyzing The Space Is the area to be used for more than one purpose?

8 B. Source Selection High intensity discharge (HID) lamps[ industrial lighting]. Fluorescent lamps are used for [offices\Houses\shops…]. Incandescent lamps [bedrooms\toilets ].

9 C. Lumanaire Selection. ENVIRONMENTS: - Hazardous Locations.
- High or Low Temperatures HEIGHT Some luminaries are designed for use heights that is below 7.6 meters.

10 D. Lighting Calculation Method
E = (N * LL * CU * LLF)/(area) Where E = maintained level of illumination N = number of luminaire Area = area of the space to be lighted LL = initial rated lamp lumens CU = coefficient of utilization LLF = light loss factor

11 N = (E * Area) / (LL *LLF*CU)

12 Light loss factors (LLF)
Temperature, voltage and ballast Performance. Accumulation of dirt on interior surfaces. Lamp lumen depreciation. Lumanaire Dirt depreciation.

13 Selecting Lamp Lumen (LL)
ILL = 2 * maintained illumination level (E) *(hrc)2

14 Coefficient of Utilization (CU)
Room Cavity Ratio (RCR) Reflectances

15 References Frier, John P. and Mary E. Gazley Frier. Industrial Lighting Systems McGraw-Hill, Inc. Kaufman. John E. and Jack F. Christensen. IES Lighting Handbook Waverly Press, Inc: USA. Nuckolls, James L. Interior Lighting for Environmental Designers John Wiley and Sons, Inc: USA.

16 Questions

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