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Michael Drew Regional Specification Engineer (865) 548-6382.

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1 Michael Drew Regional Specification Engineer (865)

2 Advances in Roadway and Street Lighting-LED and Other Advanced Technologies Recent Developments of Familiar Sources » Metal Halide » High Pressure Sodium » Fluorescent LED Technology Overview » Technology and how to select the right solution The Latest in Fixture Design » What are our Fixture Partners Developing

3 Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Sec. 324 Metal Halide Lamp Fixtures (page 261) Covers Metal Halide lamp fixtures operated with lamps 150 watts but 500 watts shall contain –A pulse-start metal halide ballast with a minimum ballast efficiency of 88% –A magnetic probe-start ballast with a minimum ballast efficiency of 94% –A non pulse-start electronic ballast with » A minimum ballast efficiency of 92% for wattages > 250 watts » A minimum ballast efficiency of 90% for wattages 250 watts –New fixtures only – does not effect replacement lamps or ballasts


5 Pulse Start vs. Probe Start Traditional MH lamps use probe-start technology –Ballast provides low starting voltage, between 400V – 800V, depending on wattage –Discharge is created across small gap between the starting electrode (probe) and the operating electrode –As temperature and pressure grow, gas ionizes, arc jumps the large gap to the opposing electrode –Once started, a bi-metal switch, removes the starting probe electrode from the circuit Pulse Start lamps do not require a starting probe –A high voltage ignitor works with the ballast to deliver a series of high-voltage pulses, typically 3,000 to 5,000 volts (3-5kV) –The initial discharge is created between the two operating electrodes » Arc tube fill pressure can be set higher = potential for longer life and better color consistency » Tungsten deposits from thin probe wire are eliminated = better lumen maintenance » Lamp warm-up time is reduced » Cold starting is improved down to -40°C

6 Improved lumen maintenance Reduced color shift More light output over life Faster re-strike time Potentially longer life METALARC ® PULSE START: Benefits

7 METALARC® Pulse Start Family M175/PS/U NEW! MS175/PS/MED/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) MS175/PS/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) MS200/PS/BU-ONLY/ET23.5 MS200/PS/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) M250/PS/U NEW! MS250/PS/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) MP250/PS/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) MS320/PS/BU-HOR (Clear & Coated) MP320/350/PS/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) MP350/400/PS/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) M400/PS/U NEW! M400/PS/U/BT28 NEW! MS400/PS/BT28 BU-ONLY & BD-ONLY MS400/PS/BU-ONLY (Clear & Coated) MS750/PS/BU-HOR (Clear & Coated) M1000/PS/U/BT37 NEW! All existing low wattage metal halide lamps 150W

8 Ceramic vs. Quartz MH lamps can use either quartz or ceramic arc tubes Quartz arc tubes can be probe start or pulse start Ceramic arc tubes are only pulse start Ceramic material can run hotter and at higher pressures than quartz – Creates a more efficient light source – higher lumens per watt (LPW) – Smaller arc tube bodies can be used, so … Arc tube temperatures are more uniform which improves color rendering and color consistency Arc gap is smaller so light source is more focusable

9 Transition to Advanced Ceramic Technology Cylindrical arc tube SYLVANIA (1999) Spherical arc tube SYLVANIA (Today) All OSI types have been converted to POWERBALL ®

10 The POWERBALL ® Difference POWERBALL ® Consistent wall thickness Optimal end-bell geometry – Uniform AT temperatures – Full MH Evaporation Cylindrical POWERBALL ® Cylindrical Arc Tube Varying wall thickness Square end-bell geometry – Heat loss – MH Condensation

11 The POWERBALL ® Difference POWERBALL ® Superior performance Longer life Color consistency Highest CRIs (very good R9) Cylindrical POWERBALL ® Cylindrical Arc Tube Shortened life (corrosion) Color shift (position & life) Good CRIs (lower R9)

12 POWERBALL ® Resistance to Corrosion 16,000 hrs POWERBALL ® 9,000 hrs Cylindrical

13 Non-Cycling High Pressure Sodium Vapor LUMALUX/PLUS ® ECO

14 50W – 1000W** LUMALUX PLUS ® /ECO ® OVERVIEW 40,000 Hour Rated Life Better Lumen Maintenance Non-Cycling Reduced service & maintenance costs -- no wasted trips Environmentally Friendlier Pass Federal TCLP* 90% less Hg than standard lamps Lead-free, welded base –Reduced base failures ECOLOGIC * Based on NEMA LL Series Standards ** 1000W, 70W/MED, & 100W/MED Lamps are not ECO

15 LUMALUX PLUS ® / ECO ® AN EASY CHANGE!! Initial and mean lumens equal to or higher than standard Lumalux (efficacy - up to 125 LPW) Maintains same ballasting requirements Conforms to ANSI designation – direct replacement

16 LUMALUX PLUS ® /ECO ® WELDED BASE* Reduces base failures No lead solder reaction Operates at higher temperatures than standard Lumalux (maximum temperature up to 250°C) Lead solder (Arc-out base failure) Welded ECOLOGIC PRODUCT *Excluding 1000W lamps

17 What makes LU PLUS non-cycling? High Pressure Rare Fill gas to lower arc tube wall operating temperature –Xe-Ar Fill vs. Ar only (std) Patented material BSY 2 (Barium Strontium Yttrate) –Emissive coating on electrode 90% Less mercury content than that of standard Lumalux® –Ignition Aide required

18 LUMALUX PLUS ® /ECO ® SYSTEM MAINTENANCE ADVANTAGES Service Eliminates trouble-shooting field visits for cycling lamps Eliminates throwing away good lamps Reduces unnecessary component change out (i.e.: photo cell)

19 HISTORY OF LUMALUX PLUS ® SYLVANIA LU/PLUS 11 years field history Out at end of life Easiest to locate at end of life Proven design 80% lumens prior to failure

20 LUMALUX PLUS ® /ECO ® Advantages over Standard LUMALUX ® Lamps out get replaced quicker than cycling lamps Lamps outages are easier to locate Fewer failures Extended group relamping cycle – if employed Cycling lamp puts more stress on the ballast than a lamp out For a cycling lamp 5 minutes on / 1 minute off, ignitor will be energized for 110minutes per day Longer life means huge dollar savings Less mercury in lamp Restructured warranty

21 Inductively Coupled Electrodeless ElecTRONic System ICETRON ® Systems

22 ICETRON Operating Principle

23 ICETRON ® Systems 100,000 hour system life White Light 3500K, 4100, and 5000K 80 CRI Starting as low as -40°C (-25°C for 70W) ECO® - TCLP compliant Instant On/Instant Re-start Universal Voltage V Remote mounting (up to 66) Amalgam technology Lead Free Glass 150W lamp 150W ballast: 12,000 Lumens 100W/100W 8,000 Lumens 100W/150W 11,000 Lumens 70W/100 6,500 Lumens 1.05 Ballast Factor 40 watt, 200 watt and 250 watt Soon to be Released

24 ICETRON ® Reflector Lots of light. Where you want it. For a long time Sylvania Icetron Reflector Incorporates internal reflector to direct and spread the light Long 100,000 hour life White Light – 4100K Consistent color – 80 CRI Starting temperatures as low as -40° F Amalgam technology TCLP complaint High output electronic system Universal voltage ballast Ballast – remote mounting possible

25 ICETRON ® Reflector (Cont.)

26 Lumens

27 System Mortality The ICETRON QUICKTRONIC systems are designed to have an average rated life of 100,000 hours at a maximum ballast case temperature of 158°F (70°C) for the 150W ballast (or 149°F/ 65°C for the 100W ballast). After 100,000 hours 50% of the ballasts will be surviving. (At 60,000 hours, 10% failures are expected.) However, the luminous flux of the ICETRON lamp is expected to have depreciated after 60,000 hours to no less than 70% (65% for 100W lamp) of the initial rated lumens.

28 Warranty

29 Jeff TeRoller LED Applications Specialist (616)

30 LED Street, Pedestrian, and Parking Area Lighting Solutions LED Technology Overview

31 OSRAM SYLVANIA – Over 100 Years General Lighting Standard incandescent lamps Halogen lamps Compact fluorescent lamps Fluorescent lamps High-intensity discharge lamps Automotive Lighting Headlamps Auxiliary automotive lamps Headlight systems (USA only) Display/Optic Halogen and discharge lamps for film and TV, special effects and airport lighting, over-head and video projectors, medicine and microscopy LED Systems LED OLED Displays High-power laser diodes Infrared components Ballasts and Luminaires Electronic control systems for (compact) fluorescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps Consumer luminaires PM&C Electronic, chemical, metall- urgical and glass components for lamp manufacturing and similar technologies Sintered metals, connectors Machines Design and construction of machines and complete pro- duction lines for lamps and their components Elaboration of concepts for new production sites

32 OSRAM Opto White Applications

33 Santa Clara - Headquarter NA - Sales & Marketing NA West Hong Kong Shanghai - Sales Asia North - Marketing - Application Center Penang - Plant - OLED Display - Regional Customer Service - Sales Asia South Regensburg - Headquarter - Sales HQ - LED - Infrared - Conceptual Engineering - Front End Production Northville - Sales & Marketing NA East - Application Center Yokohama - Sales Japan - Marketing - Application Center Global LED Technology Leadership OSRAM SYLVANIA is one of the two largest LED manufacturers in the world OSRAM SYLVANIA is the largest lighting company in the US OSRAM SYLVANIA holds over 4,000 patents in LED technology, with 170 of those patents in white LED technology OSRAM SYLVANIA has capacity to ship over 10 Billion LED chips each year

34 New York: Alexander Hamilton Custom House METALARC® POWERBALL® ceramic metal halide lamps, LEDs OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

35 Boston: Bunker Hill Monument METALARC® POWERBALL® ceramic metal halide lamps OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

36 Washington, D.C.: Jefferson Memorial METALARC® POWERBALL® ceramic metal halide lamps, LEDs OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

37 Philadelphia: Phillies ballpark sign ICETRON® induction lamps OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

38 China: Beijing, National Stadium 4,000 OSRAM FH28HE/60 NEU. Aus Prisma, leider keine genaue Beschreibung der Produkte OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

39 China: Beijing, Aquatic Center 350 HQI-TS Neu aus Prisma OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

40 Miami: Bank of America Tower at International Place PENTRON® T5 and OCTRON® T8 fluorescent lamps, LEDs OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

41 Chicago: Riverbend Tower LINEARlight Flex LED system OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

42 Detroit: 2010 Ford Mustang XENON ® HID headlamps, Joule® LED systems tailights, TOPLED ® LED interior lights OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

43 Russia: Moscow, Pedestrian Bridge over the Moskva HQI®-TS, HQI®-E and HCI®-T metal halide lamps and LEDs Photo: Svetoservice, Moscow OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

44 Germany: Hamburg, Cruise Ship AIDAdiva OSRAM DULUX® EL LONGLIFE, LEDsSource: AIDAdiva OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

45 Turkey: Istanbul, Blue Mosque OSRAM HQI®-T, NAV®-T lamps OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

46 Argentina: Buenos Aires, Obelisk OSRAM POWERSTAR HQI®-T2000W/N OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

47 Spain: Barcelona, Hotel Prestige LINEARlight Colormix OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

48 Norway: Oslo, Opera House 1,250 OSRAM LINEARlight DRAGON LED OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

49 Germany: Hamburg, Hotel Atlantic 24 LINEARlight- DRAGON Colormix OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

50 China: Beijing, Airport 42,000 OSRAM DULUX, 47,000 OSRAM LUMILUX T8/T5, 63,600 POWERBALL HCI NEU OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

51 Germany: Frankfurt, Radisson Hotel DECOSTAR 51 ENERGY SAVER, HALOGEN ENERGY SAVER CLASSIC A or B OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

52 Croatia: Zagreb, Homeland Bridge LINEARlight Colormix LED OSRAM SYLVANIA Products At Work….

53 Customer Education – LED Fundamentals Ref: Ohms Law: I=V/R

54 The Next.COM Industry? It only take a soldering iron and some LEDs right? Some banks see this as a short term profit opportunity Can produce brightly lit LED panels or strips installed into street lights Does not produce a quality product long term Will they be around to support the claimed warranty? How do you protect yourself and your organization?

55 Simple Way to Protect Yourself Know who you are considering buying from Start with Standardized Testing before investing time and effort –LM-79 –LM-80 –UL Listing Utilize simple process to prove out performance (WLLC) Warranty and ability to service warranty Make a career building decision

56 LED Life Projection - Thermal Modeling Long life is a significant benefit of LED systems 50,000+ hours life conservatively Some competitors claiming 100,000 to 250,000 hours life without experience or data LED may not be the life limiting sub-system – power supply? connectors? other?

57 LED Testing Standards L70 – 70% Lumen Maintenance INDEPENDENT LM-79 – Basic system performance including light output, total wattage, temperature, and more INDEPENDENT LM-80 – Long term lumen maintenance (6,000 hour test) UL Listing Energy Star? Example LM-80

58 Eliminate Confusion – Wattage, Light, Life, Current Less marketing and more substance..…buyer beware » Total Lumen Output » Lumens / Watt (efficacy or efficiency) » Extreme Life Ratings » Generic energy savings ratings (saves about 50%) » Patented heat management system » Engineered optics » Looks brighter, lasts longer, etc. 4 Keys (WLLC): » WATTAGE - Total wattage the system is pulling » LIGHT - Amount of light delivered to the surface (street, sidewalk, etc) » LIFE - Temperature the LED is running at (which helps determine life) » CURRENT – What current the LED is being driven at (which helps determine life)

59 LED Post Top Performance – no small difference


61 Introducing the OSRAM SYLVANIA LED Post Top Retrofit

62 LED Post Top Retrofit Benefits Mercury Free Consumes less than 40 watts Environmentally friendly – energy savings and dont have to discard existing fixtures Easy to install in as little as 15 minutes True IES Type III and Type V photometrics Recommended for applications up to 150w HPS or 250w MH (based on customer feedback – please test 4 to confirm performance in your application – IES files available) 12+ Year average life Exceptional light management – dark skies friendly

63 LED Post Top Retrofit Benefits No cycling or restrike delays Universal voltage power supply Ultra High Efficiency 5700K OSRAM SYLVANIA LEDs with warmer color temperatures available High performance thermal management Short, open, and thermal overload protected Extreme temperature tested UL Listed Full 5 year warranty No risk 60 day return policy – test 4, return for a full refund Works in a wide variety of fixture types Just a few of the many fixture types easily retrofitted

64 Actual Benchmark Comparison OSRAM SYLVANIA Wattage:40w Light:20% above target Life:50,000 hours conservatively Current:200mA Total Energy Cost over life: $ Competitor XYZ Wattage:87.0w Light:15% below target Life:50,000 hours (estimate) Current:unknown Total Energy Cost over life: $ OSRAM SYLVANIA solution saves $ in energy alone over competitor LED solution and delivers superior light!

65 Example Installation of Post-Top LED Retrofit Kit Test installations at more than 15 cities Sample Installation - Pineland Business Park in New Gloucester, Maine 40W LED solution replacing 175W and 250W MH lamps Precise optical control allows reduction in light pollution

66 Generation II LED Post Top Retrofit Gen II –New higher output, lower wattage, smaller, warmer color temperature unit –Available in Type III and Type V distribution patterns –Uses less than 40 watts –Fits a wide variety of fixture types –Can either mount with a top center post, or using 4 brackets for globe top mounting (comes with both types of hardware already installed) –Dimensions 11 x 9.5 x 6.5 Center / Finial Top Mounting Bracket Adjustable Globe Top Mounting Brackets

67 Photometric Upgrade – Gen I to Gen II Generation I Generation II175w Metal Halide

68 25% more light output and 1.5x area coverage <52 W power replacing up to 175W HID lamps 50,000 hours life time (70% lumen maintenance) Ambient temperature: -22°F ~ +104°F (fixture outside) Small outer diameter: 6.5 inch 120V – 277V AC input voltage Photometric Patterns TYPE V Medium TYPE III Medium Bare LED Kit Color Temperatures: 4900K; 5700K Mounting flexibility: bottom, top, side UL recognized and FCC compliant Engineering Samples: Aug 2009 (Type V Medium) Oct 2009 (Type III Medium) Available: Oct 2009 (Type V Medium) Dec 2009 (Type III Medium) 6 LED Retrofit Introduction Top mounting bracket LED light Module mounted on heat sink Surge Protector Power Supply Cable

69 Mounting Height : 10. Each box is one mounting height 6-inch LED Retrofit – Light Patterns (in foot-candle) Type V Medium Mounting Height : 10. Each box is one mounting height Type III Medium * Above optical simulation Data does NOT include light loss from fixture cover.

70 Mounting 6 LED Retrofit from Bottom Metal conduit Base Disk

71 Mounting 6 LED Retrofit from Side Side Brackets Cable Conduit

72 Mounting 6 LED Retrofit from Top Top Bracket Metal Conduit

73 Thank you for your attention. Jeff TeRoller, LED Applications Specialist (616)

74 Ralph Mosher Manager, Business Development - Innovation (978)

75 SSL Street & Area Lighting OEMs Induction Cobra Head by 1 st Source Fixture is designed specifically for ICETRON 70, or 100 watt ICETRON lamps up to 11,000 lumens 1 st Source specializes in replacing HID systems with induction cobraLux by LED folio Low wattage Street Light utilizing 9 distinct LED modules Heat Sink is integrated into the fixture head Low Glare Optics 4 LED wattages available to replace up to 250 watt HID fixtures Both of these products were featured in our booth at Lightfair 2009

76 SSL Street & Area Lighting OEMs Polera LED/HID Hybrid by Visionaire LED and HPS - LED and Induction - LED and LPS Light sources operate at different times of the night » LED during first half (commercial hours) and second source for the remainder » Longer life from fixture Dark Sky Compliant Endorsed by International Astronomers Association Featured in our booth at Lightfair 2009

77 LED Street Lighting Projects SSL Street & Area Lighting

78 Lamp Type – ICETRON® Fixture Model – Municipality TCS Series ICETRON® Lamps feature a 100,000 hr Life Traffic Control Signage A Chicago based OEM

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