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ETC Source Four: The Standard for Theatrical Lighting Source Four jr Source Four PARNel Revolution.

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1 ETC Source Four: The Standard for Theatrical Lighting Source Four jr Source Four PARNel Revolution

2 Ellipsoidal? Traditional spotlight Pattern projection Precise optical control Framing shutters Variety of beam angles Hundreds used in most shows

3 Source Four Innovative design Revolutionary four- filament HPL lamp Rated for up to 750W North American industry standard

4 Benefits Smaller Lighter Brighter Cosine, flat field distribution –now called blending More lumens per watt

5 Benefits, continued.. 5º, 10º, 19º, 26º, 36º, 50º Interchangeable lens tubes Crisp shutter cuts Great pattern projection Easy field maintenance HPL lamps by Sylvania and Ushio ETC Dimmer Doubling capability

6 Energy - Todays Buzzword Up to 40 percent more light than conventional ellipsoidal More lumens per watt (LPW) than conventional ellipsoidals 42 percent energy savings

7 HPL Lamp Wide variety of lamps available: –375, 575, 750 watts at 115 or 120 volts –375, 575, 750 watts at 230 or 240 volts –550 watts at 77 volts for Dimmer Doubling –Extended life lamps available UL listing

8 Source Four A great ellipsoidal The industry standard A quality product you can feel good about selling An energy efficient tool And remember that value added feature……. –Dimmer Doubling!

9 Source Four jr Another great spotlight from ETC!

10 Son of Source Four... Dichroic mirror/cool beam Robust aluminum die-cast construction HPL Lamp 26 º, 36 º, 50 º field angles Source Four gel frame/accessories

11 ...but not a Source Four Wider angles/smaller venues 24% lower light output No rotating barrel (but some pattern rotation) If you needed Source Four, you still need Source Four!

12 Source Four jr Interchangeable lens assemblies Crisp shutter cuts/M size patterns Lightweight, compact design Seamless integration: –Source Four 5º, 10º, 19º –Source Four PAR –Same lamp, color temperature –Dimmer Doubling

13 The Source Four jr Zoom! 25 º to 50 º zoom range A zoom with the optical quality that you have come to expect from ETC Brighter than the fixed focus jr

14 Competition? 18% more light than 360Q 28% more light than Leko 35% more light than Shakespeare 24% LESS than Source Four!

15 Applications Any smaller venue Small venue packages - combine with: –Express consoles –Sensor –Source Four PAR –Dimmer Doubling Architectural Themed Environments Public Spaces

16 Source Four PAR A great washlight from ETC!

17 Source Four PAR replaces... 1000W PAR64 Cans Big, ugly Poor beam quality Light leaks Cheap can, expensive lamp Change lamp to change beam Hundreds of thousands in use

18 How does the Source Four PAR work? Axial mount HPL lamp Faceted, metal reflector Enhanced Aluminum (EA) coating Metal Cold Mirror (MCM) coating Lens rotation mechanism Lenses snap in

19 Source Four PAR delivers Outstanding beam quality Energy efficiency - 42 percent less power 1000 watt performance with 575 watt lamp Interchangeable lenses Safety - insulated lens rotation ring

20 Source Four PAR Advantages Smooth even field No light leaks Change the lens - NOT the lamp Adjustment free lamp replacement Reduction in lamp inventory Compact size Rugged construction Its quiet! Dimmer Doubling

21 Source Four PAR Markets Theater TV Industrials Rock n roll Theme parks Concert halls Architectural

22 Source Four Zoom 15º - 30º 25º - 50º Single-handed zoom Energy Efficient Cool Beam Same dichroic mirror as Source Four Over 95% reflected light Under 5% reflected heat 750W lamp Same drop-in accessories as Source Four

23 Source Four PARNel Combines the unique qualities of a par and a fresnel Innovative patented Technology Same compact design Soft blendable wash light Maintains efficiency from spot to flood

24 Source Four HID Same performance as a 2000-hour 575W Source Four 12,000-hour lamp for extended life 150W metal halide lamp Excellent imaging Crisp pattern projection Bright even field

25 Multi-PAR Available in standard configurations of 3, 4 and 12-lamp strips Works with all HPL 375W, 575W and 750W lamps Provided with four lens types, from VNSP to WFL XWFL lens available Uses gels and roundels

26 Source Four Revolution A Source Four zoom ellipsoidal equipped with motorized pan and tilt An exclusive QuietDrive motor control -- for low-noise performance. 750W, 77V QXL Quick Release lamp Built-in Pulse Width Modulated dimmer 20-frame integrated color scroller 540º Pan / 270º Tilt 15º-35º Zoom Automated crisp to soft focus Internal Media Frame for diffusion or other user media choice

27 Two auto-sensing module bays (True plug-and-play!) Iris Module - 18-leaf construction Static Wheel Module – Three positions plus open Rotating Wheel Module – Variable speed rotation and High-resolution indexing Shutter Module - Four shutters in four planes with 90º range of movement Source Four Revolution

28 New Lens Tubes - 14°, 70° and 90° A field angle for every lighting throw distance 14° - A powerful front-of-house fixture where a 10° is too small and a 19° too big 70° and 90° - The brightest short-throw fixtures available, for low ceilings or wide angle washes

29 Source Four EDLT Enhanced Definition Lens Tubes More precise optics for projecting images, gobos, and logos Heightened sharpness and stunning contrast Fits any new or existing Fixed Focus Source Four spotlight

30 ETC Source Four Family Over 2 Million Sold!!

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