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2 PERMALITE LED What is it? Why choose LED dome lights? Phillips Wikipedia PERMALITE Variations Competitors Why is Voltage important?

3 Why choose LED over Fluorescent lighting? Fluorescent vs. LED Lamps –LEDs draw less AMPS Typically 1/2 of a fluorescent lamp –LEDs have a longer life-cycle 10+ years vs. 1 year with fluorescent bulb –LEDs perform better in extreme temperatures -50 o F to +180 o F vs. -20 o F to +140 o F for Fluorescent –LEDs do not use filaments or gases that break or burn out –LEDs do not require recycling like fluorescents

4 Why choose LED over Fluorescent lighting? Fluorescent vs. LED Lamps –LEDs do not require bulb replacements less cost in maintenance and downtime –LEDs can also withstand heavy vibration –Using LEDs in your system requires less load on the battery Pulls half the amps of fluorescent Adds a longer life to the battery OR, a trailer can utilize twice as many LED dome lights

5 Phillips Wikipedia LED stands for Light Emitting Diode A diode is an electrical component that only allows current to flow one way when enough voltage is available. It is either on or off and cannot vary light output. A lumen is equal to the amount of light that falls on 1 sq. ft. area from a single candle, 1 foot away. The lumen is a measure of the perceived power of light. LUX is equal to one lumen per sq. meter (3 x 3 Lumens)

6 Phillips Wikipedia Voltage: The difference of electrical potential between two points in an electrical circuit. Current: The flow of electricity through a conducting material. Resistance: decreases the amount of current being supplied to the electrical system.

7 Electrical Analogy 1 An analogy to help understand these terms is a system of plumbing pipes. The voltage is equivalent to the water pressure, the current is equivalent to the flow rate, and the resistance is like the pipe size.

8 Electrical Analogy 2 An analogy to a waterfall, the voltage would represent the height of the waterfall: the higher it is, the more potential energy the water has by virtue of its distance from the bottom of the falls, and the more energy it will possess as it hits the bottom. Current would represent how much water was going over the edge of the falls each second. Resistance would refer to any obstacles that slowed down the flow of water over the edge of the falls. Perhaps there are many rocks in the river before the edge, to slow the water down. Or maybe a dam is being used to hold back most of the water and let only a small amount of it through.

9 The competition PERMALITE LED High-Output Grote 10TruckLite PERMALITE LED Low-Output Grote 18

10 PERMALITE LED vs. Grote 10 Comparison

11 PERMALITE LED HIGH OUTPUT vs. Grote 18 vs. TruckLite Comparison

12 Why Voltage is important? The average voltage at the trailer nosebox is 11.5V to 12.2V Dome Light amp draw can vary greatly depending on the voltage supplied to each dome light Use the Amp Draw vs. Voltage chart to determine how many amps each dome light is using inside the trailer.

13 Voltage Drop Diagram

14 Constant Current vs. Constant Voltage PERMALITE LEDs use Constant Current –Light output is consistent across entire voltage range (9V – 30V) –Lamps at back of trailer are just as bright as lamps in front of the trailer GROTE LEDs use Constant Voltage –Light output varies depending on voltage –Lamps closer to the nosebox are brighter than lamps at rear of the trailer

15 This product offers up to 480 lumens at a power draw of 0.93 amps at 12V. This product offers up to 640 lumens at a power draw of 1.15 amps at 12V. That is 25% brighter with an increase of 20% more Amp draw. More efficient light/amp draw ratio PERMALITE LED PERMALITE LED High Output

16 Why choose PERMALITE High Output Dome Light? In comparison to similar dome lights in its class, it offers the most light per amps. The power draw is significantly lower than the competitors, and it offers a brighter light. Less lamps per trailer means less chance for maintenance.

17 Why PERMALITE LED? Lower amp draw than other LEDs Constant light output across entire voltage range –Consistent light from front to back of trailer Thinnest of all lamps –1 thick –Less than ¾ thick recesses

18 PERMALOGIC What is it? Background Generations Application Models/Variations Competitors

19 PERMALOGIC TM – What is it? Simply put, the Phillips PERMALOGIC Dome Lamp Controller manages power to the dome lamps inside of a trailer The PERMALOGIC is the processor which –Senses low voltage on tractor batteries –Turns OFF the trailer dome lamps if the BRAKE pedal is applied –Turns OFF the trailer dome lamps after 60 minutes

20 Why PERMALOGIC? Blue wire runs all trailer accessories –ABS System –Interior trailer lighting –Weigh-in-motion systems (Air-Weigh) TMC recommends 12.5 V at 10 amp available for ABS under braking conditions PERMALOGIC ensures that all connected accessories will turn off, ensuring power to the ABS system

21 PERMALOGIC TM - Background Inspired by Ryder to solve a problem –Potentially interfering with ABS on Blue Wire –Trailer dome lamps being left on Filed for patent in 2005 Designed and manufactured 1 st Generation PERMALOGIC from 08/05 to 03/07. 2 nd Generation PERMALOGIC redesigned and manufactured from 02/07 to current.

22 1 st Generation vs. 2 nd Generation Functionally the same –2 nd generation is easier to install an additional circuit –2 nd generation is easier to operate 1 st Generation2 nd Generation

23 PERMALOGIC- Applications PERMALOGIC - Trailer dome lamps PERMALOGIC TC - Charging liftgate batteries PERMALOGIC TC PLUS – Trailer dome lamps AND charging liftgate batteries PERMALOGIC REEFER - Reefer battery used to power trailer dome lamps

24 PERMALOGIC For trailers using interior dome lamps Stand-alone 60-2500 – Single Circuit Integrated Nosebox 60-2520 – Single Circuit

25 PERMALOGIC TC Stand-alone 60-2600 – Single Circuit Integrated Nosebox 60-2620 – Single Circuit For trailers using a liftgate with liftgate batteries

26 PERMALOGIC TC PLUS Stand-alone 60-2700 – Single Circuit Integrated Nosebox 60-2720 – Single Circuit For trailers using interior dome lamps AND liftgate batteries

27 PERMALOGIC REEFER Stand-alone 60-2800 – Single Circuit For trailers using interior dome lamps running off of reefer battery

28 Utility Zinc Nosebox Utility grounds the nosebox to trailer and cannot use non-metallic nosebox Zinc nosebox standard at Utility –Single Circuit w/no LED indicator –Dual Circuit w/ LED indicator –Stand-alone Dual Circuit w/ LED indicator Phillips catalog item (60-2502)

29 PERMALOGIC - Competition Grote –Part Number 44360 –Shuts off with brake pedal –Automatic shut-off timer –Very similar to our Stand-alone box No low-voltage disconnect No diagnostic light No troubleshooting capabilities

30 PERMALOGIC - Competition Transport Refrigeration (ThermoKing) –ITLS – Intelligent Trailer Lighting System –Shuts off with the brake –Automatic shut-off timer Very Large Brand new to market Need to find and evaluate

31 PERMALOGIC - Future Sysco Application –Charge the lift gate batteries from a combination of the tractor AND reefer battery. It will also work with the current Single/Dual Pole setup –Operate Dome Lights off of the Reefer battery –Ensure Reefer and Tractor batteries never get too low and always keep charging the lift-gate battery

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