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DNR Special Events Coordination Project Jeff Kopaska, Natural Resources Biologist.

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1 DNR Special Events Coordination Project Jeff Kopaska, Natural Resources Biologist

2 Background DNR offers state properties and other state-managed areas for use in terms of special events. Annually over 650 fishing tournaments, 300 – 500 all- terrain vehicle, snowmobile, and boating events, multiple dog field trails, Scouting events, fireworks displays, car shows, motorcycle poker runs, pancake feeds, equestrian events and trials, endurance challenges and marathons, Geocaches, and many more activities.

3 Current Process Contact the DNR for permit application. Must fill out and submit signed application a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. Both field and/or office staff must approve application. Some applications must also be approved by the Deputy Director. Letter and permit is mailed or faxed back to the promoter or organization in charge of the event.

4 Current Issues Each bureau has their own form for special events. Public may have to make multiple inquiries to obtain the proper paperwork depending on the type of event they are holding. Currently a lack of communication within the agency Currently there is no comprehensive tracking or coordinated public notification of events.

5 Expected Results One portal for all event applications (Public). One streamlined application, approval, and notification process (Internal). Public events notification via on-line events calendar and searchable database. Relayed and coordinated events information between state and federal agencies.

6 Project Time Line PhaseStart Month/Year End Month/Year Estimated Amount Scope AnalysisDecember 2008 January 2009$20,000 DesignFebruary 2009 March 2009T.B.D. ImplementationApril 2009July - September 2009 T.B.D.

7 Scope Analysis Business Analyst services will be purchased to do the scope analysis and requirements. The Analyst will also complete screen mock ups, use cases and provide an estimate of the resources needed to complete the design and implementation phases.

8 DNR Contribution The DNR will contribute staff time to work with the Business Analyst. It will also provide a work space and resources necessary for the Business Analyst to perform his/her duties of the job.

9 Recipients of this Service General Public and recreational users Businesses Organizations Contestants Exhibitors United States Coast Guard Army Corps of Engineers Federal Government DNR field and central office staff (including land managers, park managers, biologists, law enforcement officers, policy staff, etc.) Politicians

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