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The Romanies some general statements about them.

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3 The Romanies some general statements about them

4 - the only ethnic minorit y in Hungary - they are not homogeneous - they could be classified into smaller groups according to their ethnic -70-75% R omungro s -18% O lah s - 8-10% B eas We have been co-habiting with them for longer than a half a millennium


6 The answer is difficult. Why? The Romanies are only the people who DECLARE it about themselves

7 According to the figures of CENSUSES According to the figures of representative surveys (about whom the interviewer thinks it)

8 At least (official data)5-600, 000 According to some surveys: 900, 000-1, 000, 000 (approx. 1/10 of the total population of the country)

9 In 2001: 4039 Romanies out of them (according to their declaration) 3037: cultural identity 3131.: mother tongue 3253: among friends

10 Its difficult to help them. Their problem can not be treated independently Only together with the other disadvantaged

11 Analyses of actual state of the Disadvantaged (the Romanies do not make a separated part of it) Arrangements plans (according to the previous document) made by the county self governments

12 The must urgent things to do t o cure the causes of their difficulties - poor living conditions - educational difficulties - u nemployment ( as the outcome of the lack of qualification ) However: !their traditional values have to be preserved ! the arrangements have to be promoted by t heir self- assistance supporting a ssociations and self representative bodies





17 The head teacher of a downtown school, we ha r dly have any of them The head teacher of the school which they mostly live around, I won t tell anything about them

18 Mental indifference Importance of outer appearance (clothes, jewellery) Lack of the basic hygiene They do not need any more just physiological satisfaction and feeling of safety They do not want to belong to anybody They do not need any respect They neglect self-actualization They do not want any responsibility They do not have any aims and they are reluctant to do any efforts

19 Laziness Comp r ehension problems Indifference Of course there are some EXCEPTIONS among them One thing is sure: - they are threatened for their children (against real and imaginary dangers) - they are very aggressive if they feel their interests being insulted)

20 They are very different - go shopping in a luxurious car in the village centre However on the parents meeting they fight for free transportation for their children by school bus At least they come to parents meeting

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