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Gas up your car the night before work. Never cash your check at a bar.

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3 Gas up your car the night before work.

4 Never cash your check at a bar.

5 Dont burn bridges at any company.

6 Go to the doctor when you need to.

7 Earn respect (above all else).

8 Compliment coworkers when they deserve it.

9 Coach coworkers when they need it.

10 Quit smoking (or at least cut down).

11 Take advantage of any and all union- provided training.

12 Mentor an apprentice.

13 If youre an apprentice, find a mentor.

14 If you know this industry isnt for you, find something else that fits.

15 Clean up at the end of the shift, not 20 minutes early.

16 Do your share of shit work.

17 Learn peoples names.

18 Know the bosss name, face and truck.

19 Believe in yourself.

20 Eat breakfast.

21 Dont take a bad day on the job home with you.

22 Dont bring personal issues to work.

23 If everybody at work hates you, get a dog.

24 More than one hangover a month on a workday is a bad sign.

25 Learn CPR.

26 Dont shortcut safety for production.

27 Dont shortcut quality for production.

28 Dont shortcut production for socializing.

29 Ask for more if you deserve it.

30 Push for foreman if you want it.

31 Learn your companys history.

32 Splurge on quality boots. ?

33 Drink tons of water when its hot.

34 No horseplay.

35 Learn a couple of good jokes.

36 Dont lend your stuff.

37 Dont borrow stuff.

38 Dont lend money on the job. X

39 Put things back.

40 Check the crew truck one more time to make sure youve got what you need.

41 Make friends with the dispatcher.

42 Be someone people look up to.

43 Never put yourself before others.

44 Go to union meetings.

45 Be proud of yourself.

46 Show up early.

47 Save up for something you really want and pay for it in cash.

48 Do something really nice for your spouse at least once a month.

49 Stand up for others on the job when its right, even if its unpopular.

50 Give the book Survival of the Fittest to someone on the job site.

51 Make sure to love your kids as your first priority.

52 ________________________ (Fill in your own.)

53 To order the poster or buy the book, please visit our website:

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