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OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 SLA for Cloud Services 1.

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1 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 SLA for Cloud Services 1

2 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 What is Project OpenCloudware? Co-funded collaborative R&D project, 18 partners Enables to easily build, generate and operate enterprise distributed applications (SLA) for deployment on any cloud Their modeling (SLA), assembly and build Their deployment (SLA) and operation (PaaS) On multiple infrastructures (Multi-IaaS) 3 years (Jan 2012 – Dec 2014) Supported by the French FSN (Fonds National pour la Société Numérique) Co-labeled by the Minalogic, Systematic and SCS Pôles de Compétitivité 2

3 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 Project Partners Large Corps Bull France Télécom – Orange Thales Com Thales Services SMEs ActiveEon eNovance eXo Platform peergreen Petals Link UShareSoft Academic Armines/Ecole des Mines de Nantes IRIT – INP Toulouse Télécom Paris Tech Télécom Saint Etienne Univ. Joseph Fourier Univ. Savoie - LISTIC INRIA Open Source organisation OW2 3

4 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 Use case OpenCloudware The user needs a public IP, modifies the vApp description and redeploys. Latency changes, which indicates that OpenCloudware has moved VMs to a closer IaaS OpenCloudware Self Service Portal Template Gallery: AaaS, JavaEE, OSGi, Services Service Plan Builder (vApp++ Creation & Configurations) Contiuous Build, Maven, Hudson... vApp component1 component2 component3 SLA bindings PaaS Orchestration Service Logic Install & Deployment Self-Management PaaS Runtine Self-Controler Sky Computing ( Provisioning ) Billing Logs VM Placement VM Multi- Cloud Provisioning Multi-Cloud IaaS Controler (API) Federation Layer End to end Cloud Modeling Meta Data and Modeling Tools Performance / Load testing as a service Billing 4

5 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 Informative References ETSI EG 202 009-1: "User Group; Quality of telecom services; Part 1: Methodology for identification of parameters relevant to the Users". ETSI EG 202 009-2: "User Group; Quality of Telecom Services; Part 2: User related parameters ETSI EG 202 009-3: "User Group; Quality of telecom services; Part 3: Template for Service Level Agreements (SLA)". ETSI DTR/CLOUD-0012-SLArequirements, "SLAs for Cloud Services. 5

6 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 Life cycle OpenCloudware : Provisioning (Customer Cloud) 6 SLA Mapping Provisionnement Transaction/ Consommation Usage Management (Re- provisioning) In/Out Contract StratégiesDesign Pré- provisionnement (VPSN) déploiement Operations Retirement

7 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 SLA levels 7 Virtualisation Client Fournisseurs Service R é seaux Virtualisation Equipements 7

8 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 SLA notions Partenaires Services Garanties Contraintes Signataires Fournisseur Stratégies Financières Juridiques Techniques 8 8

9 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 KPI & KQI / TMF 9

10 OpenCloudware –ETSI – 30th Ocotber 2012 Example of propositions Service Cloud life cycle SLA levels SLA SLS Criteria and parameters associeted Assurance / monitoring of QoS parameters 10

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