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The Invention of the Cell Phone

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1 The Invention of the Cell Phone

2 Who Made it The inventors are Joel Engel and Richard Frenkiel. Joel Engel was born in Richard Frenkiel was born in They invented the cell phone to make life easier.

3 When the Cell Phone was Invented…
The cell phone was invented in When it was new, the cell phone was $3,500 for one handset! Joel Engel was 35 and Richard Frenkiel was 28 when the cell phone was invented. It was invented in New York.

4 About the inventors Both inventors had a degree in engineering. Richard Frenkiel went to Tufts University and Joel Engel went to the City College of New York. They both work for AT&T Bell Labs.

5 The Modern Cell Phone The cell phone is used all around us today from little kids, to teenagers and adults. This cool invention is used to make calls without a wire or having to be in a house or a car. The cell phone is used by people who travel around.

6 How it’s Made To make a cell phone the workers in phone manufacturing factories use silicon, metal, plastic, and energy. The hardest part of a phone to make is the screen, which is made of liquid crystal.

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