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2013 FILL THE BOOT Campaign 2013 FILL THE BOOT Sponsored by Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters L1664, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service and.

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2 2013 FILL THE BOOT Campaign

3 2013 FILL THE BOOT Sponsored by Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters L1664, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service and MDA

4 What Is MDA? Muscular Dystrophy Association, MDA, is a national voluntary health agency dedicated to conquering more than 40 neuromuscular diseases that affect millions of Americans of all ages. One of the more notable forms of MD are: Duchenne and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease. More information at

5 What Does MDA Do With The Money Raised??? $30 = Flu Shot $70 = One minute of research $100 = One support group session $800 = Sends 1 child to summer camp $2000 = cost of wheelchair, leg braces or communication equipment

6 Fire Fighters History With MDA IAFF adopted the MDA as its charity of choice in 1954 The IAFF is the largest national sponsor of the MDA Since 1954, Fire Fighters across the U.S. and in Canada have raised over $500 million for the MDA More information at click on

7 Top 11 IAFF Locals in 2012 1.Fairfax, VA L2068 with $569,530 2.Houston, TX L341 with $502,250 3.CDF, CA L2881 with $436,324 4.Dallas, TX L0058 with $425,738 5.LA, CA (county) L1014 with $267,253 6.Eastern, MO Local 2665 with $263,077 7.San Antonio, TX L624 with $216,551 8.New Hampshire Local A0028 with $182,476 9.Chicago, IL Local 0002 with $180,013 10.Philadelphia, PA L22 with $172,919 11.Montgomery County, MD L1664 with $145,441 ALL done with On Duty Personnel!!!!!!!

8 IAFF L1664s History With MDA Montgomery County Fire Fighters have participated in FTB for 29 years. Raised over $1.9 Million dollars. Montgomery Countys best year collecting was in 2009 with $254,102.00. Montgomery County L1664 has ranked in the IAFF top 15 for money raised the last 6 years. L1664 is also leads the way for money raised in the state of Maryland.

9 IAFF Local 1664s History Continued On a more personal level Montgomery County was the home of Mattie J.T. Stepanak, a world renowned poet, champion of peace and spirited teen. Mattie passed away at the age of 13 from Mitochondrial Myopathy.

10 In his short 13 years Mattie wrote 5 Best Selling books of poetry, was a close personal friend of former President Jimmy Carter, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and many others. Mattie also appeared on many talk shows such as GMA, Today Show and others

11 Mattie was a National Goodwill Ambassador to the MDA. Mattie was also a member of the I.A.F.F. and many I.A.F.F. Locals across the United States and Canada. Matties mother still resides in MC and suffers from the same disease that took the life of Mattie and 3 other of her children.

12 L1664 and MCFRS were honored to grant Matties last wish of riding on a fire truck for his last ride. Mattie was given a Fire Fighters funeral in M.C., E727 carried Mattie to his final resting place. Former MDA National Chairman, Jerry Lewis recognized Montgomery County Fire Fighters for making Matties funeral a celebration of life for a very special person.



15 Summer Camp L1664 and MCFRS visit summer camp each year, providing entertainment and dinner for the kids.

16 Summer Camp



19 2013 Fill-the-Boot Campaign As a result of the efforts of past L1664 President John Sparks and past Fire Chief Tom Carr ALL Montgomery County Fire Fighters are allowed to participate in the annual Fill-the- Boot campaign while ON DUTY.

20 What Does This Mean???? All fire stations, plus support services will be allowed to collect More boot on the streets Regularerlly scheduled activity for the 3 collecting days are cancelled MORE $$$$ raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association!!!!!!!

21 FILL THE BOOT Dates for 2013 August 28 – B Shift August 29 – C Shift August 30 – A Shift

22 Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service FIRE CHIEFS GENERAL ORDER NUMBER: 13-05 August 7, 2013 Fire Chief General Order has been issued explaining the parameters for this years campaign as it affects ON DUTY participation.

23 Fire Chief General Order On Duty MCFRS personnel, both career and volunteer, will wear their Class C uniform ALL On Duty personnel who participate in FTB activities MUST wear traffic safety vest and ALL portable radios must be worn by personnel. Apparatus must be positioned safely to avoid impeding traffic, and must be located to facilitate response to incidents Hours for FTB will be from 0800 to 2000 hours

24 FILL THE BOOT Goal for 2013 $226,800.0 0

25 How Do We Reach Our Goal???? All personnel need to be dedicated and willing!!!! Our job is to save lives, participating in FTB is saving lives!!!!! DFRS has given us the tools to put over 800 boots on the street during the 3 day campaign. DFRS has suspended all normal daily activities so our goal can be accomplished To reach our goal of $226,800, each shift needs to meet their goal.

26 Reaching Our Goal IF every FF collects ONLY $300 a day per station- our goal is met. It is understood that some stations may not meet this goal and many may surpass it. Stations will have to be creative in picking the best location (s) to collect at, many stations should be able to collect at their firehouse, some may have to travel to a nearby intersection. If a station has several busy intersections - divide them between the 3 shifts or station units

27 Reaching Our Goal Other ways to meet your station goal is for neighboring stations to work together at busy intersections. Check with businesss in your area to see if a boot can be placed in their store for the 3 days. Recruit off duty FFs, family members and friends to come out and help. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!!!

28 Collecting Tactics Collect only on RED light cycles!!!!! No one under the age of 16 is allowed to be in the street collecting!!!!! Collection time: 0800 to 2000 hrs (Use your best judgment as when to start and finish) Collect only on RED light cycles!!!!! Units may need to take their money with them on an incident if no one is left at collection site!

29 Collecting Tactics Spacing of Members; Never let a driver think you are not going to get to them! First Car in Line; Most important person you will approach….. Collect only on RED light cycles!!!! Never Write-Off Any Vehicles; Buses, Other Government Vehicles, Pedestrians, Bicyclists Dont Stop; FTB is only 1 day a year keep- going!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Collecting Tactics Be polite and courteous when approaching cars; Please help FFs fight MD, Support your FFs and the MDA. Beware some may not want to give DO NOT FORCE ANYONE!!!! Thank those that do give!!!! Interaction with public; This is a good time to mention proper use of seatbelts, car seats, etc. If time allows, explain what you are doing. Wearing your helmet helps!!!! Collect only on RED light cycles!!!!

31 Collecting Safely Safety Vest / Portable Radios Sunscreen / Sunglasses Notify Others When Light Turns Green Rotate Crews Back to Firehouse Hydration Food Breaks

32 FILL THE BOOT Support Light Duty personnel may be reassigned to assist at various stations Off Duty FFs are encouraged to help at their stations Family and friends are also welcome to come out and help Capital One Bank has free coin counting- to find a branch near your station visit

33 FILL THE BOOT Support Designated personnel will pick up any money/deposit slips from stations after 2000 hrs. Stations may be asked to secure money until the next morning. MDA banners, posters & stickers will be provided to station to be used by all 3 shifts MDA families will be visiting stations the week before Fill the Boot.

34 Station Goals Station goals are based on each FF on the shift collecting $300 per day. Example: Station 4 works 6 FF per day = $1,800 X 3 shifts = $5,400.00 total for Station 4 Example: Station 29 works 11 FF per day = $3,300.00 X 3 shifts = $9,900.00 Any Off Duty FFs, family or friends that help reach a stations goal will only reduce the time needed to meet our overall goal.

35 Station Goals Per Shift Battalion 1 Station 1 8 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,400 Station 2 5 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,500 Station 12 8 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,400 Station 15 8 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,400 Station 16 9 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,700 Station 19 7 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,100 Station 24 9 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,700 Battalion 1 goal / shift = $16,200 X 3 shifts = $48,600

36 Station Goals Per Shift Battalion 2 Station 6 7 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,100 Station 7 4 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,200 Station 10 8 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,400 Station 11 5 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,500 Station 20 3 FF/Day X $300/FF = $900 Station 26 3 FF/Day X $300/FF = $900 Station 30 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Rescue 1 2 FF/Day X $300/FF = $600 Battalion 2 goal / shift = $11,400 X 3 shifts = $34,200.00

37 Station Goals Per Shift Battalion 3 Station 3 14 FF/Day X $300/FF = $4,200 Station 8 14 FF/Day X $300/FF = $4,200 Station 23 11 FF/Day X $300/FF = $3,300 Station 28 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Station 31 11 FF/Day X $300/FF = $3,300 Station 33 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Battalion 3 goal / shift = $18,600 X 3 shifts = $55,800.00

38 Station Goals Per Shift Battalion 4 Station 4 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Station 5 5 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,500 Station 18 7 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,100 Station 21 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Station 25 11 FF/Day X $300/FF = $3,300 Station 40 5 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,500 Rescue 2 9 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,700 Battalion 4 goal / shift = $14,700 X 3 shifts = $44,100.00

39 Station Goals Per Shift Battalion 5 Station 22 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Station 9 4 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,200 Station 13 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Station 17 9 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,700 Station 14 6 FF/Day X $300/FF = $1,800 Station 35 9 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,700 Station 34 9 FF/Day X $300/FF = $2,700 Battalion 5 goal / shift = $14,700 X 3 shifts = $44,100.00

40 FILL THE BOOT Awards All shifts and stations that meet or exceed their goal will be presented an award by the President of L1664, Fire Chief and MDA.

41 Eagles Club The Eagles Club located on Shady Grove Road in Gaithersburg is the collection site again this year. Off-duty FFs participating in Fill-the-Boot are welcome to stop by to help count funds and have dinner.

42 MDA Coordinator Any questions regarding the 2013 Fill the Boot Campaign should be directed to Donnie Simmons, L1664 MDA Chairman, at: – (Cell)301 252-9313 – – L1664 Office 301 762-6611

43 "Fire fighters are my heroes. They have given selflessly of their time and resources to help MDA, and it never ceases to gratify me that so many of you care so much about my kids. - Jerry Lewis


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