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10 X The Solar Transportation Ron Swenson, General Transportation Fund Bengt Gustafsson, Beamways Podcar City Conference 3 Malmö, Sweden, Dec. 9, 2009.

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1 10 X The Solar Transportation Ron Swenson, General Transportation Fund Bengt Gustafsson, Beamways Podcar City Conference 3 Malmö, Sweden, Dec. 9, 2009 2009 General Transportation Fund

2 Silicon Valley: A dollar will get you 10!

3 Bucky Fuller More with less. 1966

4 Solarevolution: A barrel of oil will get you 10!

5 SOLAR TRANSPORTATION 2009 General Transportation Fund

6 Tonatiuh

7 World Solar Challenge

8 Bubbles & Beams -- Solar

9 Solar Race Car and the Solar Highway 2 seconds apart @ 90 km/hr = 50 m Solar Race Car averages 90 km/hr with 6 m 2 solar panel … Podcars have 50 m ÷ 3 m = 17 X more collection area than solar race cars! 17 X 2m 3m Knowing it can be done, lets ramp onto the Solar Highway …

10 How can solar do so much? Most of the useful energy is used to move metal… Less than 1% of the total energy moves the driver! Actually, fossil fuels do very little! Braking Rolling Aero Drag Drivetrain Accessories Engine Loss Idling Loss 13%

11 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

12 10 X

13 SIKA: Energy Efficiency of Podcars

14 SIKA: Energy of Podcar << Saab kWh/km Saab 9-5 Podcar + AC km/hr

15 Clean Electricity 24/7

16 Renewables for Load-Matching

17 What about the night time?

18 GREEN VISION 2009 General Transportation Fund

19 San Joses Green Vision

20 Behind the Vision San José Mayor Chuck Reed went to Washington. Congressman Mike Honda advised Mayor Reed to be BOLD!

21 City of San José: RFP for ATN The City of San Josés Request for Proposals (RFP) for Automated Transit Network FFRDC Development Services (RFP # 08-09-DOTAD-009) August 31, 2009

22 San José ATN: Renewable Energy Ensure that the ATN system is built in the most energy-efficient manner possible and all practical means of capturing and utilizing renewable energy to power the ATN system are fully pursued. (pg 5) Experience with renewable energy systems & energy-efficiency strategies (pg 6) … the ATN Consultant team shall fully evaluate how the ATN system could be constructed to maximize its energy efficiency and potentially be powered in whole or part by renewable energy. … quantifying preliminary energy requirements of ATN systems, identifying potential for renewable energy generation, and calculating carbon emissions reductions achievable through renewable energy... (pg 24) … evaluate cost/benefits of using renewable energy to offset all or a portion of the energy requirements of the ATN system, estimate carbon emissions reductions achievable through use of renewable energy... Identify other green building practices, including energy efficiency measures, that could be cost-effectively integrated into the design. (pg 27) Provide analysis of cost/savings and recommend specifications to execute energy- efficiency and renewable energy strategies determined feasible (pg 28) For more information: Laura Stuchinsky, San José

23 BUYERS & SELLERS 2009 General Transportation Fund

24 J Y Dave Wang Two kinds of businessman: Good businessman –Selling Bad businessman –Buying 1975

25 Council on Competitiveness …U.S. business leaders … disagree sharply over how to encourage renewable-energy investment without imposing higher costs on consumers or businesses that depend on fossil fuels. "This is probably one of the more difficult subjects we've ever had to deal with" … said Chad Holliday, who … leads the … Council on Competitiveness, a group pushing the government to overhaul energy policy. "Every country … wants … green jobs," Holliday said... "If we move fast, we can get at least our share. But there's a downside. If we sit back and allow other countries to build that infrastructure... we're going to lose.,0,3902427.story

26 Public Service NJ "Absent a clear national commitment to renewable [energy] and to greenhouse gas limits, we will continue to see the supply chain shift overseas, and the promise of the green economy could slip away," said Ralph Izzo, president and chief executive of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc., a New Jersey utility that has invested aggressively in solar power.

27 Which will you [your country] be? Buyer? or Seller?

28 GLOBAL CHALLENGES 2009 General Transportation Fund

29 Climate Change

30 Peak Fossil Fuel Scenario - Olduvai 2008

31 Non-OPEC Winners & Losers

32 Economists cling to growth … Fields yet to be developed … are fields that may never be developed. Fields yet to be found … are fields that may never be found. IEAs coded messages keep staffers looking good, but …

33 Energy used to get Energy

34 The Net Energy Cliff

35 Detroit is Dying

36 SOLAR POTENTIAL 2009 General Transportation Fund

37 Sun Power every year one time only

38 Scientific American, November 2009

39 Germanys Success Half as much sun, 10 times more solar

40 68 kW PV in Malm ö Tekniska museet, Malmö stad Stadsfastigheter, 68 kWp

41 Båstad Tennis Arena Solar

42 Sweden has sunshine!

43 EQUITY 2009 General Transportation Fund

44 Inequality Daniel Gomez Canete, Oct 11, 2009 ASPO-USA kWh

45 African countries boycott climate change talks Every country needs to develop, to improve the lot of their own people, and that means we have to industrialize, and then to consume, and consumption leads to emissions, says Mr. Alusa. The richer nations need to recognize that poorer nations will increase their emissions … and the richer nations … must bear the greater burden for switching to cleaner and more expensive energies.

46 Finances to Poor Countries Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the Danish Prime Minister, … said …[t]he haggling on the very difficult specifics, including emission reduction goals and finance transfers to poorer countries to help them reach targets would be finished later…

47 Developing countries can still leapfrog… … the industrialized nations and avoid CO2 emissions by following one basic principle …

48 10 X 2009 General Transportation Fund


50 Stockholm

51 Santa Cruz


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