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Wrigley Litter Less Campaign Young Reporters for the Environment.

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1 Wrigley Litter Less Campaign Young Reporters for the Environment

2 Litter is…… ……..waste in the wrong place! Dog litter Chewing gum Cigarette ends Food leftovers Domestic waste

3 Sources of litter Uncovered waste Illegal dumping Street littering Building waste Large scale occasions Car littering Outings waste Litter left outside Domestic waste

4 Why do people litter? Laziness. More than half of all littering occurs within five metres of a garbage can or bin. Deliberate action. Often litter is not simply left behind, but placed carefully in chosen locations. Insufficient rubbish bins / unavailability of ashtrays. Habit and forgetfulness.

5 Impact of litter Litter is a threat to public health. Litter can be a fire hazard. Litter can harm or kill wildlife.

6 Impacts of litter…. Litter harms our waterways. Removing litter from the environment costs everyone money. Litter attracts litter.

7 Decay times Paper – 6 months Cigarette ends – 2-5 years Banana peel - 3 months Plastic shopping bag – 10-30 years Gum – 20-25 years Aluminium Can – 200-400 years


9 Hot Spots Town centres Routes to schools Fences around schools and garden beds Near shops selling food on the go Play areas and parks where groups gather Car parks Shopping areas

10 Solutions? Contact businesses who sold what was littered to try and reduce packaging Make sure your waste goes in the rubbish bin, not beside it Take your litter home when visiting parks and gardens

11 Pack a waste free lunch with reusable plastic containers and water bottles Always dispose of unwanted chemicals responsibly Use a reusable cloth bag when you are shopping Always take a pick-up-bag when walking your dog

12 Goals of the Litter Less Campaign To raise awareness of the effect of litter To prevent and manage litter To collaborate with other schools to promote ESD (education for sustainable development) To find and then report solutions through articles, photographs and videos To influence others by communicating with others through the media


14 Participation Participants of the Litter Less Campaign investigate a local litter issue and produce a journalistic production in the form of articles, photographic reportage, or video clips. The production must include suggestions for solutions on minimising litter.

15 Registration

16 YRE - Wrigley Litter Less Campaign Calendar 30 October 2012Litter Less Campaign launch 15 Dec 2012Deadline for registrations 1 Dec 2012 – 1 April 2013 Investigations / Projects / Campaigns 12 April 2013Deadline to upload projects 1 May 2013National Winners are announced 1 June 2013International Winners are announced October 2013International Winners attend a workshop abroad

17 Incentives Press cards Activities Prizes – 3 tablets, iPod, digital camera, full camping kit Publications and websites PR for winners and schools Mission abroad

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