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BATTLE OF THE BOOK Subject: GEOGRAPHY Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920.

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3 Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920

4 In which direction are you traveling when your going from Detroit to Mt. Pleasant? A. East B. West C. North

5 If you lived in Michigan, in which direction would you travel to get to Indiana? a.) North b.) South c.) East d.) West

6 Why do most people live in our area in Michigan? a.) It is too cold up north. b.) The car industry offers more jobs. c.) We have four seasons.

7 What is the effect of polluting our water with trash? a.) It will wash away and not harm anyone. b.) It will kill the living things in the water. c.) We will not be able to swim anymore.

8 Trees are a natural resource what would be a negative effect if we cut them down? a.) We will have more room to build houses. b.) We will no longer have forests and living things will die. c.) We will have less clean water.

9 Which of the following is true about Michigan…? a.) Michigan belongs to the South East Region. b.)Michigan has two Peninsulas -Lower and Upper Peninsulas. c.) Michigan has only two lakes.

10 The United States has many regions. Michigan belongs to what region? a.) Northwest b.)Southwest c.) Northeast d.) Midwest

11 Michigan is known for their apples and other states are known for a different fruit. Why do we get fruit from other states? a.) Other states have better grocery stores. b.) Apples only grow in Michigan. c.) Other states have warmer climates and can grow different fruit.

12 Why do many people leave Michigan and move further south? a.) To live in a warmer place. b.) To eat crops we cannot grow. c.) To go swimming at a beach.

13 If a new car industry opens up in Detroit it will cause? a.) Less jobs for people. b.) More jobs for people. c.) There wont be enough cars for people to drive.

14 Which of the following is an example of changing the environment? a.) You take a job at the mall. b.) You visit a park or forest. c.) You cut down trees to make paper and boats.

15 How has living near the Great Lakes changed the way people live? a.) Many tourists came to and it created jobs. b.) More houses were built. c.) Many fruit trees were planted.

16 We live in Wayne County which is also part of Michigan. a.) TRUE b.) FALSE

17 Wayne, Lapeer, Oakland and Monroe are all examples of? a.) Counties b.) States c.) Rivers

18 Ali lives in Dearborn. Dearborn is part of Wayne County. What is also true about where Ali lives? a.) Ali lives in the Southeast region. b.) Ali lives in the United States of America. c.) Ali lives in Ohio.

19 Which city in Michigan belongs to Wayne County? a.) Traverse City b.) California c.) Detroit

20 Which lake is the furthest north? a.) Lake Michigan b.) Lake Superior c.) Lake Erie

21 Why are most of the orchards along Lake Michigan? a.) The climate near the water is perfect for growing fruit. b.) There are too many people that live up north. c.) The upper peninsula has warmer weather.

22 An example of a human characteristic of Michigan is ? a.) Bodies of water to fish in. b.) Landforms to live on. c.)Bridges to connect places.

23 Hamza and Alex wanted to play a game using natural resources. Which activity should they do? a.) Go to the library. b.) Playing basketball c.) Going fishing.

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