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Slide 1 Slide 1 E.R.Bouwman ll.m. ir J.J.Baggerman 2005 Presentation.

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1 Slide 1 Slide 1 E.R.Bouwman ll.m. ir J.J.Baggerman 2005 Presentation

2 Slide 2 Slide 2 Background Cars are becoming increasingly theft proof That means more difficult to steal without keys While the keys themselves are easy to steal Almost half the keys are stolen from peoples homes The number of burglaries for Key Crime car keys is expected to increase

3 Slide 3 Slide 3 Background

4 Slide 4 Slide 4 The Problem You do not want the risk of: Being burgled for your car keys Having a thief in your bedroom Increasing the risk of burglary by acquiring a new car

5 Slide 5 Slide 5 You do want: The pleasure of purchasing a new car without increasing the risk of a burglary The thief to leave as quickly as possible, should there be a burglary The thief not to return

6 Slide 6 Slide 6 The Market There are various anti-theft systems on the market Car jack systems Safety code systems Biometric key systems Track and trace systems Immobiliser systems

7 Slide 7 Slide 7 The Market All aimed at the prevention of car theft while... The incidence of car key theft increases steadily!

8 Slide 8 Slide 8 Key Crime Prevention System The Key Crime Prevention System Discourages the theft of car keys from peoples homes and Prevents the theft of car keys User-friendly and simple to use

9 Slide 9 Slide 9 Prevents the theft of cars by means of car keys Prevents the thief having to search your entire home for the car keys Ensures that the thief leaves the premises a.s.a.p. Ensures that the thief does not return to your home Eventually reduces the number of burglaries for car keys Key Crime Prevention System

10 Slide 10 Slide 10 Through exclusive use by a single car manufacturer: Moves the focus of car thieves to other models Increases the safety image of the car manufacturer concerned Offers extra protection through the acquisition of a car with KCPS Improves the insurance terms for the cars protected in this manner Key Crime Prevention System

11 Slide 11 Slide 11 Target Group KCPS is aimed at new cars KCPS can be introduced to any new car assemblage Implementation costs depend on the systems currently in use Aimed at the higher segment of the market Because of the higher theft incidence Because the implementaton costs will be low

12 Slide 12 Slide 12 Status Market research has shown that the Key Crime Prevention System is unique and the only user-friendly solution for key crime The Key Crime Prevention System has a functional design A graphic demonstration model of the invention has been developed and is included A patent for the invention is pending

13 Slide 13 Slide 13 What next... The search for a car manufacturer who wishes to introduce the invention with us on to the market

14 Slide 14 Slide 14 E.R.Bouwman ll.m. ir J.J.Baggerman February 2005 DEMO

15 Slide 15 Slide 15 An increasing number of cars are stolen after the owners car keys have been stolen.

16 Slide 16 Slide 16 While the owner is sleeping

17 Slide 17 Slide 17 and the keys are lying somewhere in the house

18 Slide 18 Slide 18 the burglar breaks into the house

19 Slide 19 Slide 19 and looks for the keys...

20 Slide 20 Slide 20 the search is carried out until the keys are located

21 Slide 21 Slide 21 as soon as the keys have been found...

22 Slide 22 Slide 22 the burglar leaves the premises.

23 Slide 23 Slide 23 The car is now easy to steal

24 Slide 24 Slide 24 the burglar starts the car...

25 Slide 25 Slide 25 and drives off.

26 Slide 26 Slide 26 The Key Crime Prevention System discourages car thieves from breaking in for car keys.

27 Slide 27 Slide 27 If they do break in they do not have a long search

28 Slide 28 Slide 28 the car keys are hanging in an obvious place or are clearly visible

29 Slide 29 Slide 29 the burglar picks up the keys...

30 Slide 30 Slide 30 and leaves the premises.

31 Slide 31 Slide 31 As with cars without the Key Crime Prevention System the thief has easy access to the car.

32 Slide 32 Slide 32 The car also starts without a problem.

33 Slide 33 Slide 33 What the thief is not aware of is that he has activated a timer by starting the car and that the distance is being recorded.

34 Slide 34 Slide 34 Once a certain time limit or distance has been reached the Key Crime Prevention programme comes into play

35 Slide 35 Slide 35 This sets off a set of (re)actions. The car is immobilised...

36 Slide 36 Slide 36 the doors are locked...

37 Slide 37 Slide 37 der Autoalarm kann ausgelöst werden...

38 Slide 38 Slide 38 track and trace signals are sent to various support services that find the car and thief.

39 Slide 39 Slide 39 the timer ensures that the car is sufficiently distant from the owners house that the thief does not return.

40 Slide 40 Slide 40 Questions ?

41 Slide 41 Slide 41 E. R. Bouwman LL.M. Partner-proprietor of a top executive search agency for lawyers in the Netherlands

42 Slide 42 Slide 42 ir J. J. Baggerman Director-proprietor innovation agency DOK 5 Author: Ik heb een goed idee. Wat nu? (I have an idea. But what next?)

43 Slide 43 Slide 43 Contact For more information : DOK 5 attn. Dhr. ir J.J.Baggerman Lange Beestenmarkt 93 2512 EC Den Haag Netherlands 00-31-614368005

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