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Disaster Preparedness and Response in Israel Six weeks of learning about the infrastructure, policy, and culture of preparedness in Israel Heidi MolineJune/July.

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1 Disaster Preparedness and Response in Israel Six weeks of learning about the infrastructure, policy, and culture of preparedness in Israel Heidi MolineJune/July 2009 Emory Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center Visiting student with the the Ben Gurion University PReparED Center (research of Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters).

2 Field Experience Timetable WeekWork/ActivitiesLocation 1Turning Point 3 National DrillTel Aviv, Haifa, Ramla, Kiryat-Gat 2ICS writing, Hospital Preparedness presentation Beer-Sheva, Tel Aviv 3ICS writing, WHO training exerciseBeer-Sheva, Netanya 4Resilience writing, Visit to a community clinic Beer-Sheva, Dimona 5Resilience writing, Resilience meetingBeer-Sheva, Jerusalem 6Wrapping up, Hospital Radiologic DrillBeer-Sheva

3 Week 1 Turning Point 3 Israel's National Emergency Exercise

4 Turning Point 3 – NEMA Exercise June 1-4, 2009 Emergency management Representatives from 30 countries Witnessed parts of the national drill for various emergencies, including: missile attacks collapsed buildings a terrorist with a car bomb

5 Turing Point 3 – Day 2 Missile siren @ 11:00 Elharizi Elementary School, Tel Aviv School drill procedures, 3 minutes to get all children in to shelters Scenario had the missile striking the building, Police, Fire, and MDA were on site

6 Turning Point 3 – Day 2

7 Home Front Command headquarters in Ramla Toured the: Emergency Operations Center Call Center Media Room Medical Coordination

8 Turning Point 3 – Day 3 Resilience exercise in Haifa Showed us the use of community resilience centers during events Individuals are provided coping and resilience activities and live there until they were able to return to their homes

9 Turning Point 3 – Day 3

10 Destruction site rescue, near Beer-Sheva

11 Turning Point 3 – Day 3

12 Turning Point 3 – Day 4 Building evacuation, 6,000 people in downtown Tel Aviv Scenario: a terrorist drives into downtown suspected of carrying a car bomb Police, fire and MDA work together for this event.

13 Turning Point 3 – Day 4

14 Week 2 Hospital Preparedness Presentation

15 Hospital Visit, Tel Aviv Ministry of Health presentation on hospital preparedness Chief of ED talked about what really happens at the hospital when they get casualties from an MCE Hazard suits available to staff near ambulance by – with picture directions of how to put suits on!

16 Hospital Preparedness

17 Weeks 2 & 3 Incident Command Systems: Comparing Israel and Atlanta

18 Comparing Incident Command Systems Comparing the incident command response to similar a similar blast in Atlanta and Israel, specifically: Who takes command Communication between agencies Speed of recovery Population characteristics Atlanta metro area was chosen because of similar population size to Israel

19 Comparing Incident Command Systems Findings: Responses are similar Geographic scope and population differences affect the application of Israeli methods in the US Practice, practice, practice… with practice comes efficiency

20 Weeks 4 & 5 Examining aspects of Community Resilience

21 Resilience Work (cont) Definition Psychological aspect Role in disaster preparedness Personal vs Community How can it be measured? Israel actively tries to improve resilience: Public education Resilience centers Would this work in the US?

22 Resilience Work (cont) The more I worked on resilience, the more confused I became – meeting with the clinical psychologist really did shake what I had come to believe about resilience Im starting to think there is just one general type of community resilience (based largely on social capital), and then event-specific preparedness (which after-the-fact would give the appearance of event-specific resilience)

23 Week 6 Hospital Radiologic Exercise

24 A Ministry of Health evaluation of Radiological Event procedures at Soroka Medical Center First of this type of drill at the BGU teaching Hospital 3 hour event Began preparing 5 months before

25 Hospital Radiologic Drill

26 Summary of Experience 1. Beginning my stay here with the Turning Point exercise was a perfect introduction to disaster response in Israel It also allowed me to see the role of the military during disasters – I dont think I really understood how intertwined and essential it is in disasters It provided a context for my research – the size of the country and type of infrastructure cannot be overlooked when comparing the US to Israel

27 Summary of Experience 2. My experience was greatly enhanced by being apart of a close student community where we had very honest discussions about: What its like to live in Israel How the war affected their lives The role of religion and regional history Cultural norms

28 Summary of Experience 3. I find the level of national pride to be just amazing. Seeing Israeli flags flying off balconies is a reminder of how connected the population is to the country. I was later told that the flags were just left there from old Independence days because people were lazy, but either way, its cool to see I felt like I was able to get a feel of the culture

29 Summary of Experience 4. I did not expect the structure of the government and healthcare systems to be such a hindrance in adapting preparedness measures for the US The government role in hospital operations The role of the military in response 5. I underestimated the importance of the size difference between the countries Im beginning to think that the our geographic size and population, US preparedness and response isnt too bad

30 Summary of Experience 6. I wish I had attended a FEMA drill or hospital drill in the US before I came – I think this way I would have a better understanding of how to compare what I saw 7. I wish I would have had a more specific and defined research goal and deliverable before I arrived 8. I really cant imagine having the opportunity to do everything I did in Israel in the US – just a truly amazing experience!

31 The End.

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