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1 PowerPoint Slide Shows
Here are some links to an automated slide show. View it in total or in parts. You can quit any section by pressing the Escape key The Whole Show Click here for the full 13-minute PowerPoint show about CarSim. You can escape the show early by pressing the Escape key. 1. The Company Introduction to Mechanical Simulation, the company that provides CarSim 4. Extending CarSim Many CarSim users extend the models and/or controllers using Simulink. 2. Using CarSim This shows the way you use CarSim, choosing data sets, clicking buttons and viewing results. 5. CarSim RT CarSim runs much faster than real time on PCs, making it well-suited for real-time testing with hardware in the loop (HIL). 3. CarSim Math Models This presents the thinking behind the modeling of vehicle dynamics and the choices of measurable parameters and properties. Sales Information Doug Orrin (734) Ext. 209 International Sales Academic Programs Damon A. Becker (734) Ext. 212 More Information CarSim in PowerPoint

2 Simulated Vehicle Testing
CarSim Narrated by Michael Sayers, Ph.D. Chief technical officer at Mechanical Simulation Simulated Vehicle Testing Easy to Use Fast Accurate Extensible Inexpensive Industry Standard The CarSim Show

3 Mechanical Simulation
Background Software company specializing in vehicle dynamics Founded in 1996 Spin-off of UMTRI (Univ. of Mich. Transportation Research Institute) Core Competencies Vehicle dynamics expertise Testing point of view Making software productive Full documentation Extensive real-time support Who We Are

4 About Mechanical Simulation
Our Products TruckSim Heavy trucks and combination vehicles Dual tires CarSim Four-wheeled cars, light trucks, utility vehicles, race cars With or without trailers Real-time versions BikeSim Motorcycle dynamics For release early 2005 About Mechanical Simulation

5 Who Uses CarSim / TruckSim
OEM’s (Car and Truck) Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers Testing and Research Organizations Universities Our Customers Who Uses CarSim / TruckSim

6 Product Development and Validation
Vehicle and system definition Production Vehicle and system performance Subsystem and component definition Component testing and hardware in the loop Control strategy and software in the loop Design When Do You Use CarSim

7 The Parts of CarSim Using CarSim
Graphical database Surface animator Engineering plotter Vehicle math model solvers The Parts of CarSim Use the database to define vehicles, conditions, and test results View results with animation View engineering plots Export results to other software Using CarSim

8 Simulation Graphical User Interface
The database is organized with 150 graphic screens Each screen accesses a library of data sets Navigate like a web browser Use pull-down menus to select data sets from libraries Screens show data in context On-line help for all controls Easy to copy existing data sets and make changes Past runs are part of the CarSim database Using CarSim

9 The CarSim Run Screen Using CarSim To make a run:
The left 1/3 of the screen has inputs for the test run The middle 1/3 has controls for the run The right 1/3 shows results of the run The CarSim Run Screen To make a run: Start with an existing data set for a similar test Maybe change the vehicle Maybe change the driver controls Maybe change the road Click the Run button Using CarSim

10 Viewing Animations Using CarSim Maybe change the camera settings
Maybe overlay another run Click the Animate button Using CarSim

11 Animator Using CarSim Automatic setup Simple user interface OpenGL
Highly extensible Shading, lighting, textures, fog, … Automatic surface smoothing Standard Shape Files STL OBJ Using CarSim

12 CarSim Math Models

13 Main Modeling Objectives
Predict vehicle system response to: Driver steering control Driver braking control Driver throttle and shifting control Road friction and 3D geometry Air and wind Tires are very important Need realistic shear forces and moments from the tire model: Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz Must calculate realistic input variables for the tire model: a, , , R Predict transfer of forces to the sprung mass by the suspension CarSim Math Models

14 Built on 30 Years of Research at UMTRI
Inertia Measurement Tire Testing Built on 30 Years of Research at UMTRI Suspension Measurement Modeling, Algorithms, & Simulation Parameter Measurement Testing and Analysis CarSim Validation

15 System-Level Modeling
Lateral G 10 20 -0.5 0.5 10 20 -20 -10 Yaw rate—deg/s Road Test System-Level Modeling CarSim Ideal model complexity for chassis control development & proving ground correlation. Models are computationally stable Models run real time on PC’s All model parameters can be measured CarSim Math Models

16 Parameters CarSim Math Models Simple Properties Measurable
Known to be significant Shown on screen in context Dimensions, masses, ratios Measurable No need to be a simulation specialist to understand them CarSim Math Models

17 Nonlinear Properties CarSim Math Models
Represented with tables of measurable quantities Obtained from lab Obtained from other software (simulated measurements) CarSim Math Models

18 3D Roads CarSim Math Models Simple tabular descriptions
Horizontal, vertical, 3D incremental elevation Tables are independent Data from CAD, spreadsheet, GPS, etc. Mixture of spline and straight-line interpolation Automatically create shapes for surface animator Roads can be open-ended or looped CarSim Math Models

19 CarSim Model State Variables
Dynamic states are defined by differential equations Math Model of System . X = f Simulated test conditions Vehicle Properties Equation Solver Raw Output CarSim Model State Variables 30 multibody states 6 sprung mass DOF 4 suspension jounce / axle roll DOF 4 wheel rotation DOF Engine rotation DOF 14 Auxiliary dynamic states 8 tire dynamic states 4 fluid states 35 extra states ABS control Suspension and steering compliance Wheel lockup CarSim Math Models

20 Simulink (add-on to MATLAB) is the “most used” simulation environment
Extend with Simulink Simulink (add-on to MATLAB) is the “most used” simulation environment Extensibility

21 Simulink Support / Interface
CarSim math models are available as Simulink S-Function blocks Use Simulink from CarSim Use CarSim from Simulink Extend CarSim with Simulink

22 Import from Simulink to CarSim
160+ Imported variables Control inputs Tire/ground inputs Tire forces and moments Spring and damper forces Steering system angles Driveline torques Brake torques & pressures Wind inputs Arbitrary forces & moments Variables can be defined in Simulink Variables can be defined in other software and linked to CarSim with Simulink Imported variables are added to similar variables “internal” to CarSim Extend CarSim with Simulink

23 Export from CarSim to Simulink
Exported variables are available for user-defined extensions 560+ exported variables (4-wheeled models) Position and orientation Motion variables Velocities and accelerations Rigid bodies and force components (springs, shocks) Forces and moments of most components Most control variables All ground and wind information Extend CarSim with Simulink

24 Real-Time Testing with Hardware In the Loop
CarSim is “the Loop” Hardware Testing

25 CarSim RT for Hardware in the Loop
Host Machine w. Windows Database Animator & Plotter User Interface Target Machine w. RT OS CarSim math models Hardware-in-the-loop interface Works with most RT systems CarSim RT for Hardware in the Loop

26 CarSim RT for Hardware in the Loop
Driving Simulators Marketing Research Training CarSim RT for Hardware in the Loop

27 CarSim / CarSim RT Comparison
Math models are identical Same equations of motion Same fixed-step integrators Same time steps Same set of importable (input) variables Same compatibility with Simulink Same Database, Animator, Plotter CarSim RT for Hardware in the Loop

28 CarSim Review The CarSim Show Easy to Use Fast Accurate Extensible
Review Easy to Use Fast Accurate Extensible Inexpensive Industry Standard The CarSim Show

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