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Topic: Travel and Leisure..

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1 Topic: Travel and Leisure.

2 Tasks: to learn new vocabulary;
to refresh and enrich lexical vocabulary; to practise Ss in reading; to read the specific information; to achieve Ss understanding of the aimed topic essence

3 Life would be dull without travelling.
Motto: Life would be dull without travelling.

4 Pronunciation drill: Travelling.
We go by car. And we go by train. We go by boat, And we go by plane. We go by land, And sea and air, We go, go, go, From here to there.

5 Discussion . (бесіда за змістом вірша)
Teacher: using what means of transport can you travel by land? using what means of transport can you travel by sea? using what means of transport can you travel by air?

6 Vocabulary Review. ‘ Brainstorm’
Vocabulary Review. ‘ Brainstorm’. What things do you associate with the word ‘Travelling’? Look at the board. You can see a ‘Mind Map’. Make up as many sentences as you can.

7 Presentation: Reading and Pronounciation.
Read the words, word combinations with their translation. Matching. Match the pairs: 1. travelling a) маршрут 2. voyage b) у нашій країні 3. journey c) запізнитися на поїзд 4. by plane d) за кордоном 5. by train e) подорож 6. on foot f) подорож морем 7. route g) поїздом 8. to miss the train h) літаком 9. in this country і) пішки 10. abroad g) подорож (сушею)

8 Relaxation: Listen when you cross the street. In our town
Use your eyes, use your ears. And then use your feet. Trams and cars In our town Move the streets up and down. Stop! Look!

9 Reading. Pre-Reading Activities. Discussion.
T: - Is travelling popular nowadays? - What ways of travelling do you know? - Which is the fastest way of travelling? - How do people usually travel when they go abroad? Why? - What is the best time of travelling?

10 Reading. While – Reading Activities.
Read the text and say if the sentences are true or false. Travelling is very popular nowadays. The fastest way of travelling is by train. Travelling by plane is slower than by train. Travelling by car hasn’t got any advantages. Travelling means getting about town too.

11 Reading. Post – Reading Activities. a) T: Answer the questions.
Which is the fastest way of travelling? What are the advantages of travelling by train? Is travelling by car faster or slower than by train? What makes travelling by car enjoyable? What are the ways of getting about the town?

12 Reading. Post – Reading Activities.
b) Roleplay. ( you – a guide of a travel bureau.) Give advice to travellers for better way of travelling. Travelling is very ……nowadays. The fastest …. of travelling is by ….. . With a modern airliner you can travel….. . You can see…..travelling through the country. Many people like to travel……. . When travelling by car you can make your own time -…. . Travelling by car is popular for pleasure……. . Travelling by …….is popular for business trips.

13 Presentation: Writing. Complete the sentences. Travelling is…….
Many people like to travel by ……. We like to spend our holidays……. The fastest way of travelling is…….

14 Speaking. Answer some questions: 1) Have you ever travelled?
2) Where did you go to? 3) Did you travel or 4) Why do people travel? 5) Which is the fastest way of travelling? 6) Why do some people prefer a journey by train to one by plane? 7) Which way of travelling do you prefer? by train by plane by car?

15 Identify the following methods of transportation:

16 Unscramble the following methods of trasnsportation:
narit - hisp - sub - ikeb - napel - arc -

17 Home task: to learn new vocabulary;
to prepare a short topic about travelling.

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