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3 CREDITS The game (Need for Madness) is a production (producer Omar Waly, WARNING: Probably won‘t reply! Music: Original Product web page: Download at:

4 Why Edited? The edited version is nicer, which means that the land is
more realistic because of colour changing first. At the moment, the edited version has a different order of tracks, but some are still the original ones. The changing of colour makes it look better. There are even new cars, they may look better!

5 What‘s New? I worked a lot on new cars (next page) and I am still not happy with them. If anyone would have a good car model, no matter what it is could please send it to The best ones will be in the game on the Volcano Games website. I need at least 10 to put one in the game. When you have ‘em, send ‘em!

6 The Cars Tornado Shark Formula 7 Wow Caninaro La Vite Crab Nimi (ORG)
Max Revenge Lead Oxide EL KING (ORG) Radical One DR Monstaa (ORG) ORG=Original

7 Edit the game on your own
Basic RAD and track model positioning

8 Edit the game on your own
Navigate your browser to the Need For Madness folder (C:\Program Files). Go into the Graphics Folder and find sone files with the extension *.zipo. Those are actually *.zip files. Models can be found in *.rad format, images in *.gif or *.jpg format. To edit, pull the file you want to edit to your Desktop. Then replace the file in the ZIP folder with the edited file. Do not forget to make the ZIP folders ZIPO files after editing,else the game won‘t work! To open the RAD files, use the Windows Text Editor or the Windows MFC WordPad Application. You will have to practice using this stuff. Glass surfsces are the parts that say ,,glass‘‘. ,,p‘‘ creates a point and <p> creates a new surface and </p> Finishes it. The numbers seperated by commas are coordinates.

9 Basic RAD The RAD modelling is actually pretty easy once you know the correct coordinates and variables to use. The best thing to do with wheels is use wheels of other cars and edit the position,width and heith. Same with faces. Copy other faces and insert points or/and edit their position. An example for faces is the bubble for on top of Max Revenge. Go to next page to view.

10 Max Revenge Bubble <p> <p> c(000,000,255) c(255,000,000)

11 Page 1 of editing a Car Navigate your browser to the Need for Madness folder in the Program files folder. Rename ,,models.zipo‘‘ to ,,‘‘. Go into the zip folder and extract one or more of the car files. Here are all the cars: Tornado Shark--2000tornados.rad Formula formula7.rad Wow Caninaro---canyenaro.rad La Vite Crab---lescrab.rad Nimi nimi.rad Max Revenge----maxrevenge.rad Lead Oxide-----leadoxide.rad EL KING king.rad Radical One----radicalone.rad DR Monstaa-----drmonster.rad OTHER MODELS ARE NOT EDITABLE YET!!!

12 Page 2 of editing a Car Double-click onto the file you just copied to your desktop. If you copied more than one, choose one to edit.To open these files,select ,,Select program from List‘‘. Then choose the WordPad-MFC-Application. It is includet in Windows XP by default! Now, explore the different variables. They are listed below. c------colour (c(red,green,blue)) w------wheel (maximum 4) p------point (no maximum) glass--create glass surface (dont‘ add any colour!) gr-----unknown (probably to make Surfaces be officially gray, but the function is unknown!) The first and easiest thing to do is changing colour of the car models. To do this follow the instructions on the next page.

13 Change the colour of Car models
First mix a colour in a RGB function of a program. The one program every comuter should have is Paint. Mix a colour you like using either the RGB function (highlighted red), the normal colour mixer (highlighted black) or choose one of the default colours (highlighted blue). In the RGB function, where it says Red, Green, and Blue, copy that into the surfaces colour ( c(red,green,blue). Illustration on next page. Save. Copy the edited file into the Rename the to models.zipo. Start the game and look at the model you edited.

14 Illustration for changing Colour

15 Final instructions The game editing is not as hard as it looks. To change shape of the cars, just experiment with the positions. Don‘t forget the zip-zipo thing. The cars in the game won‘t change if you do not restart the game. Please remember the following things: If you are not working very long on this or you are working on it the first time, Please create a copy of the folder before saving the first time. If you have a car with large surfaces,better make them lots of small sufaces if the car should not be indestructable. If you are wondering why a car is not getting another shape that face that is not destructed schould be fragmented.

16 Editing Racetracks on your own
To edit a racetrack you just need the basic knowledge. Go find the stages folder and open a random TXT file. You will see snap(##,##,##). ## stands for random number. This sets the tracks background colour and says if it is dark or bright. It has a totally weird colour system here. It says sky, fog and ground. Those work pretty much the same as the colours in the cars (see edit colours of cars). Then below you can see things like set or fix. The first number sets the model and the others the Coordinates and angle (model,x,z,angle). In the special case of fix, the fixing hoops you can also set the height of the model (model,x,z,y,angle). The cars starting position is always 0,0,0. This all the basic knowledge you need to edit tracks.

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