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Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, Rwanda Science Learning Center.

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1 Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, Rwanda Science Learning Center


3 News from the Science Center! ASYV RadioBalloon Car Race BiologyIndependent Projects Earth Energy These links will show you some of the new projects we have been working on in the Science Center at ASYV.

4 SYV Radio! Students developed a circuit that would take an input from a microphone and amplify it to create an FM signal

5 SYV Radio! They attached an antenna to the top of the water tower and sent friends around the village to see how far their signal would go. (approximately 100m) Home

6 Balloon Car Race For the most recent Science Center competition students designed, built, and raced balloon powered cars.

7 Construction Students constructed their cars from recycled materials and household items.

8 Testing Students learned about friction, momentum, and other kinematic principles by testing their cars. They also learned about the iterative design process, adjusting their creations based on what they had observed.

9 Race Day Home On race day students competed for farthest distance, greatest velocity, and most unique design.

10 Earth Energy Students learned to harness energy from the world around them to do work.

11 Solar Electricity Students were able to generate electricity by setting LED arrays in the sun.

12 Electricity from the soil Students were also able to generate electricity by creating batteries from soil.

13 Solar Drier Students used energy from the sun to create a solar convection drier. Home

14 Dining Hall Sterilization A S5 students is working on a project to prevent bacterial growth on the plates and utensils in the dining hall.

15 Hot Air Balloons Two S5 students, prepare sections of their hot air balloon to be fused together to form the envelop that will trap the hot air. Home

16 Biology The Biology lab is the newest addition to the Science Center. So far students have made models of human organs, observed microorganisms, and created a botanical garden

17 The Neuron Game Students made models of neurons from clay. Then to get a better understanding of how neurons communicate they played a game to simulate nerve impulses.

18 Botanical Garden Students have learned about classifications of indigenous and foreign plants, as well as various methods of propagation through the creation of a botanical garden Home

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