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MEDIA INFORMATION 2011/2012. Automotive Manufacturer Automotive Manufacturer is published quarterly by Cavendish Group International as a part of an exciting.

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2 Automotive Manufacturer Automotive Manufacturer is published quarterly by Cavendish Group International as a part of an exciting range of business titles. It has already attracted more than 16,500 qualified subscribers since its launch in October 2005. Automotive Manufacturer Automotive Manufacturer addresses the technical challenges facing Indias nascent automotive industry. Already one of the worlds largest markets for new vehicles, Indias car industry continues to attract massive inbound investment as OEMs seek to increase market share amidst concerns of overcapacity. Manufacturers face the competing pressures of cutting costs whilst improving the quality of technology and styling to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated Indian consumer. Automotive Manufacturer, is recognized as a definitive source of information on the best practices, technologies and styling emerging in the western automotive sector. Automotive Manufacturer Automotive Manufacturer is well established as one of a series of publications produced under the Cavendish Group brand. Cavendish magazines are published in English. Cavendish Group International has been specifically created to bring a greater awareness of the latest technologies and innovations being deployed in the western hemisphere to key decision makers and specifies at the cutting edge of Indias emergence as an economic superpower.

3 The following organisations are supporting the publication: The Society of Indian Manufacturers (SIAM) is the official voice of the Indian automotive industry and the main source of national data and statistics. The Association works closely with the Indian Government on the formulation and implementation of policy and is at the forefront of establishing international links with organisations around the globe. Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) the official arm of the component manufacturers, liaising between OEMs, Government and Suppliers. National Automotive Testing and R&D Project (NATRIP) is specifically responsible for the formulation and implementation of policy including the coordination and regulation of foreign economic cooperation and investment in research, development and implementation of automotive projects Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is an organisation, that provides research and development facilities and expertise. The ARAI organises the Bi-Annual Symposium of International Automotive Technology.

4 Automotive Manufacturer Automotive Manufacturer is distributed on a quarterly basis to key personnel in Indias Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers. Readers are key personnel in both National OEMs Like Mahindra, TATA and Ashok Leyland, as well as multinational OEMs such as Hyundai, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler. Further circulation at all major suppliers, and trade and research organisations. The circulation of Automotive Manufacturer is growing rapidly. We currently have in excess of 16,500 subscribers which generates a readership of more than 65,000 automotive professionals throughout India who receive the pubication in both hardcopy and digital formats. Readers include: C-level executives Purchasing officers Chief engineers Manufacturing directors Supply chain managers Designers Key government personnel Heads of R&D

5 Automotive Manufacturers exclusive interviews and reports give readers insight into every aspect of the automotive industry. Manufacturers, engineers, suppliers, consultants and supply chain experts share their expertise with readers. Automotive Manufacturer Features cover the latest technologies. From software and services to cutting development cycles to the latest equipment to build cars faster, better and more flexibly, Automotive Manufacturer gives readers clear information on how to improve their business.

6 Regular features focus on: Manufacturing: From factory tours of Europes most successful plants, to lean thinking and new plant technologies, Automotive Manufacturer shows readers the route to building better production systems. Engine technology: Features look at new engines to see how they deliver better performance, lower emissions and improved quality. Interviews with engineers reveal the thinking behind successful companies decisions. Powertrain technologies from common rail to variable valve timing are analyzed and explained. Design & Styling: Getting desirable new cars from the stylists sketchpad to into showrooms faster is the name of the game. Features look at how to design new vehicles and the techniques used to iron out problems sooner. Automotive technology: Comparing competing technologies in the supply base and offer unbiased reports on their advantages and limitations. We look at all aspects of the car, from new interiors to active safety electronics. Supply chain & Logistics: Efficiency is paramount. Every issue of Automotive Manufacturer highlights the projects, technologies and partnerships that are improving OEMs bottom line.

7 Options Rate Pounds Back Cover 11,950 Inside Front / Back Cover 8,950 Double Page Spread 8,950 A4 Full page 6,000 Half page – Horizontal or Vertical 4,000 4, 8, or 16 side Inserts and sponsorship packages available POA Discounts are available for series bookings at the following rates: 2 Issues: 10% 3 Issues: 15% 4 Issues: 20% + Free Online Profile for 1 yr.

8 Contact Advertising: Jamie McBarek – Group Director E-mail: Tel: +44 (0) 203 077 8735 Editorial: Mark Bursa- Editor E-mail:

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