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Student Manager Driver Training An ACEware Webinar.

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1 Student Manager Driver Training An ACEware Webinar

2 Todays Lesson Drive Like You Own the Car Hitting the Road Driving Tips Shortcuts Fuel Economy Spotting and Responding to Problems Parking and Securing your Vehicle Auto Maintenance & Insurance

3 Drive like you own the car! Edit user information Edit / My User Profile Large event? Enter the course number here so you dont have to enter it each time its needed.

4 Drive like you own the car! Make use of User Defined Fields

5 Drive like you own the car! Customize your reports

6 Hitting the road!

7 Hitting the Road Watch your database grow... Help / About Student Manager

8 Explore and discover new things.. Dont be afraid to try a new road. Directions are available on the website.

9 Hitting the Road Dont forget to take a break for webinars and planning

10 Driving Tips

11 Dont reinvent the wheel Search reports & queries for keywords

12 Driving Tips ON-STAR…. Who needs ON-STAR or AAA… Youve got SM On-Line Help ! ! !

13 Shortcuts!

14 Shortcuts Know & Use Shortcut Keys

15 Shortcuts And a few we never mention... Alt + F1 – Repeats last course code entered Alt + F2 – Repeats last query value Ctrl + M – Mailing Labels

16 Shortcuts Alt + 3 – Grab that name! Charles Havlicek President ACEware Systems, Inc. 7480 Dyer Road Manhattan, KS 66502 (800) 925-2493

17 Shortcuts Alt +F9 – Payment History

18 Fuel Economy

19 Disable unused fields & codes

20 Fuel Economy Clone Courses & Names

21 Fuel Economy Use more than one Grouping Code

22 Share the Road… Tell a friend about this course option

23 Spotting & Responding to Problems

24 Flag holidays

25 Spotting & Responding to Problems Identify Road Blocks Is it time for a new module?

26 Parking Your Car & Securing Valuables

27 Parking & Securing Valuables

28 Parking & Security Take away previous employees permissions

29 Auto Maintenance & Insurance

30 Run backups! Do we have a recent backup?

31 Auto Maintenance & Insurance Use those tools that came with your car UPDATEW.EXE

32 Auto Maintenance & Insurance Deactivate courses at end of term Lock courses at the end of the fiscal year Module / Courses / Mass Update, Change, Delete

33 Auto Maintenance & Insurance Know whats under the hood by running a list of system reports Deadbeats – New – All Reports w/Memo

34 Questions? Need directions?

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