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Sensice ice detectors Dr Ulf Elman, President Sensice 070320.

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1 Sensice ice detectors Dr Ulf Elman, President Sensice 070320

2 Traffic accidents in Sweden 1995-1999: Sensice 070320 37828 at snowy or icy road surface conditions, of these did 15589 occur during black ice conditions, and in addition did 572 accidents related to aquaplaning occur

3 Fixed applications Roadside mounting Sensice 070320

4 Fixed applications Icing alert at building entrances Sensice 070320

5 Fixed applications Ice detection at airports Sensice 070320

6 Fixed applications Ice sheet or icicle buildup at sensitive spots Sensice 070320

7 In-car mounting Detection range: 50m Sensice 070320

8 In-car mounting Continuous detection with a response time of 0.1 s Sensice 070320

9 In-car mounting Insensitive to ambient light and works in darkness Sensice 070320

10 In-car mounting Several interface options: Sensice 070320 Display integrated with detector Separate display unit FlexRay, CAN-bus, Ethernet, USB, RS232 or RS485

11 In-car mounting Placing the detector head: Sensice 070320 Integrated display and detector head behind windscreen Separate detector head at front of vehicle

12 General properties Uses infrared spectroscopy Sensice 070320

13 General properties Principles of spectroscopy Sensice 070320 Ice transparent to visible light Ice is reflective (metal like) in the MIR range Ice is distinctly coloured in the NIR range

14 General properties Four state system Sensice 070320 1. Dry 2. Wet 3. Ice 4. Mix of ice and water

15 General properties Six state system Sensice 070320 2. Wet 1. Dry 3. Clear ice 4. Snow 5. Sleet 6. Wet clear ice

16 General properties Six state system Sensice 070320 Ice and water ratio Ice and water thickness Accepts larger layer thickness range

17 Failure rate Sensice 070320 Unable to separate water/ice on windscreen or in the air from water/ice on road surface Intrinsic failure rate External error sources Staring system, detection area may leave road surface Objects in line of sight, such as wipers or other cars, may interfer with detection

18 Synergy effects Sensice 070320 Does not interfer with infrared night vision system and may share some optics with it May beneficially use rain sensor data If mounted behind windscreen it may use wiper control system data Cooperates advantageously with adaptive headlights

19 Decreasing size and weight Sensice 070320 Present volume 2.8 l, weight 2.7 kg Next version volume 1.0 l, weight 0.5 kg Ultimate size limit set by aperture sizes, may be made far smaller and much more lightweight

20 Sensices unique detectors Excessively expensive systems for ice detection have been around for decades Sensice 070320 Sensices ice detectors are unique in that they are produceable at cost levels acceptable to consumers

21 Company facts, Sensice Sensice 070320 Founded 2004 First order september 2005 (Volvo, LuTH) Two patents granted, further patents pending

22 Thank you Sensice 070320 Further information: Inquiries:

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