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EMW, Finland 2012 Status Review Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva27.6.20121.

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1 EMW, Finland 2012 Status Review Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva27.6.20121

2 Cooperation with the National Cycling week 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva2 -Joint marketing for both weeks -Press release with national coverage plus web based visibility and articles in Motiva Xpress -Cooperation gives boost for raising awareness

3 Close cooperation with the National Teleworking Day continues 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva3 On 21st of September New supporter: the Ministry of Finance

4 Cooperation with Eltis Plus project to Advance SUMPs 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva4 A SUMP seminar will be organized on EMW (18th of September) together with EMW, Eltis Plus and the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Transport and Communications. At the moment planning for the program is going on and preinformation has been sent. The official invitations will be sent on August. The goal is to have about 100 participants in the field of land use planning and mobility as well as municipalities.

5 Official Protector of the Finland´s EMW 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva5 A well-known Finnish rap-artist Paleface alias Karri Miettinen Cooperation in communications: articles, press releases, photos, banners, posters, a film teaser and campaign video containing his interview on mobility and a song from his latest album Maan tapa with an environmental theme Respected person, takes strongly stance on social and environmental issues both in his lyrics and in media interviews; never involved in any commercial campaigns

6 Official Protector of the Finlands EMW 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva6 Articles and ads in magazines The official poster will be displayed on all long distance bus stations (51 in Finland) in September. The campaign video will be published in press conference on 18th of September.

7 New theme day for the week: National Carpooling Day 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva7 It will be on 19th of September from this year on. Activities will be held in different parts of Finland during the day….planning in progress now.

8 Channels: web, Facebook, You tube, print media 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva8

9 Additional actions 27.6.2012Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva9 Municipalities are planning local activities The goal is to have at least the same amount of participants than last year for the EWM The Finnish translation for Car Free Day has been updated into a more positive phrase New cooperation with the Finnish Bus and Coach Association The EMW is connected also to the new Travel Smart brand in Finland containing a wide variety of visual elements created by Motiva.

10 Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva27.6.201210 National Coordinator in Finland Motiva Ltd. Sirpa Mustonen Communications Manager Please get in touch with me, if you have further questions. Thank you for your attention!

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