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Supported by Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition in West Africa Rationale by Renata Mirulla

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1 Supported by Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition in West Africa Rationale by Renata Mirulla

2 Supported by Why West Africa Many initiatives such as ECOWAS Hunger-Free Initiative for West Africa aimed at raising policy attention and action No other food security and nutrition platforms/networks specifically focused on West Africa Strong FAO presence through regional office Plan to set up regional networks Thematic interest in the region Need to enhance stakeholders participation in food security and nutrition discourse

3 Supported by Vision for the FSN Forum in West Africa The online platform for food security and nutrition dialogues in West Africa, inclusive of a wide range of stakeholders and supporting outreach and effectiveness of policy initiatives

4 Supported by Aims The FSN Forum in West Africa aims at achieving this vision by: Strengthening the interaction and knowledge exchange within the West African development community; Providing an accessible, transparent and inclusive link between relevant stakeholders and food security policy processes; Bridging the knowledge divide through the dissemination of achievements, research outputs and best practices.

5 Supported by Principles of the FSN in West Africa Participative / collaborative network Demand-driven Active facilitation and moderation

6 Supported by What members of FSN in West Africa can do Raise concerns, propose topics of interest and submit queries Provide feedback on programmes and policies aimed at achieving food security and nutrition in the region through online consultations Learn from discussions Network with other members based in the region or with a professional interest in the region Post and find news and events of interest to West Africa

7 Supported by Actors involved Yourselves Stakeholders in West Africa Decision-makers of FSN initiatives in West Africa FAO hq FAORAF FSN Forum Team

8 Supported by What we did until now Survey among FSN Forum Members from West Africa Creation of dedicataed webspace Mailinglist Existing Forum Members affiliated to West Africa Experts interested in West Africa 1st online discussion Outreach and promotion

9 Supported by Survey results TopicInterest rate Safety nets for improved food security52% Role and responsibility of civil society for a Hunger Free West Africa 51% Articulation and coordination of policies affecting food security 50% Early warning systems on food and agriculture46% Trade and food security40% Microfinance and food security25% Food banks19%

10 Supported by Current features and services of the of the FSN Forum in West Africa Online discussions Members list and contact function French and English pages Surveys News and events

11 Supported by Current membership By country Nigeria 14% Senegal14% Burkina Faso 13% Ghana 9% Benin8% Mali 7% Cape Verde7% Guinea Bissau6% Niger 5% Togo 5% Côte d'Ivoire4% Gambia 2% Sierra Leone 2% Guinea1% Liberia1% West African population representation by country Total members: 1750

12 Supported by Current membership Technical cooperation 3% Government 20% Private Sector 3% NGO/CSO 35% UN/intergovernmental organizations 14% Financial Institutions 2% Academic/Research bodies 20% Philanthropic Associations 2% Independent/other 1% By affiliation

13 Supported by The website

14 Supported by The digest

15 Supported by How can social protection contribute to food security and nutrition in West Africa? 1.understanding of social protection and how it can address West African countries needs protection programmes or interventions taking place; challenges, weaknesses and recommendations. 3.Implementation of social protection initiatives to increase agricultural production and productivity, and improve food security and nutrition 4.roles for government, civil society organizations, private sector, academics and other development partners and linkages between social protection, food security and nutrition and agriculture.

16 Supported by Statistics of the first discussion Facilitated by Anna Antwi & Al Hassan Cissé From 16 October to 13 November 39 contributions Government 8% Private Sector 5% NGO/CSO 30% UN/intergovernmental organizations 11% Academic/Research bodies 32% Philanthropic Associations 3% Independent/other 12% Affiliation 31%69% Gender

17 Supported by Issues raised Consensus on the definition and need for social protection in West Africa Issues about targeting (unclear or not effective), limited involvement of beneficiaries, role of traditional systems of social protection Suggestions on how social protection can integrate with agriculture interventions and build linkages with other sectors Importance of political will and roles of civil society organizations and decentralised institutions

18 Supported by Feedback and comments received I am really happy about the West Africa consultation. Reading contributions from different people gladdens my heart and gave the assurance that the future is certainly not bleak. Apiriola Victoria Tosin, Nigeria The FSN Forum in West Africa is a great idea! I will fully participate in the discussions envisaged. Sambou B. Nget, The Gambia Food Security Forum for West Africa is a sound initiative! The forum is highly welcomed. Thank you. Stephen O. Adejoro, Nigeria « Le réseau régional est le bienvenue car il existe des politiques agricoles régionales qu'il faut harmoniser. » Georges Bazongo, Burkina Faso « Je vous assure de mon total soutien à cette initiative! » Angèle Amouzou Djake Bansah, Togo « Merci pour cette belle initiative! Bon vent pout cet instrument très utile. » Malam Karami Lawali, Niger

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