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Accounts Payable Travel Office Welcome. 161 6202 419 6462 34 3 40.

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1 Accounts Payable Travel Office Welcome

2 161 6202 419 6462 34 3 40

3 161 – Days worked in FY14 6202 – Total Number of TRs RECEIVED this FY 419 – Total Number of TRs RETURNED this FY 6462 – Total Number of TRs ON HOLD this FY 34 – Average Number of TRs paid per day 3 – Average Number of TRs returned per day 40 – Average Number of TRs on hold per day

4 Ann Cowan Kimberly Farrow Email Questions – Phone Calls – Rosalyn Williams 252-737-1084 Cheryl Goodwin – backup for all travel questions and Travel Trainer –

5 Travel forms are used to reimburse someone that is involved with representing or visiting ECU. It is a document that will contain information describing where the traveler has gone, how long they were gone, and what expenses they incurred while traveling. o Types of Travel: Blanket Travel In State Travel Out of State Travel Foreign Travel Non-Employee Travel Travel Advance

6 Prior approval for a trip does not mean an email from your supervisor or departmental request for leave form. It means your online travel forms must be fully signed PRIOR to your departure. A ProCard will help reduce your out of pocket expenses when used to pay a registration and purchase your transportation ticket. All original receipts must be turned into your preparer within 5 days of your return of your trip.

7 You agree to comply with the Office of State Budget Management and East Carolina University rules for travel reimbursement. TRs must be entered into the online system and assigned signatures of approval prior to the departure of the traveler. Fully signed and completed TRs will be filed with the Travel Office within 30 days of the last date of travel.

8 Anytime an employee is representing ECU at a location away from campus (Online Travel Form) Anytime a non-employee (Student, Resident, Fellow, etc.) is representing ECU at a location away from campus (Manual or Online Travel Form) Anytime a person (typically a non-employee – Candidate, Guest Speaker) is coming to ECU and they are to be reimbursed (Manual Travel Form)

9 Use the Online Travel Form for: o Employees o Graduate Students o Undergrad Students – NEW If the traveler has access to OneStop, their travel should be done in the online travel system

10 Use the Manual Travel Form for: o Guest Speaker o Faculty Candidates o Board Members

11 Blanket Travel – o One day trip (In State or Out of State) o Mileage/gas/tolls/parking is allowed o Include an agenda/emails explaining reason for trip o NEVER MEALS o NEVER HOTEL o NEVER REGISTRATION o NEVER AIRLINE o All Blanket Travel must be filed monthly It must be received in the Travel Office and fully signed off by the last working day of the following month you are filing for Example – March travel is filed by the last working day of April

12 In State, Out of State, Foreign – o Always list registration and mode of transportation for every non-blanket travel – regardless of how it was paid o Always include original receipts o Always include an agenda o Always obtain signatures for pre-travel o Always obtain signatures after the travel is completed o Always submit to Travel Office before the 30-day deadline

13 Must have a Business Purpose Original Receipts Must be listed on the Travel Reimbursement List the following per day: o Hotel o Meals

14 Please group together the following: o Taxi o Parking o Airline o Internet o Gas o Tolls o Baggage

15 Print TR Registration University Prepaid before travel – no copies needed Traveler Prepaid Reimbursement – attach form with payment amount showing how it was paid Mode of transportation o If miles, use State approved listing, Mapping Service printed and attached, or odometer reading o If State Car is used, list mileage as NO FEE and enter STATE CAR in comment section o If airline, train, bus University Prepaid before travel– no copies needed Traveler Prepaid Reimbursement – attach itinerary with payment amount and how it was paid showing Hotel – receipt must show zero balance

16 Miscellaneous Receipts (if applicable) o Baggage o Taxis, Shuttle – no tips allowed o Parking – must show dates and amount o Tolls – must show date and amount o Gas – must show details of fuel purchase o Internet – must show business purpose Agenda

17 Attachments to a TR, in the online travel system, cannot be printed by the Travel Office? o We must have a printed set with original receipts in order to process the TR for payment. The Travel Office only requires the original set of the TR and backup papers? o We do not need a copied set of the TR packet.

18 The Travel Office does not need boarding passes anymore? o Keep them in your files or allow the traveler to keep them if they want. The Travel Office does not need copies of the ProCard statement for items purchased on a ProCard for the travel? o Keep them in your files and assign ProCard to items paid by ProCard.

19 The 30-day deadline means: o The date the traveler returns plus 30 calendar days regardless of holidays or weekends If an extended holiday period or weather catastrophe occurs, the Travel Office will advise an alternate due date If a TR is received by the Travel Office on or after the 31 st day after the traveler returns, we require a late memo signed by the department chair AND vice chancellor stating they were aware of the travel and approve the reimbursement If a TR is on State Funds and it is received beyond the 30-day deadline, you must change the funding source or receive approval to pay on State Funds by Dr. Niswander (East Campus) or Mr. Vanderpool (West Campus) If you change funding source, remember to obtain the proper signatures for that funding The TR must be received by the Travel Office and must be fully signed before the 30-day deadline

20 The current rate of mileage reimbursement is $.56 or $.30 per mile? o If a traveler has a round trip that is LESS than 100 miles, they are allowed $.56 per mile o If the traveler has requested a state car and there isnt one available, with email documentation from Central Motor Pool they may receive $.56 per mile o If a traveler has a round trip that is MORE than 100 miles, they must receive $.30 per mile o If a traveler has not checked for a state car or prefers to use their personal vehicle, they must receive $.30 per mile

21 Rule of Thumb for $.56 per mile o Check for a State Car, if not available you can have higher rate if you attach the email documentation from Central Motor Pool o Non-employees (Guest Speakers, Candidates, Residents, Students, Fellows, etc.) are allowed the higher rate because they do not have access to a State Car o The round trip is less than 100 miles o Clinical Duty travel

22 Your Travel Reimbursement will be reduced to $.30 per mile if: o The total miles driven are more than 100 miles o The traveler did not check for a State Car o The traveler chose to drive their personal vehicle

23 Clinical Duties will allow for a traveler to receive the full mileage reimbursement of $.56 per mile? o Clinical Duties is defined as: Giving a medical based lecture Travel pertaining to depositions Coroner related duties Physically interacting with patients

24 A Resident/Fellow is allowed the full mileage reimbursement of $.56 per mile because they are not employees? o The TR must be fully noted that the traveler is a resident/fellow In the explanation block of Section One, specifically state the traveler is a Resident/Fellow Or, you may note it in the comment section of each expense for mileage

25 There is a difference between Airline Bags and Bags? o Airline Bags refers to the fee the airlines charge – typically $25 o Bags refers to the State allowed $8 tip and no receipt is required

26 Multiple checked bag fees are not always allowed? o If a traveler has multiple bags to check with the airline, we must have a business purpose for the extra bags before we can allow the expense Choice/Preferred Seating is not allowed on State Funds? o The only exception is if there is a documented disability requiring an extra fee, we must receive documentation to that effect and it must be documented with the ADA Coordinator in advance of traveling

27 Once a TR has received any or all signatures in Section Two, Number 7, you cannot add any more expenses? o If you have expenses to add to the TR that will increase the reimbursement (of any amount), you must RESET all signatures in Section Two, Number 7 and they must sign again

28 Not all meals are created equal? o If a registration/agenda shows any of the following 3 items as a meal, per diem is allowed per State Guidelines Continental Breakfast Social Reception

29 Not all meals are created equal? o If a registration/agenda shows any of the following 3 items as a meal, per diem is not allowed per State Guidelines Brunch (lunch) Buffet Banquet

30 Taping a thermal receipt to a piece of paper incorrectly will erase the ink? o When taping a receipt to a sheet of paper, only tape on the edges of the receipt where there isnt any writing o Use the top and bottom of the receipt for taping o Please attach the receipts in date order to a plain white sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper (Color paper or lined paper will cause problems when scanning) o Please do not use staples to attach receipts

31 You should staple your travel packets together? o A paperclip is useless when holding together a travel packet – please use a strong binder clip or staple the packet together You should not use a highlighter? o A highlighter will erase the thermal receipt o A highlighter will scan too dark to read

32 Early boarding fees are not reimbursable nor are they allowed for purchase using the ProCard? o A traveler may pay for early boarding fees but they will not be reimbursed for those fees Travel Insurance on any mode of transportation is not reimbursable? o The employee is covered by ECU insurance while traveling on university business

33 All rental car justifications and approvals – regardless of reason – must have an original actual signature of the department chair? o You cannot use an email for rental car justification or approval When reimbursing for a rental car, you cannot reimburse mileage too? o You can reimburse fuel for a rental car but not mileage too.

34 Rental car add-ons are not allowed? o The following items will be removed from a TR: GPS LDW – Loss Damage Waiver PAC – Personal Accident Coverage PAI – Personal Accident Insurance SLI – Supplemental Liability Insurance RSN – Roadside Safety Net RAP – Roadside Assistance Program Child Safety Seats

35 A TR can be put on HOLD for various reasons? o Signatures – means the TR is waiting for everyone to sign. Once signed by everyone, it will be processed as soon as possible o Missing Receipts – means the TR is waiting for original receipts to arrive in the Travel Office. Once received, it will be processed as soon as possible o Prior Approval – means the TR is waiting for a memo to that explains why the TR was not approved prior to the start of travel

36 A TR can be put on HOLD for various reasons? o Late memo – a memo stating why a travel packet was not received by the Travel Office within the 30-day deadline must be signed by the department chair and vice chancellor o Rental Car Justification – means a rental car must have an original signed memo stating the business purpose and justification by the department chair o Missing Agenda – every travel must have an agenda or emails showing the purpose of a meeting/conference, location of the meeting/conference, and the dates of the meeting/conference

37 A TR can be RETURNED for various reasons? o Returned TRs will have a sheet on the front that tells you what the Travel Office needs o Attach the documentation and LEAVE THE RETURN SHEET ON TOP OF THE TRAVEL PACKET o Sometimes the preparer will receive an Emailed Request Sheet but will keep the TR in the Travel Office. It will explain what is needed and the preparer is asked to return that request sheet with the additional documentation

38 Copy of return sheet

39 Copy of emailed return sheet

40 The My Requests Page was made for you! It allows you to sort by payment type, signature by type and signature by name.

41 Payment Type o All o Blanket Reimbursement: a blanket TR that has expenses listed on it o Blanket Request: a blanket TR that does not have any expenses listed o Standard Advance: an advance that has been created o Standard Reimbursement: a TR that has expenses listed on it o Standard Request: a TR that does not have any expenses listed

42 Signature Type o All o Authorizer: person(s) that supervise(s) the traveler o Budget Authority: person(s) that control spending from the funds used to reimburse o Preparer: person(s) that are trained in the online travel system o Travel Office: all other signatures are in place and the TR is waiting for the travel office to sign which allows the reimbursement to be sent through o Traveler

43 Next Signature o If you are required to sign travel in any capacity, this selection will allow you to pull all travel that your signature has been added to and will allow you to open each TR to look them over or sign

44 Each column can be sorted to help filter down and minimize search time

45 An establishment that is being rented out by a third party or an establishment that is considered an apartment building by state or local laws. o Renting via a third party is allowed if APPROVED IN ADVANCE by Materials Management o Must prove evidence of cost savings o Must not be an agreement between family members

46 Contact Stacey Schley, Purchasing Specialist o Materials Management o 252-328-1012 Party_Lodging_Pre-Approval.pdf Party_Lodging_Pre-Approval.pdf

47 You are not alone! Feel free to contact us There are no stupid questions

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