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Comm 2110 Outlining the Speech

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1 Comm 2110 Outlining the Speech

2 Outlines are Essential to Effective Speeches
An outline for a speech is like the blueprints to a new building An outline helps: a speaker see the full scope and content of their speech a speaker judge whether each part of the speech is fully developed create a coherent structure/organization for the speech

3 Creating a Preparation Outline
Preparation outline – a detailed outline developed during the process of speech preparation Includes: title, specific purpose, central idea, introduction, main points, subpoints, connectives, conclusion, and bibliography Its’ process: requires a speaker to bring together all the major elements of the speech What will be said in the intro How main points will be stated and supported What will be said in the conclusion

4 Example Outline Introduction Main Point A Main Point B Conclusion
Subpoint Sub-subpoint Sub-sub-subpoint Main Point B 1. Sub-subpoint 2. Sub-subpoint B. Subpoint Conclusion Body

5 Eight Guidelines for Effective Preparation Outlines
1.) State specific purpose 2.) Identify central idea 3.) Clearly label the introduction, body, and conclusion 4.) Use a consistent visual framework - pattern of symbolization and indentation showing relationships among ideas 5.) State main points and subpoints in full sentences 6.) Label transitions, internal summaries, and internal previews 7.) Attach the bibliography - list of sources used in preparing the speech 8.) Provide a title

6 Creating a Speaking Outline
Speaking outline - brief outline used to deliver a speech Its’ primary purpose is to help a speaker remember what to say Especially effective for extemporaneous speeches -- a speech that is thoroughly prepared and practiced in advance The specific wording, however, is selected as the speech is being delivered

7 Speaking Outline Content
Key words and phrases from the preparation outline Essential statistics and quotations the speaker does not want to forget Cues to direct and sharpen a speaker’s delivery

8 Four Guidelines for Effective Speaking Outlines
1.) Follow the same visual framework used in the preparation outline 2.) Be legible 3.) Be as brief as possible 4.) Include delivery cues - directions for delivering key parts of a speech

9 Class Activity! As the defense attorney in a car theft case, you need to prepare your closing argument to the jury before it begins its deliberations. After reviewing evidence from the trial, you decide to stress the following points to demonstrate the innocence of your client. The stolen car was found abandoned 3 hours after the theft with the engine still warm, at the time the car was found, your client was at the airport to meet the flight of a friend who was flying into town. Lab analysis of muddy shoe prints on the floor mat of the car indicates that the prints came from a size 13 shoe; your client wears a size 10. Lab analysis shows the presence of cigarette smoke in the car, but your client does not smoke. The only eyewitness to the crime, who was 50 feet from the car, said the thief “looked like” you client, yet the eyewitness admitted that at the time of the theft he was not wearing his glasses, which had been prescribed for improving distance vision. The car was stolen at about 1 PM; your client testified that he was in a small town 250 miles away at 11 AM. In a statement to police, the eyewitness described the thief as blonde; your client has red hair. Compose an outline which organizes your speech into 3 main points, each with 2 subpoints.

10 For next time Reminder: No class Friday
For Monday, July 9: Read chapters 7 & 8; Quiz on chapters 5-6, 9-11, and 15 Informative speeches will be on Wednesday, July 11 & Friday, July 13 You will be assigned your day on Monday, July 9 Preparation outlines (bibliography included) due Monday, July 9 Speaking outlines and bibliographies (if something changes from prep outline) due on the day you present Speech guideline and rubric available on Carmen… let’s take a look!

11 Have a great holiday! See you next week!

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