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Tire Client 2010 Request For Proposal February 20th, 2010.

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1 Tire Client 2010 Request For Proposal February 20th, 2010

2 Background 2010 is a critical year for Tire Client. After a year of reduced media support, we want to accelerate gains in brand health metrics –Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase Intent While growth of Light Truck tires continues to surge, we are looking to grow consumer and industry perception of our Passenger Tires (which currently lags LT), but not at the expense of Light Truck In order to achieve growth in 2010, Tire Client will be increasing media support for the brand behind a multimedia campaign ad campaign –Including TV, Print and Online As part of our efforts, we are reaching out to select key partners to assist us in developing media platforms to help us achieve our brand goals in 2010 The new Tire Client creative campaign will be launching in mid-late June, as such we would like to look at opportunities that are consistent with that time-period –However proposals meet brand objectives with timing that is not consistent with launch timing will also be considered 1

3 Brand Positioning 2 There are currently two creative campaigns that are under consideration for Tire Client in 2010. Based on testing, we will be moving forward with only one. These are outlined below to give a sense of brand communications: Exhilaration: Tire Client tires let you have fun on any surface you choose. That's because our tires are designed by people who actually race, climb rocks, navigate trails and basically live to drive. So our tires don't merely keep you safely on the road, they give you the kind of performance that lets you dominate it. And as any driving enthusiast knows, better performance equals more fun. The hallmark of the Exhilaration campaign is bringing the joy of driving on Tire Client tires to life. Bolt On Performance: There are many performance upgrades that you can bolt on to your car. But the easiest upgrade by far is a set of Tire Client tires. No other tire brand on earth has a richer racing history backed by products that are designed to give drivers maximum performance no matter how they drive. That's because the people who design and engineer our tires are the very same ones who race, rock crawl, trail ride and drive hard on them every day. So when we say it's easy to add better grip, cornering, acceleration, toughness, etc.with our tires, we know it's true. The Bolt On campaign uses simple visual metaphors to explain the benefits of adding Tire Client tires to your car while pointing out your own performance limitations as a human being.

4 Gearheads Young, single males (M18-34) with a passion for autos and driving. –Passion influences their purchasing behavior in this arena. –More likely to prefer customized vehicles to those just hanging on the lot, and dont have a problem paying more for specialty tires Approach life and their interests with extreme enthusiasm. –They immerse themselves in each interest, learning as much as possible about each one. –They arent simply content with what they have, but want more from life. Always on the lookout for novelty over comfort, risk over safety. Think its essential to keep up with the latest technology and feel well equipped to handle whatever technology they encounter. Realize the importance of credible sources, as almost two-thirds say its impossible to find trustworthy information these days. Who We Are Targeting: 3

5 Objectives/Priorities Align with media properties that allow consumers to experience the Fun Amplified, Extreme Capability and Community that only Tire Client can provide. Remind consumers of our asphalt dominance, as a compliment to how we are known in -0ff-road Seek out editorial opportunities, especially those which can incorporate Tire Client Brand Ambassadors 4 Areas of Interest Nation of Go Website –We are looking to drive consumers to the site and for ways to populate Nation of Go with exclusive/original content –Please describe what content your property currently owns or would develop to exclusively live on the Nation of Go Website and how you would cross-promote and drive awareness of that content and Nation of Go Rally Racing –Tire Client would like to pursue cross platform opportunities around Rally Racing content to maximize the synergy between the sport and the brand –XGames, Rally America Consumer Sweepstakes –As added value, Tire Client would consider running a consumer sweepstakes which has a meaningful prize to the gearhead audience (ie Skip Barber driving invitation, automobile customized by a leading car customizer) –Please outline what prize your property would provide and how you would cross promote –The sweepstakes will need to be turnkey so please provide an overview of how your property(s) will be executing and promoting

6 Requirements/Timing All proposals need to include the following information: Outline which media properties you feel align best with Tire Clients 2010 brand objectives and communications Media vehicles being recommended Costs/commitments associated with program Audience delivery Materials needed from Tire Client for execution (Please make as turnkey as possible) Required timing Evaluation metrics How proposal will drive lower funnel metrics The timeline we will ask you to work within is as follows: 5 Brief Provided Friday 2/20 Written Proposals Due to Media Agency Wed 2/24 Media Agency to provide feedback to select partners 2/28 Final Presentations w/o 3/8

7 Contact Information For additional questions, please contact the Media Agency Planning Team Tom C. (Account Director) Email: Phone: Salman V. (Communications Analyst) Email: Phone: 6

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