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© Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Making India a Global Automotive Center of Excellence & Innovation Hub Ninth ARC India Forum, Pune August, 2011 Achieving.

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1 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Making India a Global Automotive Center of Excellence & Innovation Hub Ninth ARC India Forum, Pune August, 2011 Achieving Operational Excellence Through IT and Automation Solutions Subu D Subramanian, MD & CEO, Defiance Technologies Limited Aug 3, 2011

2 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Global Automotive Industry Trends # 2 Source : J.D. Power and Associates Sales reached a record 72 million vehicles in 2010, growth of over 23% Vs 2009 of global light vehicle sales in 2010 were in emerging markets In 2011 sales expected to reach a record 76.5 million new light vehicles Market is seen climbing to 90 - 91 million vehicles in 2013 and cross 100 million vehicles in 2015

3 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Industry Innovation is focused on Hi-tech & Green Cars # 3 Electronics constitute ~23 - 40% of the total product cost in automobiles The Automotive electronics market space is over $100 Billion 80% of innovations in automobiles comes from electronics 4X Growth in Green Car Market by 2016 there will be 159 hybrid and electric vehicle models available for purchase in the US marketa significant increase from 31 hybrid and electric models in 2009 Australia's green car completes world tour in $400 Sydney, Feb 28 (IANS) A two-seater renewable energy vehicle crossed the finish line of a global zero emissions race covering 16 countries and 30,000 km in 80 days in only $400 Technology is driving innovation..

4 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Next Gen Cars : Top Hi-Tech Features The Mercedes SE350 alerts you to pedestrians in the road Opel (Vauxhall) Insignia reads road signs Mercedes Driver assistance system detects tiredness # 4 Driving Yourself is Like Riding A Horse Now. Future Car Focus: Robot Cars Made In Germany, a robotic Passat developed by Freie Universität Berlin, can be summoned with an iPad application, and will begin testing on German highways in March 2011 In the first road test of the Sartre system, a Volvo S60 autonomously follows a human-driven truck, using existing active safety systems and a vehicle-to-vehicle communication network Biometrics Owner identification Keyless Entry Vehicle Ignition Disappearing car door new technology from JATECH

5 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Besides Hi-Tech it will be Green Cars # 5 Key drivers.. ~800 million vehicles around the world burning nearly 250 billion gallons of fuel every year Escalating fuel prices and environmental concerns like global warming Gas prices have increased by over 50% in the past few years and is expected to rise further Lexus LF-GH From hybrids to hydrogen cells, the world's leading OEMs are working furiously to increase their production of Green cars 40 MPG Hyundai Accent 4-cylinder Ford Taurus Turbo All-Electric BMW Active E 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco Debuts

6 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. Largest three-wheeler market in the world. 2 nd largest two-wheeler market in the world. 4 th largest CV market in the world. 12 th position amongst top 15 automakers in the world 4 th position amongst the auto makers of developing countries Exports of cars increased 52 % over 2007-08 India is increasingly becoming a manufacturing hub for passenger cars Indian Automotive Sector 8 out of top 10 global companies have India presence Source: SIAM) IMACS Analysis Automotive Automotive Production (million units) Car exports from India (thousand units) # 6

7 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 India is moving up the automotive value chain # 7 Value Chain Phase 1 100% import of vehicles Phase 2 From CKD package to Indigenous Phase 3 Near 100% Indigenous but designs came from abroad Phase 4 Designed in India, for India Phase 5 Designed in India for the Global market Nano Indica Rhino Scorpio Maruti Swift Dzire

8 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 India has a good automotive eco-system in place.. # 8 Eco - System Presence of OEMs (Global & Indian) Auto Component Industry Strong IT, Engineering & Embedded Capabilities Presence of Leading Technology Vendors Presence of Leading Institutions Government Initiatives National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRIP) -$ 380 million project. Lower duties and taxes Weighted tax deduction ~150 % for in-house research and R&D activities Product developmental capabilities –More than 125 Fortune 500 have R&D centres in India Potential to grow at a CAGR of 13% to size up to USD 40 Billion by 2015 IITs, IISc and other leading institutions 8 out of top 10 global companies have India presence and is emerging as a attractive market for leading Global OEMs.

9 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Breakthrough Innovation Leads to Dramatic Business Results… The apple story, # 9 Keeps innovating & re-inventing itself like a start-up 125% growth in profits nearly 100% growth in revenues over 200% growth in some markets Market value > 30% of India's GDP Cash reserves : $76.2bn > RIL's market cap Launched a year ago, and already the second largest business ; 9.25 million units sold in Apr- Jun iPad Launched 4 yrs ago, already the largest business contributing 47% of the revenues, 20.34 million units sold in Apr- Jun iPhone 55% of Fortune 500 companies testing iPhone Design & Innovation for Global Leadership

10 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Breakthrough Innovation can come through only from Basic Research.. # 10 DuPont has entered into a research agreement with Affinergy Inc. to help in DuPont's research and development of a new line of bio-based products GM has also begun to cooperate on research with its alliance partners. For example, research programs have been established in Japan with Suzuki and Fuji Heavy Industries GM and the University of Michigan's College of Engineering had launched a new collaborative research laboratory on the university's Ann Arbor campus. "Mechamatronics," GM's new approach to designing that combines mechanisms, smart materials and electronics, is the research topic of the collaborators Smart Device Technology Innovation – Basic Research

11 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 Presence of MNCs Presence of Major MNCs India has all the ingredients While the elements are there.. Potential MarketStrong Eco-systemInfrastructureMaturing Indian OEMs # 11

12 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 India should focus on Basic Research to become a Automotive Center of Excellence & Innovation Hub For Global Leadership # 12 Need for a Cluster Approach. Industry to focus & take lead to invest in BASIC RESEARCH for breakthrough innovation Government to incentivize through Innovation park, tax benefits and other means.

13 © Defiance Technologies Ltd 2011 # 13. ENTERPRISE MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING Founded in 1976, Acquired by Hinduja Group in 2007 Leading Provider of Integrated Engineering, Manufacturing & Enterprise Solutions & Services Key Offerings : New Product Development - Investments in Design & Innovation CoE PLM & Digital Manufacturing MES & Shop floor Automation and Integration ERP, SCM, CRM & After Market Solutions Enterprise Mobility & Cloud Solutions Over 60 global clients including 20 of the Global 500 / Fortune 1000 companies One of the large independent testing facilities in North America Presence in USA, UK Germany, Middle East, South Africa and India. Development Center in Pune, Bangalore & Chennai in India Keen to participate in Auto Engineering Basic Research Program at the national level Defiance Technologies Ltd


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