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by Luv Tulsidas Chris Kurzyna

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1 by Luv Tulsidas Chris Kurzyna
on the Edge by Luv Tulsidas Chris Kurzyna

2 Personal Introduction
Name: Luv Tulsidas Company: Hertz Corporation. Role: Director of Web Development. Focus: eCommerce, Web Development, Software Engineering & Online Marketing Outside of Work: Entrepreneur, Soccer Coach.

3 About Hertz Founded in 1918 by Walter Jacobs (pioneer of car rental business). Largest Car Rental Brand in the world: 8100 locations 147 countries. Hertz is known for: gold service & renting fine cars In 2011 Hertz is more than a Car Rental Business!

4 Hertz Family of Companies
Fleet Leasing & Management Solutions. Heavily Tech driven 19 Languages 138 Domains A new way to buy a car. Online Based! Rent Online by the hour. Cutting Edge In- car technology.

5 The Road to Akamai ( )

6 The Akamai Effect! Website speed Improved from:
9 to 1.3 Seconds in the US 55 to 2.5 Seconds in China Success Factors: Akamai: 55% CDN - Caching of Static Content Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator. Re-Engineering of 45% gets Best-in Class in 2010 as per Keynote Study for website performance: Priceless!

7 What’s Cooking? Not a technology business but technology driven business! Leveraging the power of Mobile to improve Customer Experience. Service improvement and cost reduction with virtualization and automation. Reduce cost of PCI & Securing Data Center. Tokenization & Akamai Web App Firewall. Cloud Computing.

8 Chris Kurzyna – Manager, Web Operations
Continuous Improvement PCI Compliance & Security Response & Availability Severity 1 Production Support System Upgrades & Maintenance Search Engine Optimization Mission Ensure that customers can book on Hertz’ websites in a fast, secure and reliable manner. Vision Best-in-class website performance. 99.99% Availability Page Download Time: 2 Seconds or Less #1 SEO performance in car-rental industry Error Free Website World Class Security

9 Akamai Solutions “Beer Goggles” Effect
Tokenization EdgeScape (geo code) Operations & PCI Netstorage Home Page Cache Redirect Management Performance & Availability Global Traffic Management Enhanced DNS DNS & Traffic (future)

10 Edge Tokenization – PCI & Security
Improved user experience Improved sales through increased conversions Put control and visibility of payment processing in our hands. PCI Compliance of a e-Commerce website cost upwards of $2 million. Akamai Edge Tokenization is a fraction of the cost and is pay as you go.

11 “Wow” – Edgescape (geo location)
Making growing brands more geo intelligent Pre-fill locations to make it easier to find locations in the area Promote “Great Deals Near [your location]” Display background images or advertisements based on where you are

12 “Wow” – Performance & Availability
Netstorage Problem: Corrupt css files rendered randomly from origin for certain regions of the world Home Page Cache Problem: Homepage would not come up during times of duress with the rate engine Problem: Homepage download time was not best in class Redirect Management Problem: Legacy code architecture added redirect to every call to

13 “Wow” – GTM & Enhanced DNS
GTM & eDNS Problem: Current state of DNS in disarray. The scripting and configuration is “like a bowl of spaghetti” and the person who built it is no longer with the company. Those who can help redesign and put back to a state of function are not available due to priorities. Problem: All or nothing approach to production capacity. With 3 redundant centers there is no way to shift traffic proportionally as one center begins to struggle, a hard switch is required.

14 Questions

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